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                how to calculate the number of blocks / track
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                JCL : How to check Dataset exist or not?
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                Try to Crack
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                JCL Utility to Compare Two Files
                Is it possible to get TIMESTAMP in cobol
                How to use DSNTIAUL in jcl to fetch data from table.
                How to sum a particular field from a input dataset
                VSAM overflow, error code 28. How to fix?
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                How to Validate DATE field in cobol program
                COBOL File status 90 - Why?
                EVALUATE statement in COBOL
                Connect Direct to transfer a file from mainframe to Unix
                How can I find out who is using the dataset (PS) in ISPF?
                -904 DB2 error with DSNTEP2 utility
                What is DB2 Bind and what does it do
                How to display a panel using REXX
                SFTP from mainframe to UNIX
                Rec count for multiple flat files - PS
                How to use LEFT Justified in cobol
                How to download all members from pds at 1 time?
                Inquire about a TSO user id with WHOIS command
                Batch job submission using FTP
                List the companies who deal with mainframes
                u4087 Abend - not able to resolve.
                How to find the number of limits in GDG
                SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4 REASON CODE=00000010
                To get Current date thru JCL
                DB2 Codd's rules
                What are S222, S322, S722 errors
                Announcing the 'Member of Month' for August - 2006
                Need JCL to Copy/Repro VSAM file
                How to deal with error SB37
                What is the diffrence between Record Format FB & FBA
                Mass Replace in a file using JCL
                How to Insert NULL value into Db2 table Thru Cobol-Db2 PGm
                What are the different PROCOPT options used in IMS
                How to send mail using JCL
                How to solve U0476 Abend?
                Check the syntax errors in JCL with out coding TYPRUN=SCAN
                What is the use of IKJEFT01?
                REGION Parm info
                Failed with ABEND U0016
                Move COMP-3 field to Numeric?
                File Aid Tips & Frequently used commands
                HOw to copy Spool output into Datasets?
                How do we handle the carriage return in the cobol program
                Sample cobol Ims pgm
                File Transfer PC to Mainframe
                JCL to copy a GDG (all generations) to another GDG
                what is the difference between IMS/DC and CICS
                Article: Resoving S0C7
                What is NEWCOPY in CICS
                Conversion of EBCDIC to ASCII
                Checking the SPOOL for no of jobs using REXX
                Error code 305 while executing an SQL command
                DB2 Certification Guidelines
                File open error 37 for a KSDS VSAM file in OUTPUT mode
                What Women Want in Men
                How to solve soc7 abend?
                What will happen if empty vsam file is opened for input
                Keep mainframe session from not being logged off
                Abending with USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 REASON CODE=00000000
                SQL query to fetch duplicate rows
                Varying array length dynamically in the cobol program
                Getting Abend S837 While submitting JCL
                U4039-8 abend USER COMPLETION CODE=4039
                Craziest/mischevious thing done with Mainframes
                Diff between SB37, SE37 and SD37
                Abend due to Disp parameter DISP=(,CATLG)
                Error loading the VSAM file using IDCAMS RC 108
                Assembler to Cobol Conversion tool.
                IDCAMS/REPRO: RC = 12: Solution reqd ...
                Packed Decimal to Decimal using JCL SYNCSORT
                AZI6 Abend in CICS
                Can space allocated for a PDS be increased?
                How old are u?
                Trimming Strings in COBOL
                Internal table: Occurs depending on Clause
                REXX program to FTP a dataset from mainframe to pc
                System or user abend S878 R=00000010 was issued
                Syncsort count records & match with the count in trailer
                Checking for a null value in cobol
                Conversion from FBA to FB
                DB2 Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews
                JCL ERROR return CODE 614
                Difference bw PROCLIB & JCLLIB
                Diffence between UNIT and VOL Parameter in JCL.
                Abend S000 U0000 REASON=00000000
                Zero Suppression in Cobol
                How to compile and execute COBOL program within Windows OS
                How to override a File name in PROC
                Comment multiple lines in JCL
                Future for DEVELOPER in MAINFRAME Technology
                Copy PDS to PS using IEBCOPY utility
                What is AMODE and RMODE in COBOL
                VSAM file status 93 - Solutions?
                How to resolve S013 abend
                Making a shift from developers profile to Mainframe Testing
                ABEND S837 in JCL
                how to resolve the sql code -501
                How to Browse vsam files through CICS
                -805 SqlCode when accessing DB2 table
                Can we MOVE Alphanumeric field to numeric filed
                how can the VSAM files can be viewed through ISPF?
                ABEND=S04E U0000 REASON=00E40009
                How to open a PDS EDIT/Browse/VIew mode
                Issue in SORT CARD having both INCLUDE, STOPAFT and OUTFIL
                Want to know the book which contains all about pl/1
                Cond parameter COND=(4,LT)
                Share your best REXX tool concepts
                How to catalog an uncataloged dataset
                What is the use of FILLER in COBOL
                Mainframe 'Abend Assist' Ver 2.0 for Windows 10
                Special names in Cobol Code.
                CEEBINIT,CEEPLPKA & U4094 reason code = 00000018
                Can we use INCLUDE & OUTREC together in OUTFIL?
                Getting U3042 abend in a IMS/DB2 program
                Analysys of COBOL program Listings.
                Assistance required to resolve S001 ABEND
                Using OUTREC/OUTFIL Together
                Swift available on z/OS
                VSAM file opening file status 39
                IEFBR14 utility to create PDS member?
                Clean up DB2 string from unreadable characters
                JCL to submit 3 jobs one after another
                Any TSO command to delete a column or some columns of PS??
                replacing characters using Syncsort
                Zoned Decimal Conversion
                How to perform STRIP Function in COBOL
                Sort JCL Help Needed to compare and delete between two files
                How to get the COMMAND line on top of screen in SDSF menu??
                DDIO allocation Error
                If we specify block contains zero what happens
                Can we get the return code of a job in some variable
                ACCEPT current date in the format YYYYMMDD in COBOL II
                Length of EIBCALEN
                COBOL-Call by value & call by reference
                Assembler Instruction to Display data in Spool
                NUMVAL function to convert a String to Number
                Remove Duplicates with SUM FIELDS=NONE
                How to Resolve the File Status 90
                How to move a 9(11) variable to 9(9)v99.
                Using Joinkeys in Syncsort
                Convert Integer to Char while selecting in a DB2 query
                SQLCODE : -922, PLAN ACCESS 00F30034
                Difference between Z/OS, OS/390, and AS/400
                can anybody help me to resolve this REXX RC(-3) error?
                Syncsort - GET THE RECORD COUNT IN THE FILE
                Syncsort - INREC OVERLAY
                Upload and replace newline characters from data file
                Continuation to next line in JCL
                FTP to transfer files from mainframe
                Doubt in COND operator: COND=(0,NE)
                How to use Include and exclude/Omit condition in same step ?
                Overriding a SAS DDname
                problem with control card
                File Status 47 in VSAM File
                ADRDSSU ...restoring tape data to a flat file
                Delete Jobs from Spool
                Removing duplicates without Sorting in JCL
                How to sort variable length format files using SORT card
                Why COMP-1 and COMP-2 dont hav picture clause
                how to prolong the time to stay in TSO
                S806 Abend in JCL
                Override PARM in PROC from JCL
                How much bytes do S9(7)V99 COMP-3 occupy?
                -811 SQL Error Code
                how to remove zeroes from numeric field
                Keywords in JCL
                S0C4 with reason code 11
                What is decimal(9,2) in COBOL
                Creating a ISPF panel in thegiven format
                Need information about Objectstar(HURON)
                How to delete an uncataloged dataset
                Null Indicator In DB2
                Major difference between plan and package
                S106 Abend - ACCESS FAILED FOR MODULE DFHTU640
                Abend in Cobol pgm - S806
                How to create pds member through jcl
                How to pass data thru COMMAREA more than 64kb
                Xpediter Error: NO SOURCE LISTING DATA SET MEMBER
                Free cobol Editor
                VSAM OPEN RETURN CODE IS 160
                Meeting at the Airport (General Talk, not Fun Stuff!!)
                Automated Screen Refresh after every 20 secs
                SYNCSORT Copying a VB file using OUTREC
                Search a string within a PDS
                how to stop a running job
                Display all the datasets of a particular letter -> REXX
                System detected an operation exception 0C1
                How to solve the ABEND=SB14 ?
                RC -3 in the REXX code in the Batch mode
                S0C4 Reason code 4
                Fetch Last Record in DB2 Table using SQL Query
                Delete GDG base and generations
                Need to stop sorting after 570 records
                ISPF Panel error COMMAND NOT FOUND
                Option for tracking code during compiling
                Export data into an Excel sheet from a flat file.....
                Error in Run jcl
                Copying dataset to new dataset using rexx?
                Can I dynamically change an File DDNAME in COBOL?
                Information on Tape Dataset
                How to bypass a step always.
                Can we use Syncsort to copy records with RECFM=U
                ADRDSSU: ADR Message ADR380E
                cobol string concatination
                File transfer to PC without using FTP
                ABEND S878 Reason code = 10
                Pointer concept in Cobol
                File does exist and it is showing SOC7 abend
                How to set 'LOW-VALUE' , 'HIGH-VALUE' to a numeric type
                Unable to copy and paste from Mainframe Emulator to MSExcel
                how to find the cpu utilization in OS/390 machine?
                Any way to find the success of NDM
                Calculate primary/secondary space
                Database status code AI when inserting records
                Browsing FCT Entry
                please help me, with my program cobol + jcl in zos 1.6+ispf
                How to Read a input file line by line and write 2 an output
                04E - 00E40071
                How to COPY VSAM file to FLAT file
                RECEIVE and IND$FILE (Uploading a file to the mainframe
                The system or user abend S806 R=00000004
                FTP From MFRM to Windows: Check for the input file ...
                ISREDIT macro command doubt
                Command to view the Max-CC view in Spool
                Modifying screen size in ISP...SCRSIZE?
                How to do HRECALL in background?
                Help on Sub String (SS) in sort
                Can You Solve These Puzzles?
                passing symbolic parameter in sysin dd statement
                how to invoke a job through REXX..
                What is the use of SYSDA,12
                Cond Parameter Error
                How to open a dataset without going through 3.4 utility
                Adding header & trailer to output using SYNCSORT
                How to copy the contents of a PDS to PS File
                Run 2 JCLs using a single JOB
                Introducing "MASTER MAINFRAMES" Site CD Version 4
                Recover a deleted dataset.
                Storing data in cobol array
                How to copy a PS file to another PS file?
                SPLIT FILE into multiple files using Syncsort
                SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C7 REASON CODE=00000000
                Maximum value COMP can store
                UNSTRING command in COBOL
                Release a HELD job using JES command in batch.
                User Abend u0777
                Rename all members in a PDS
                COBOL query: move space to 9(2)
                How to get a file for testing from production to test region
                Help with PKUNZIP JCL
                Having a JCL error: CONFLICTING DCB PARAMETERS
                Multiple Value declaration in cobol for variable
                How to sum fields using Syncsort
                Solve file status code 46
                User Abend 0016 occurs in Sort JCL
                Insufficient storage while running a cobol program
                WER244A OUTREC - SHORT RECORD
                Get equivalent hex string value for the given alphanumeric
                COBOL variable is not getting rounded off
                How can we count the number of records in a dataset?
                Extract matching and non matching recs using SORT
                help on 'HELLO, WROLD' program.
                U0260 abend while passing data from IMS screen into pgm
                How to get julian date from given date
                How to sort excluding header trailer records
                Can we pass parameters to SYNCSORT ??
                Help with unsuccessful sort abend message
                File Contention Ideas (Batch & Fileaid/File Manager)
                while opening a file in EDIT mode it says BROWSE substituted
                EXECIO in REXX Program
                List of members in a PDS
                Handle junk values not readable by COBOL
                How to read 0C4/AKEA abend in CICS
                Removing lines from the input file
                Can I declare S9(19) in cobol
                Sending an email attachment via JCL
                Get current timestamp without using SQL query
                Restore the tape file
                Packed decimal field ina file to alphanumeric in File layout
                How to trigger a job after a successful NDM process
                Invoking MPP program from another MPP program
                Future of Mainframe Technology
                how to plan and use sysrexx?
                Abend with SYNCTOOL - System Completion 013
                Query:Coding DCB=*.SYSUT1 for SYSUT2,where SYSUT2 is DASD.
                Syncsort Error: NO KEYWORDS FOUND ON CONTROL STATEMENT
                Expanding a copybook called in cobol using clist
                SUPERC is only showing me diffrences upto 133 bytes
                how to avoid a "data set not found"
                Need to resolve SOC7 abend.
                IEBGENER vs SORT
                Can I use OCCURS clause in the structure of the Output file
                Joinkeys - unpaired keys
                how to execute steps randomly
                File status code 92 for reading a vsam file
                Need guidelines switching to Mainframe Field
                Access the "LAST CHANGED TIME" of a member in PDS
                A006 PROGRAM INTERRUPT - CODE 7 (DATA EXCP)
                Concatenate two variables into one
                Binary conversion to Decimal - Number of bytes required.
                Method to find the length of copybook
                Want to hold job for some time to continue with step02
                Capture SPUFI result in a dataset
                New issue while running rexx from jcl
                Need help in updating a dataset USING REXX
                Passing timstamp from input file to select statement
                To send E-mail using REXX
                Check numeric data in DB2
                Input from JCL to REXX
                Find the Compile time stamp of a COBOL load module
                can we write a jcl to compare two files ?
                JOB details from JHS using a REXX program
                COBOL using XML Parser
                Insert multiple rows from SPUFI
                how can we execute particular set of steps like step8 to ste
                Copy data from one file to other using SORT
                Submit a job using Connect Direct
                Invalid block size
                FTP Return Code = 27501, Error Code = 00002
                STEPLIB used to denote library for cobol db2 Load module
                Get system related infos in PL/I
                COBOL program for unknown Input file length
                Merging records and calculating TOTALS - SyncSort
                Sort a internal array (table) in COBOL
                Difference bw DISP=(new,pass,delete) and DSN=&&temp
                List of top 5/10 companies who deal with Mainframes?
                How to run CICS commands from JCL batch job
                Migrated dataset deletion
                ASRA ABEND - 4088
                Need Help In Coding Rexx code
                how to view or browse tape dataset
                IGYDS1267-S, IGYGR1478-E
                Redefining AlphaNumeric to Numeric
                Creating Vsam file to Flat file and VICE-VERSA
                Syncsort - Modifying a report. Line break logic
                Passing Return code from COBOL to JCL
                Unable to restore a GDG dump
                Why do you help on forums?
                sending Mail through JCL
                Diff between SEARCH and SEARCHALL, Static & Dynamic Call
                Check for numeric using Syncsort
                remove duplicate in db2 throu sql and reatin only one column
                what is the problem with this JCL?
                Best Practices for Enterprise COBOL
                how to solve SOCB error
                BLKSIZE is ZERO in JCL
                File Status 90 : While writing a file
                How to fetch nth row from a DB2 table.
                What is DUMMY dataset
                can we reformat a superc output file by syncsort
                how to resolve S0C7 - have offset
                SC03 Error ( was S0C3)
                How to execute tso commands in rexx
                I am getting file status code 04 while reading VSAM file ?
                Calling sub program using CALL verb
                Issue removing UTUT state of the table
                Db2 error in Pl/1 program
                How to recover deleted members of a pds
                Number of directory blocks while creating PDS
                Can we check the creation time of a GDG Generation
                Run "Hello world" COBOL program in mainframes
                FTP is insertng cr/lf and removing trailing blanks
                REXX to get the maximum volume occupied by VSAM, IAM, PS, PD
                TRACE ON for a COBOL Program
                Other way to make a new copy for CICS programs
                How can we set SSRANGE compiler option in COBOL
                Using BPXWDYN to allocate GDG's by relative generation
                Job should abend if a step returns RC=0012
                File Manager compare not giving desired result
                S0C9 Error fixed-point divide exception
                How to convert text to hexadecimal format.
                Running cobol/db2 batch programs from jcl
                How to specify PC directory to perform FTP
                REXX to Find a string in the executed jobs from $AVRS
                ADRDSSU- Copy generation to generation
                SLEEP function in REXX
                RC =20 in ISREDIT macro in REXX
                BPXWDYN - assembler dynamic allocation
                Error in linkedit step cobol calling C++ code
                Convert a Numeric-Edited value to Numeric value
                What is the usage of LOAD command in CICS
                need a jcl to copy records form tape to ps
                Using IRXJCL to execute REXX with pipes
                Looping in REXX and pass data to JCL.
                XDC using REXX... Facing problem.. pleaase guide
                How to Compare two variables in Cobol
                How to use EIBRESP in CICS
                Parameter Passing from a JOB to a PROC
                Browse dataset using rexx
                Remove junk characters by keeping the 'good' characters
                Return-code from COBOL to JCL
                Empty CSV file attachment while sending mail
                Syncsort - Search for string and copy whole record
                MVS command to find the boxname on the mainframe
                SQLCODE 00000080N
                How to change the JOB class, when the job is running inspool
                To get the count of the records based on a conditions
                Compare two files and remove duplicates
                Jcl to load the data in to different db2 tables
                Transfer multiple mainframe PDS members through FTP
                mismatch of LRECL in cobol program and jcl.
                How to improve the performance of SYNCSORT
                XSUM, remove records with two fields as same in subsequent
                Get jobname using EZACFSM1
                How to list PS and PDS seperatly from VTOC
                racf password complexity rules
                REXX to DB2 Connection
                VSAM files not Shared with "SHR" option
                JCL DD override
                MOVE X(6) TO S9(5) COMP-3
                Defining the data record of a variable file
                how to delete GDG versions
                Splitiing the file into 10 equal parts.
                Age In Years, Months and Days
                Db2 query to find the current version of DB2
                Copying SYSOUT to a dataset.
                cant load a program in the cics region...
                File Format of a PS File
                PKZIP to Zip the dataset and FTP it
                Getting OUTREC=Short record
                CICS : CANNOT NEWCOPY
                How to Get the PS File name
                RExx code to find the unused variables in COBOL prog
                Maximum record length more than 32752
                data movement using pointers in COBOL
                Binary and Comp-3 >>> Human readable format
                Copying ISRPROF member into other TSO profile
                Values not writing into o/p file properly
                COBOL Performance Tuning Tips
                Convert all numeric values of cobol to Java
                How to Expand a Copybook while looking into the Source Code
                Extract Dataset Name using Rexx. not working for GDG.
                Calling a DB2 program from a Pure Cobol Program
                HANDLE CONDITION after each cics statement
                COND condition code check
                VSAM Open Error 35 user abend U1001
                Need SYNCSORT to compare two files
                What is a MAP FAIL ERROR
                Update to DB2 from COBOL
                How to schedule jobs in rexx
                Array shrinking in COBOL
                JCL in a Loop and Selcopy
                REXX to XDC Job output to Dataset .
                PL/1 Error Handling Error
                Does CURRENT-DATE function work in cobol II
                How do i know till what date my mainframe id will work
                Jcl to check long running jobs in spool
                Convert COMP-3 into readable format
                Issue while using ISRSUPC
                Help on Hex in Db2 query
                Search a string and delete.
                Can FTP sub-command lines be split ?
                Dynamic file creation in PLI with variable length
                Syncsort to output file in sorted order
                Want to make tool on REXX
                Cobol Program-ID: Is it must?
                -911 SQL code in DB2
                SSRANGE and NOSSRANGE
                Size of dataset in KB or MB
                Mail through JCL works, but not sending mail
                How to browse the contents of a tape file
                Cobol Array dynamic declaration
                COBOL compilation error RC=12
                Can we modify an existing CICS screen using MANTIS ?
                Cobol II Error: NOT A UNIQUELY DEFINED NAME
                Compiler error IGYPS2120-S Expected a reference-modification
                If step has concatenated DSNs, how to override?
                Checkout a component from a personal PDS into changeman
                To Select only the latest first record from db2 table
                COBOL PROGRAM FAIL with Return Code 0012
                Page Up Logic in TSQ
                File status 04 in COBOL
                How to code MAXCC in a JCL
                Change welcom logo at 3270 session
                Changing contents of members in a pds using Sort
                Check if file is empty and pass returncode=20
                Getting S806 load module not found error
                Syncsort SEQNUM - Start value from a file
                create files dynamically
                Discussion about Control M scheduler
                Find the date of creation of GDG
                Abend when using the GDG created in previous Step
                how to find a word in a string
                SYNCSORT - Control field beyond record
                how to declare copybook having layout for 2 files in FD sect
                Rexx routine which will add the JOBCARD at the begining
                Overriding dd statements in cataloged procedure
                JCL to do HRECALL of multiple PDS at once
                How to create a empty PS files
                Copy only the last record from file with Syncsort
                Rename,Catalog thousands of datasets
                S0C7 because of memory overlapping
                different types of abends
                Maximum number of steps
                JCL to FTP a file from one region to an other one
                Error Handling with OPEN MACRO
                DB2 WITH HOLD cursor
                Syncsort -display recs in file A,which are matched in File B
                ISREDIT - Replace string - Exceeding line length issue
                How to find out the string in multiple PDS
                Which Language you like to work?
                How to retrieve system timestamp?
                Cursor with WITH HOLD option
                TCS interview Questions
                DB2 - HOW to USE CASE in WHERE clause
                Jcl for a SAS program
                Empty file creation on receiver end for FTP PUT command
                the use of AVGREC parameter.
                REXX to print ST screen (SDSF) to a dataset
                Alphanumeric comparison with another alphanumeric
                find non-matching reocrds
                FTP Problem: Source dataset not found
                Move COMP variable to Alphanumeric variable
                Create PDS based on PS
                Command to See the Jobs Log of a particular user ?
                REXX Tool for converting a production JCL to test JCL
                Convert VB DATASET to FB DATASET using IEBGENER or IDCAMS
                Syncsort - omit all records with low-values
                IDMS Error Code '0302'
                Cobol to convert UTF-8 to EBCDIC
                About the solution of running ISPF in batch
                JCL - Omit blank records in a file
                Reading COBOL Variable length file with multiple layouts
                User abend 016 for SYNCSORT MERGE
                Copy Replacing error IGYDS1089-S
                Add 3 hours to Timestamp
                Alternative for UNDO command?
                How to STOP infinite LOOP in REXX
                reading variable length fixed block files
                Tricky Question in NATURAL
                LRECL parameter in Dynamic Allocation routine.
                Passing 100 characters using PARM from JCL to COBOL
                .XMI file record structure
                ISPF Edit commands in batch
                SYNCSORT OMIT condition execution error
                Error: SORTOUT has incompatible LRECL
                File transfer using High level Qualifier.
                Getting error while Declaring Cursor in COBOL
                Syncsort - Format EDIT limit in SORT
                using if/then/else with return code
                Unrecognized I/O error during write
                PARM length in linkage section
                Zipping a mainframe EBCDIC file to ASCII in PC using PKZIP
                A CLIST command has invalid syntax
                SPUFI => CSV
                Displaying Error Messages in Panels
                Find a string in JESMSGLOG of every job in SPOOL
                Need to set Return code = 0 for a JCL statement
                Capturing the joblog with filter as userid
                Need to insert spaces in a file (RECFM=VB) using Syncsort
                Extracting fields from a tape file using SYNCSORT
                File status code 90 while opening the file
                Automating NDM process
                Transfer Load modules From mainframe to PC
                Delete all members of a PDS using a REXX
                How to download multiple files from FTP server to mainframe?
                Sending mail from Mainframe
                Accessing DB2 tables using Rexx
                Getting SQLCODE +100 during fetch from Temp Table in my SP
                Replacing spaces with NULL
                How do I coding assembly code for hex data calculate.
                Dynamically create flat file in REXX
                Passing dynamic values in SORT card using JCL
                Syncsort - Incrementing a count value number in the header
                Performance issue with DB2 query
                RANDOM Function to generate random numbers
                Can I MOVE PIC X TO PIC 9
                XML-CODE 000798818 while parsing XML in COBOL
                SQL -904 Error
                File formatting using SORT
                FTP from HOST(z/OS) to PC(WindozeXP)
                How to code optional file in JCL?
                Where to find the JCL Syntax errors
                Getting all GDG Base Names using Search Pattern
                Syncsort Error: INCLUDE/OMIT INVALID COND
                Compare 2 PDS member & store to same name mem of new PDS
                Copy 3 seq files to a pds member
                About Linked Lists in Cobol
                DFSMShsm: ADRDSSU COPY/DUMP question
                How to know in the spool that the job is in infinite loop
                Using IDCAMS for creating Alternate index
                Buffering of ESDS records
                How to use TCP/IP FTP to transfer VSAM file between MVS
                TSO Command to get the fullname of the userID
                PARM field showing Junk value
                Validation for numeric fields, comp-3 fields char fields
                Need information about not equal condition in DB2.
                Where to download Mainframe Emulator
                How many JOBS we can submit in a Single JCL
                How to specify NULLIF for a decimal column in DB2 Load JCL
                How to merge same layout datasets ?
                converting Julian date(YYDDD) to YYYYMMDD format
                how to convert X(16) to PIC S9(16) COMP-3
                How to find out the list of volumes in a mainframe DASD
                Adding a new member in PDS
                Checking field value in IF clause in JCL
                Execute the Rexx program by EXEC command without compiling
                Updated Forum Rules, Please read and follow them...
                S0C7/S0C4/any system error check in application program
                gdg version increment
                What are all the activities of IEFBR14
                Browsing vsam file without fileaid
                Issue with SITE command in FTP
                To Capture the Job Number Submitted in a rexx variable
                run CLIST or REXX program using JCL
                Suggestions needed
                How to underline a Field in Output Map
                Conversion of NUMERIC field to PACKED DECIMAL
                Pass data back from Rexx to COBOL
                Generate Checksum in mainframe
                How to insert a record between 2 records
                How to perform a rexx macro on a group of members .
                TSO command for listing all mainframe IDs
                maximum value in S9(09) COMP
                Unable to define VTAM major node
                Getting abend 106 while running REXX through IKJEFT01
                splitting a file into n number of files
                Syncsort - Sort a file with 300 Milllion records LRECL= 4800
                Create a member using REXX Code
                Convert alphanumeric "1234 " to Numeric 0000123
                ABEND "RLFC" Issued due to FILE REQUESTS
                How to make empty a dataset?
                S0C7 ABEND when no arithmatic statment
                Array to Array movement in REXX
                move s9(4) comp to 9(2)
                Using SORT on Unicode data
                Conversion of comp-3 to character
                BMP to invoke an MPP
                VSAM File not opening in I-O Mode
                Junk EOF character while using PKZIp
                Matching and replacing JOIN KEYS for PD and ZD fields
                Need SQL Query To concatenate Pipe symbol between columns
                How to perform Unstring verb in cobol
                SYNCSORT sorting of recs except header and trailer
                JOB ABEND=S000 U0016 REASON=00000000 084
                Convert Hexadecimal to Alphanumeric
                VSAM status code 46
                At the end of ims cobol prog it is STOP RUN or GOBACK
                DB2 Stored Procedures-unable to retrieve result-stes
                Maximum records that SORT can processed
                FTP ying to MainFrame
                Usage of LISTDSI in Rexx
                Copying a file from Unix to Mainframe using Connect : Direct
                R&D in mainframes
                Invoking the "Jobcard" command in the REXX routine
                How to clear a queue in rexx
                Catalog Search Interface : IGGCSI00 : fieldname info
                How to search a string which is with in single quotes??
                Dynamic NDM Card
                DB2 Cobol -- Null out work area
                To covert a Hexadecimal field to a displayable Zoned format.
                I want to delete data from 10 to 30 column in a PDS meber
                Last record to get from a ps through JCL sort
                Find the name of user who is using the dataset
                Syncsort problem INCLUDE/OMIT INVALID COND
                JCL return code in REXX
                File Status 4 while reading a VB file
                How to delete a member in a PDS using REXX
                Can anybody help on JCL to UnCatalog Datasets
                ADRDSSU and copy from one GDG Base to Other.
                IMS DB - Is GHU call needed for ISRT action
                Syncsort - Julian Date to normal date
                "Filter" not working for SDSF batch
                Syncsort - ALPHABETIC check in SORT
                What is the maximum size of DFHCOMMAREA
                rexx to generate tailored jcl based on file input
                Difference between DASD Files and TAPE files
                Renaming a member in PDS
                what are the possible RECFM ?
                SYNCSORT Seperating Matched & Unmatched Records
                Bind Error Sql Code -204
                Passing a variable/value to Rexx
                Compare PIC S9(9) COMP with PIC 9(9) variable
                How to Modify the SAS return code(SYSRC) in the SAS Code?
                Got System Completion Code=0C1
                check the access to a pds using rexx
                Unstring variable length record
                HSM Tape Error when trying to recall a dataset
                Enabling access via BPXBATCH only ?
                Assembler programe is abending in divide instruction
                Utility to extract dsn info from concatenation
                Want to Nullify the Condition Parameter of a STEP
                convert BI to ZD
                Replace a string in all members of a PDS
                Dynamic dataset allocation
                Counting number of characters in a string
                How can i send the contents of a dataset through Email witho
                Any Way by which Display can be suppressed
                Reading contents of a file from end in COBOL
                COBOL : datatype alphanumeric input to decimal output
                How to concatenate gdgs
                how to move fields in a report program column by column
                What's Your Backup Career?
                Cannot reload dataset back into table??
                Need to know count ot records using cobol
                extract records based on Binary field
                Recompiling COBOL copybook
                Error while running SARBCH program
                GDG file Access in REXX
                Getting the name of a file at runtime in COBOL
                SAY statement in REXX
                Getting JCL Error "IEFC601I INVALID JCL STATEMENT"
                Lenerror in CICS VSAM
                Getting junk values while browse the message from MQ
                S0C4/AKEA Abend in CICS
                Concatenating Numeric values by removing leading zeroes
                Maximum number of instream procedure allowed in a job is 209
                How to run a query using INZUTILB
                PIC S9(8)V9(2) USAGE COMP-3.Equivalent DISPLAY declaration ?
                SYNCSORT Squeezing the count in trailer record
                How to pass more than one parameters from JCL to program?
                Check if generation exists using LISTCAT
                reducing the ISPF panel footprint.
                Negative Dependency
                COBOL User-defined function
                REXX-DB2 Connectivity
                Replacing characters in all PDS members
                ASRA ABEND - Protection Exception
                Comparing a flat file with VSAM file and updating VSAM File
                List only particular members in a PDS
                How to make one step in JCL to Null step(IEFBR14)
                How to know the resolution of in any mainframe session?
                Email Attachment with record length greater than 80
                Need Macro to open a Member in View Mode
                how to enable FILEAID commands F1/F2 from TSO 3.4
                DB2 Unload from imagecopy files using BMC
                Can we run REXX exec in spool
                How to check whether dataset exists or not
                IDCAMS to check for an empty file in PDS
                Abend S000 U0242 in IEBGENER utility
                Show all active TSO user
                How to give a COBOL array as an input to a select statement?
                Syncsort - Create Multiple Records from Single Record(I/P)
                Dynamic allocation of Non-RLS file G9XTO failed. Return code
                display s9(5)v99 comp-3
                Rewrite commad on sequential file
                Dynamic file allocation in COBOL
                How to control the SWAP(PF9)ping ?
                -904 for updatation in a single Table
                GDG generation define and reference..
                Creating comma delimited file using file manager
                Upgrading to PL/I enterprise compiler - S0C4
                SYNCSORT Filter only duplicates
                SYNCSORT: replacing values
                Run the job using Internal Reader
                How to change the user id which last changed a dataset
                Reading ESDS file sequentially in CICS
                What happens if PARM lenght exceeds 100??
                getting EIBRESP=16 EIBRESP2=30
                Announcing the Member of JANUARY - 2006
                Way to find, who is purging our TSO session
                VSAM Definition Without using IDCAMS
                INDD parameters in the OUTDD parameter in IDCAMS utility
                Linkedit COBOL with MQ Connection
                How to delete blank line is dataset using commends
                Running REXX EXECS without prefixing TSO
                Removing tapes from the library with JCL
                Compress DATASET in Use.
                How to uncatalog a PDS on an SMS managed volume
                Wanted to check if GDG has no versions
                Syncsort - Group SORT
                Way to remove the quotes from the records
                Extract Report using SPUFI/QMF
                Difference between JCLLIB and JOBLIB statements
                To make a dataset to be stored permanently.
                CPU TIME to REAL TIME (Clock Time)
                writing 'dataset list' to a dataset
                Ways to load data in to a VSAM file
                String Handling problem.
                CICS - Pseduo Conversational
                Conversion from Alphanumeric to Packed Decimal
                How to remove spaces while performing STRING operation
                NDM: Splitting Dataset name of large length in to 2 lines
                COUNT(*) in DB2 to retrieve the count of each department
                Reformat a file using sort
                SYNCSORT Convert Julian to Gregorian
                COBOL code with GO TOs
                JCL to Backup Files to TAPE
                Two files to merge and to update trailer count
                PDS multiple members delete
                What is maximum number records per a file is allowed in ftp
                Member of June 2005 - THE WINNER is....
                SQLCODE = 450 SQLSTATE=39501 :while calling Stored Procedure
                Move LOW VALUES to COMP-3 Variable
                Reading comma-delimited file in COBOL
                Use Select * in Cursor of a Cobol-DB2 program
                Monitor the member of a PDS 24/7.
                DB2 insert multiple rows
                Algorithm to unpack ISPF PACKED format
                SYNCSORT Splitting the file
                Not writing to OUTPUT FILE(output file empty)
                How to compare a comp3 variable with a hex value.
                Email Mainframe SAS Excel File As Attachment Through SMTP
                GDG Base Creation date
                Difference btwn uncatalog & deleting a file & COPY s
                SYNCSORT Syntax Error
                We Have a Winner!
                Syncsort Format delimited records
                How to get the job run start time and end time in JCL
                SOC7 abend- How to resolve it
                how to invoke a batch job from online using TDQ
                How to Allocate SYSEXEC
                How to change dates in a jcl using Rexx? And more....
                How to find the default system libraries
                Why we cannot create the blank file with IEFBR14
                REXX- delete query in REXX
                JCL to precompile COPYBOOKS
                REXX for backing up datasets with a date
                Getting the error "FILE NOT OPEN" in the CICS regi
                Calling ISPLINK from COBOL
                To delete all migrated datasets from Tapes
                Initialize vs Move spaces, Which is efficient
                Error while opening the VSAM file in I-O mode
                SPACE parameter in a JCL
                How to reduce the load modulesize of a cics-cobol program?
                EOF Condition in Read statement
                Delete GDG generations or use EMPTY
                Function Keys not working
                Overlay field to output
                Syncsort - INREC - SHORT RECORD
                GNP call in IMS
                Compilation of Java program can be done in Mainframes ?
                How to access different DB2 database in single query.
                Avoid the use of internal table in cobol pgm
                Remove trailing blanks from all records from a flat file.
                JCL to submit REXX
                Add value To a particular Filed in the Record
                Regain or Undelete the deleted file
                Can we save the JCL or COBOL pgm in view mode
                Abend Code U0260
                How to dump Dataset information?
                Checking unused variables in a Cobol code
                Copy content from a file and allocate same attributes
                Stored Procedure Returning Incorrect value
                How to Recall a GDG version which is not on DASD
                Editing COBOL programs on PC
                Move corresponding for a group item
                Read IMS DB from Start to End.
                Creation of VSAM cluster using JCL?
                CEECZST - Insufficient storage
                How to calculate Lines of code
                SQL Code -904 in DB2 but in SPUFI it's working fine
                Wish list to IBM
                A004 CATASTROPHIC ERROR IN MODULE - A140 0A 13BA
                Difference between PS file and ESDS file
                CICS eibresp 22 while reading VSAM File Sequentially
                How to learn and Practise ASSEMBLER
                Buffer limit reached while handling huge records
                Occurs clause using varaible
                About Multiple operating systems.
                REXX FTP issue
                SFTP in mainframe
                need to pass values thru parms from macro to another macro
                SQL CODE 80M error in dynamic SQL
                Length Invalid Error while copying KSDS to PS file
                Writing multiple volume sequence data set
                Currency lost in IDMS
                Merge 2 files on one key using conditions for select
                SQL code -104
                MOVE and INITIALIZE
                0C4/AKEA in CICS/ASM, no abend when CEDF
                in TSO, view a dataset, when use hex on function
                Locating BLL's in Hex Dump
                FILE-AID to compare a ZS field to a PS field
                Syncsort - Remove duplicates in a csv file
                Parm parameter
                Selective execution of Steps in a JCL containing N no. of st
                why do i get "RESPONSE: QIDERR" using tdqeue
                Write a rexx tool which will monitor the job and email
                BDISPMAX exceeded ERROR
                Suppress TSO forground output
                How to create dummy job
                How to merge VSAM files with some conditions using SORT/TOOL
                Using the DCB of input file to the output
                To get the running job name using rexx
                Difference between ws variable and linkage section variable
                How to use the ISPF service LMCOPY to copy a member of PDS
                MVC in assembler
                Wanted to write sql queries in the jcl
                A particular column of the result is getting Truncated
                How do you find the transaction id of a CICS program?
                To validate JCL parameters by REXX
                Trace the dynamic calls at runtime of a cobol program
                rexx callin stored procedure !!
                Open a dataset thru arg
                How to import a large text file into mainframe thru FTP?
                JCL to Replace a mem of a PDS1 with another member of PDS2
                Help for OCCURS DEPENDING ON
                Implement pseudo-conversation in PL/I with CICS
                Opening a VSAM file
                Query regarding the DLET and REPL calls in IMS DB
                to view specific rows/cols in a dataset
                Variable record length ( In JCL)
                Dynamically splitting a huge file depending on count.
                Connect Direct with Date and Time Stamp
                Misplaced statement error
                sqlerrd(3) not behaving normally
                Syncsort: COPY First 25 records and include a condtion after
                FTP to server using DNS name
                Reformat the variable pipe delimited fields to fixed field
                how to identify the next location of the specific word.
                Usage of SYSDSN to find whether a ps or PDS exists
                Use of function Key PF7 and PF8 on IMS DC screen
                Help needed to fix S0C7 abend
                More GDG generation creation date
                RETURN CODE = 8 CON JCL
                control-m IN conditions
                Difference b/n TR and TRT
                VGET error in REXX
                Copy selected records using Syncsort
                IEBUPDTE failed to update a record in a member of a PDS,RC=4
                ISPF Edit Macro invocation
                S04E Error Encountered
                JCL - COBOL IMS - Parm issue
                REXX :Issue with replacing string in PDS memebers
                How can I find the compiling program?
                Problem with writing to VSAM dataset
                IDC3314I **RECORD OUT OF SEQUENCE
                Mutiple condtions using REXX
                File Tailoring Skeleton
                How to calculate the Week Number for a given date?
                Passing symbolic parm values to JCL thru REXX
                unable to move pic 9(4) comp value to pic s9(4) comp
                Facing Space issue for a PS file
                Execute PROC with parameters.
                Running SDSF in Batch
                How can I get jobid of a submitted job in a test file?
                Getting Return Code = 07550, Error Code = 00002 while FTP
                XCTL,LINK,LOAD,BALR (BASR) and CALL.
                fields truncated in csv file
                difference bitween jcllib and proclib
                To execute REXX faster
                CSKL:EZY1295E BIND CALL FAILURE.Please help to solve.
                SYNCTOOL-JCL getting ABEND=U0016
                Changing the length (LRECL) of an exsting file in Mainframe
                Given DSN belongs to which Team..?
                How to create or replace a member in TSO/ISPF?
                how to find and replace specific words in a program
                Separating Alphanumeric string with Decimal values
                If both STEPLIB and JOBLIB card are present in a JCL
                Building PDS from PDSLIST report.
                Through a single JCL,submit different steps of different job
                SAS - How to generate a random number between 1 and n
                Can AIX as VSAM file be read dynamically?
                How to convert a COMP-3 value?
                How to get the UCB address by rexx
                How to get list of datasets in member file
                PL/I builtin function DATETIME
                Utility to find the count in a PS File
                What is Data Type of Index of the Array.
                What is the maximum CPU execution time
                Need the sort card using Build option.
                IEBGENER instead of SYSUT2 i have given SYSUT3
                Comparing two files and write unmatched fields to output fil
                Maximum value of a comp-3 variable
                VSAM file status 22 23 35
                To know dataset owner or PDS owne
                INSERT record into VSAM through COBOL.
                OPEN vsam file thru JCL
                Is Concatenation of files essential
                Generic Sequence number generator program
                Syncsort - Join records but key at different positions
                What is XDC and What is the use of it
                Announcing the Member of DECEMBER - 2005
                Performance Engineering of a JOB.
                Syncsort: Problem in multiple file sort ( INREC)
                Member wrongly created in my REXX Library!
                How to 'call' a CICS statement imbedded subprogram?
                Issue with File skeleton JCLs
                IGZ0035S Error
                Dynamic input allocation for JCL
                Load Contention in Mainframe Jobs
                Does Syncsort support both rc4 and rc16
                Need to match the records from first file to second file
                How to call second panel in REXX
                why the PLI load module can not be used from another MF
                IF statement doubt
                Need single sort card to sort and pick the topmost rec
                Secure Delivery of Zip files
                Comparing two sequential files
                AIX running out of length
                ZIP file Sending through SMTP
                What is Job Pack Area
                how to insert null values in DB2
                Program logic help on building code/psudocode
                connect direct issue
                'SPOOL VOLUMES ARE FULL' issue during a longtime job
                Convert COMP variable into usage.
                SYNCSORT: To include qualified records based on current date
                Dropped table DDL
                Why cann't access DCB when RMODE 31.
                How to get last user id of member
                Upload DB2 error 104
                How to run rexx in ISPF/PDF not precede by "TSO "
                How to send email to multiple users
                100 COOL MAINFRAME TIPS
                list out all mems in a PDS which contain 2 specified strings
                Equivalent for FUNCTION ADD-DURATION in COBOL 370
                can a PDSE be multivolume?
                Save in VIEW mode
                Dataset becomes Text file
                Improve performance of file comparison
                why REORDER is used in PL/1
                Check whether lower or upper case letter are present
                to recall migrated dataset from job step
                How to read a previous record VSAM KSDS file?
                Query efficiency against historical data?
                GDG gens missed when they are remotely created without break
                Write line after every record using SORT
                not able to roll page in browse mode
                Interesting Quiz
                Word wrap utility in mainframe
                Passing data to each step in instream proc
                JCL SORT - GROUP Select on the basis of Detail Record
                Getting File Creation Date
                Syncsort - need to arrange records in groups - help!
                Fileaid compare layout concatenation problem
                SyncSort/SyncTooL to extract records based on Key
                problem in appending record to a ksds file
                Copy multiple sequential data sets into one PDS
                Looping a step in JCL
                How to execute a .bat file using JCL?
                JCL Continuation question
                Difference between overriding and symbolic parameters
                Check whether the given value is DECIMAL or not
                UTF8's CCSID 1208 to EBCDIC CCSID 500
                How many Cylinders or Tracks of spaces would be required
                How to locate the dataset by just having the member name?
                Strange results from IF THEN ELSE
                Accessing VSAM file in CICS and Batch
                Concatenate 300 datasets as input to LMMLIST
                File Handling in JCL
                SDSF Batch Retrieval Error
                Copy and allocate PS file using 3.4
                Need help with a PDS to GDG copy
                What is more fast: COMPUTE or DIVIDE, ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPL
                DB2 table giving -904 with reason code 00D70024
                Wildcard Search in REXX
                Move statement Vs Move corresponding for DATE reformatting
                How to run a job from COBOL
                How to cancel a job using JCL?
                Accessing MQ in CICS COBOL program
                Repro OUTFILE error
                OPCM4 Error in Rexx Macro
                World Cup
                Array size in COBOL, S722 abend
                Reverse string in DB2 SQL
                JCL which will wait for 2 min during its execution
                Rexx Calculator
                Unload JCL using utility IKJEFT01
                members of a pds into excel
                getting MAXCC = 696 while FTP to server
                Comparing HEXADECIMAL values from two different files
                Mapping a char. var. in REXX with cobol numeric var.
                how to expand the copy book the jcl itself?
                enq on a dataset and kill the userid
                How to define Undefined records in Assembelr
                EVENT type cannot be declared in Enterprise PL/1?
                Tips for a Few ISPF Comands
                Syncsort - Convert PIC S9(12)V99 COMP-3 to PIC 9(7) COMP-3
                Function for converting DECIMAL to BINARY in Cobol
                Announcing the "MEMBER OF SEPTEMBER - 2005"
                Need macro command to find a line having given string.
                How to logoff from CICS region by using a program?
                i am geting rc (-3) while running ISPF Services thru jcl
                Enable/Disable Constraints on DB2
                R0028 abend code
                Beginner PLI problem
                SYSIN to copy the inputs to a flat file
                To check the new generation of GDG
                Partition dataset got corrupted and is giving I/O error
                DB2 REXX connectivity RXSUBCOM!!!
                Actual space occupied by a VB file
                Data not getting passed from sub pgm to main pgm
                PLI program - LE error - U4088 with RC: X'7A'
                String (") search and replace(') using SAS or JCL steps
                Syncsort - dates must be Monday and Sunday.
                how to create own command in ISPF.
                JOBS in SPOOL are not in sequence
                Problem in sending emails through JCL.
                Checking Job Status from IOF
                Application Performance Improvement Tips
                Can we use "VALUE" clause in "REDEFINES"
                External variables in CICS-cobol program
                Evaluate statemet in cobol
                issue RC=8 or RC=16 if count diff > 2
                Pass a integer value from a cobol code to cics
                Reagrding load module
                COBOL moving header automatically after ever 670 record
                Initializing the variable having value clause
                INSPECT to remove quotes help required
                HSM CDS problem
                Unable to retrieve Spool Output
                Mainframe Developer Interview Questions
                Fileaid on a PC availability?
                ISPF service call in REXX panel
                How to find the nodes connected to the system
                Behaviour of OCCURS DEPENDING ON
                Read File with Partial Key:Start ,Read Next
                COBOL programs dynamic linking
                Why to use DCLGEN variables in the DB2 query?
                Rounding off to the next decimal number
                How to find the NEWCOPIed pgm has picked the latest load mod
                COBOL74 Compile Fails When Adding New Code
                assistance needed on OPCA ETT.
                How to read a record of a file as file in cobol
                Changing String in Multiple data sets.
                What is JSCAN, Is it a Tool?
                CSP Basic material
                SYNCSORT Card for Summing occurs fields
                SQLCODE -805 but the collection id is in Plan
                Bulk File Transfer from PC to Mainframes
                Finding spaces in numeric elementary item in a group variabl
                REXX auto prefixing problem.
                FIXED DEC(4,0) value in file???
                Comparing Keys in Different Datasets and copy records
                How i can sort on a field whose position is not fixed
                How To Use DSNUPROC(unload) Efficiently?
                specifications of a small project or module !!!!!
                A typical scenario of usage of CLONE table.
                hi can any one please help me regarding macros..
                Merging multiple records onto single record based on key
                Not able to do XDC command
                Mainframe vs Open Systems
                Add same sequence number for duplicates in the file
                Capturing the JOBNAME in COBOL program
                Invoking panel while editing a component in changeman
                Doubt corresponding with packed field
                Creating and using VSAM - KSDS in same JCL
                PL1 - Need to change all occurences of +,-,* to builtin func
                How to check whether a dataset exist or not
                SQL RETURN CODE: 919
                Converting fields from lower case to upper case
                Procedure name TSOUSER has not been authorized for this ID
                Convert MQHRF2 to STRING format
                how to skip a job step unconditionally
                Problem in Unique Id generation using RANDOM
                Tuning the job using Multiple VSAMs
                FTP a IMG file into mainframes in a flat file
                Error in initializing vsam with data
                How to pass a value from a file to PARM parameter
                Running Java code in OMVS
                how to search dataset in all the volumes using batch
                Getting V1 status in insert
                This is how we fool ourselves and the clients.. Too good
                Creation date of a GDG File
                Need to create a report using Sort
                RESTART the Proc
                Handling & in the input string
                Can anybody provide a sample PL/1-IMS DB/DC PGM
                REPRO COPY failed with RC 12
                Calling a COBOL-DB2 from a pure COBOL program
                How to rename a PDS in JCL invoking ISPF ?
                RESP value if the record present in the VSAM file.
                Empty file to SYNCsort
                Having more than one field as VSAM key
                Replace file1 column with file2 column data
                INSPECT in cobol to format all spaces into single space
                Splitting 1 dataset into multiple datasets
                multiple input multiple output ?
                To get the actual lentgth of the variable
                What is the cobol-ims compiler and pl/I-ims compiler
                Steps for designing online screen using IMS DC
                Comparing a PS & PDS, submitting many jobs thru a single
                PL/I Program Compilation, Problem in Link Edit Step
                CICS MVS/ESA web services help
                DB2 SQLCODE -50
                How to save output in spool.
                Arithmetic Division with zeroes using Syncsort
                moving values from CICS screen to database
                Syncsort - Count Records by Type
                My output is not displaying even after run?
                Command to leave blank lines in the report generation?
                How to Pass Array to subroutines.
                VSAM Tuning
                How to read JESYSMSG?
                SDSF rexx
                Sample pgm with following JCL, but recieves S0C1
                How to fetch the fifth Maximum salary from the table in DB2
                Need to find the region name
                Functioning of TM in assembler
                What is Serial Access to the PDS.
                problem with checkig alphanumeric values
                Storage Violation help.
                EVALUATE going in wrong WHEN condition
                Converting COMP-3 data stored in CHAR column
                LPAR in Mainframes
                Redirect the data of a PDS Memeber to Spool
                FTP : Get the xml file from windows to Mainframe
                Rexx - Latest GDG's creation date check
                Open the program in a new session.
                How do u see the copybook record structure
                How to create alternate index for ESDS
                where compile listing program located
                Write output is SAS
                Error Handling in REXX
                Response code of NOTFND on STARTBR?
                Binary search issue in table array
                Smart/restart logic implememtation
                want to delete uncatlog files.
                How to recall all the dataset with a particular pattern?
                INVALID LENGTH while copying a VSAM dataset to a flat file
                Long running CICS transaction - Debug help
                COPY from 1 PS to another with some condition
                How to delete a column from the table
                1 input 2 output with sum SYNCSORT
                REXX code : LMOPEN DATAID giving dataid as ISR00014
                Find ane replace string in all the members of a pds
                Difference between Compile-link-go and compile-link
                CICS module calling Assembler subroutine
                a called program not found
                How To List Uncatalog Datasets from an entire LPAR
                Delete all the records in a VSAM file in Cobol pgm
                How to find total space used by individual tso userids
                CEMT set new copy using batch job
                JCL to copy Tape to Tape, Tapes already exist
                Split single file into two files
                Comparison of Pack-Decimal Field –Comp-3
                Using multiple IDCAMS command in a single card...
                Remove trailing spaces from each comma separated value.
                A typical requirement with VB datasets..Can Sort do this??
                Linkage section and pointers
                Can we use perform in perform statement
                DB2 Trace or way to find who deleted records from a table
                How to display warning message in JESMSGLG
                Difference between Qualifier and Owner
                joinkeys with no repeated records
                Is there a size limit for Working-Storage section?
                Data Set Triggered Job
                I want to delete COMMA (,) for input records.
                What is the Length of Linkage section?
                FTP from PC to Mainframe is not Working.
                How to find in JCL, whether a GDG has any generations?
                Rewriting a record multiple times in sequential file.
                Convert to Packed decimal and write to Output file
                VSAM File status '90' and extend code ' 132'
                Copying an ESDS VSAM to flat file fails, RC=12, plz advise.
                Compare 3 files in COBOL.
                how to calculate used space(cylinders) in vsam and ps file
                Email Through Mainframe
                SYSDA - how to make it point somewhere else
                Program abends with SOC4 while reading the 231st record
                Error while submitting a rexx to submit a
                Need Clarification on Return-Code Register
                Baffling rexx allocation error
                How to Access Natural EDIT COMMANDS thru JCL ??
                Collection of dataset in JCL using REXX
                Guidelines for analyzing Strobe result
                Problem due to 'INITIAL' in Sub Program
                Passing data from COBOL program to JCL(JOB)
                Can any file be a GSAM file?
                B Redefines A, C Redefines B
                PARSE SOURCE and identifying the EXEC dataset.
                how to make editable a field in online screen
                Selection For Comp-3 fileds
                Sort abend,when copying a tape file to DASD file with SB37
                Identifying the record which caused S0C7 abend
                Using FTPCONNECT, FTPGET, FTPPUT
                Requesting help with REXX....
                change in LRECL of GDG's new generation.
                Changing a SYSIN Control card in Runtime...
                DB2 Windowed Function SQLCODE -104
                Parameter 'XYZ' exceeds the allowable length
                Invoke CHANGEMAN through REXX
                Can we move Character field to numeric field
                How can i handle Variable Parameters List
                Possible reasons of IEB339I-IEBGENER
                Doubt with cobol compiler
                Retriving the MAXCC from a JOB from EJES in Rexx
                Which Technology having good scope in future ?
                Finding difficulty in using OUTTRAP function
                Strange issue in PL1 program (EPL1)
                Practical use of comp and comp-3
                Count lines for 200 programs in PDS
                Cancellation of Running Job
                How are Cataloged Procedures used on your system(s)?
                Performance Tuning In DB2 Query - Help
                Regarding CICS LOAD MODULE
                FTP file from mainframe to multiple servers at same time
                Compile and execute IDMS/dc programs
                IDCAMS - get condition code 0012
                DB2 handelling XML programs through Cobol
                How to sort the character groups in COBOL string variable
                Is there a way to hide a dataset
                RESET condition code in JCl
                DSLIST using REXX
                A tool for unpacking a packed file
                How to force working-storage "above the line"
                Syncsort - Mulitiply problem in sort
                Rexx code to scan for a field/copy book in program libraries
                problem in logic for fetching from DB2
                Elimate the duplicate record using SYNCSORT
                ADRDSSU Utility - Exclude the GDG versions.
                Syncsort - Count records from two files n find difference
                Initialize 88 level condition name
                macro needed to navigate to Endevor.
                Comparing COMP-3 and Invalid decimal
                Filtering records based on condtion from VSAM file
                Convert Binary to Text
                ISREDIT - Deleting the data between the lines 73 and 80
                IMS: SSA in GNP call ...
                JCL utility to know Vol serial for uncatalogued Dataset
                What is Exact use of REXX?
                Move Index To WS-Variable
                Comparision using superC or File Aid record wise,
                How to fix VSAM error code 28
                Recognize Enter in Rexx
                Help in REXX
                Performance issue with Tape dataset.
                Check if a group variable is initialized
                How do you cancel a running CICS Job using Xpediter
                Using dynamic substitution in jcl on sql commands
                expiration date for a dataset
                COBOL Dynamic subroutines in ISPLLIB for REXX execution
                Problem during Precompilation
                Command to delete the columns in a flat file
                Command to copy the JCL from spool
                DB2 unload utility
                How handle huge file using REXX execio
                KSDS File Status - 92
                Difference between 9(9) and s9(9) ??
                Comparison of two files
                Running Jobs between different mainframes
                How to email the file ZIped in mainframe through JCL
                Need logic to remove duplicates from same file
                How to copy the member names of a pds into a ps
                How can i do to use command 'RECEIVE MAP' without mapfail
                Dynamic COBOL array without a Times Clause
                getting u4038 abend
                ISFROWS returns 0
                Getting WER486A Error while joining 2 files using syncsort
                Retrieve information from MVS Control Block
                new IBM knowledge center
                TIME Macro usage in Assembler
                Structure of SMF Record 65 Catalog Record
                Pass values from a cobol program to its calling jcl
                Source of Stored procedure.
                Writing the new counter file to another file?
                DSLIST in mainframe
                How to update a particular column in REXX?
                Difference between Jump and Branch instruction
                DCOLLECT time stamp.
                Expand COBOL copybooks and DCLGEN
                Check the Creator of a PS
                COBOL Index issue
                Call to CICS_COBOL program
                Validate NUMERIC DATA from Input
                Want to put in a loop in EVALUATE
                Error in Array: Not a uniquely defined name
                How to read array backward( in reverse order)
                Need a help on Unstring
                Compile a COBOL program in rexx
                displaying pointer value in Pli
                Need to find the starting position of the 2nd word
                Syncsort - Joining on different data types
                Vsam space allocated and usage percent
                Tivoli Automation problem
                PS file allocation with particular volume
                Query regarding ISPF table and Panel
                S213 Abend in Compile
                XMIT to multiple destinations
                Memory issue with index by occur clause.
                Assembler calling COBOL85
                JCL job using 34 ~ 45 % under CPU% factor
                validate the fields of a mainframe panel using REXX proc
                How to compare 2 flat files and write similar to new file
                How to make an overrides on JCL to comment out the step
                Syncsort - Remove duplicates based on a field
                WHAT DOES THIS /*ROUTE XEQ DB2P DO?
                Date in Copybook
                To Open (Browse, Edit & Delete) a file from Command line
                How to remove spaces while using OUTREC
                Email sending in JCL as excel attachment.
                how to retrieve the messages from syslog
                Convert COMP-1 to Readable
                How to use 'SAVE' command in REXX
                How to dynamically allocate/deallocate a QSAM File?
                SUPERC SEARCH for multiple strings
                Reading file dynamically
                List datasets in DASD
                LMMcopy to copy all members in a pds to another in rexx
                Action error on PTHVPT1.GE.ADHOC.ATUT.SE.D180808
                How to add date in the dataset name
                Modify the retention period of a GDG version in a Tape
                SUM FIELDS - To add a byte if sign field is there
                Syncsort -> How to get system date + records count of a f
                DIfference between copy using sort and Copy using Repro
                Splitting a file based on a field
                Declare a array/table(using occurs class) in the linkage sec
                Problem while putting condition in a VB file using SORT
                Difference between Z/OS and Z/VSE
                SORT- Joinkeys - compare two files
                Parsing CSV containing a floating point field.
                Group item contained the PICTURE clause - error
                Load error: LENGTH OF ENTRY TYPE TOO LONG
                Overlay part of a record without affecting the entire record
                Using JCL to know the count of sorted records
                SYNCSORT step taking huge CPU time
                How to rename a word in all PS file names.
                How to Copy Current Date to A PS File thru JCL
                where to find compile listing of the production program soc7
                Free space in program .
                How to rename the tape files?
                How to check whether the previous jobs are complete
                INZUTILB using rexx
                overriding parameter in one of step in PROC
                How to convert char to COMP-3
                Freezing a particular line in the dataset
                Problem with numeric variable redefined from alpha numeric
                How to reduce the processing time of a cobol program
                Find out the primary key of the table provided with the name
                Tcpip status report inactive in MSC console
                JCL SORT - Subtract 2 Months from Current Date
                Skip the first step
                Convert date from YYMMDD to YYYYMMDD format
                IMS Deadlock
                Display volume serial number
                Can SYNCTOOL extract record count &format it into a data
                GDG base as inout to sort step
                Deleting a member of a dataset through a jcl job
                canwe write a program to put the contents of tableinto Excel
                Reduce CPU Time in a job
                SYNCSORT TOTAL=(96,8,ZD,M10) giving SOC7
                Compare 2 input files based on a column and output result
                How to forcefully free resources from JCL
                Altering RACF group in batch or thru EXEC
                Regarding help needed in fine tuning the job step
                Disp=mod to append data in the file
                creating a flat file using COBOL dynamically using BPXWDYN
                SYNCSORT:: Facing issue
                SQLCODE -144
                Z/os DB2 Version 7 Index Problem
                How to get data from current line without using Edit Macro
                Batch job to issue commands at regular intervals..
                How to create an alias to a member of a PDS
                CHecking for lower case in a string
                ISREDIT - Blank out the unused symbolic variables from PROC
                Not able to read all records in a file
                problem while uploading log file to mainframe
                changing datatype of a field from COMP-3 to DISPLAY
                Find the date of creation with LISTC ENT (gdg) ALL
                Cobol code Firstnm*MI*Lastname to Lastname Firstname Middle
                Calling an IMS/DB2 program in COBOL
                FIND keyword usage in the ISPF
                Cursor positioning in Assembly CICS
                SyncSORT Abend: S066 RC=4
                EZACFSM1 created file name - passing to email issue
                FTP from windows server into Mainframe - Data truncation
                Can I use same file as Input and Output for COBOL SORT ?
                Date fomat in SAS
                SCLM build processor error
                Can we use a COBOL group variable in an SQL "IN" c
                Syncsort: Change a column value depending on other column
                given a date how to determine the first day of the quarter
                Function to find position of particular character n string?
                How to call REXX program from assembler
                xpediter Interview Questions
                Rexx to execute spool commands
                Assembler to Cobol conversion
                IEFBR14 and IDCAMS
                Unstring and String in Cobol
                DB2-V8 Vs DB2-V9 problem
                Problem while reading adn writing due to key length change
                '&' Character missing in ISREDIT LINE_AFTER
                How to compile & run C++ programs in z\os
                SAS SMTP connect issue.
                performance improvement through LRECL
                How to insert null value to a date field in insert query .
                Assembler - Performance of Compare Instructions
                COBOL DB2 Load Modules Comparison
                Syncsort -Need Clarification during elimination of 1st Occur
                Can anyone tell abends in CICS & steps to s
                How to browse using mouse instead of using F7 & F8 ?
                DB2 CURSOR
                DB2 Contention with same PLAN for partitioned table spaces.
                Syncsort - using sort ot edit a flat file
                Modifying only the last record using Syncsort
                taking one backup per day
                SYNCSORT to replace Comparex
                Reading Last Record in KSDS VSAM File
                How to close multiple sessions at a time
                Sequential files in an IMS DC program
                Automation in handling Space abend
                IMS DB2 program getting SQL error -925
                Is it possible through SYNCSORT
                Executing REXX: browse could not be found
                Listing Matching Records using 3.13 SUPER CE
                I want to know spool commands and how can i run thru batch
                Sorting comma separated file
                SYNCSORT JCL based on date comarison in a single i/p.
                Read a string from cursor postion
                REXX and DB2 DSN
                Syncsort copy n records based on field of 1t record
                Move Cursor after paste
                Issue in Join keys
                Adding column in between a table
                Why doesn't ISPF Support Browse/View/Edit for VSAM
                SVC99 error: TOO MANY DATA SETS
                calling subprogram 1million times
                COBOL Working Storage getting corrupted
                NOLIMIT for time parameter in job card
                Syncsort - Group Records, count of groups, count in trailer
                SPUFI Why it give 100 as return code
                Error IRX0043I when CALLing another REXX Program...
                Delete Tape datasets that are not in catalog
                How to write a low-value record in KSDS using COBOL
                How to split a variable in cobol
                Change/modify the record length of the PDS
                SyncSort card required to expand in between field of a file.
                COND parameter at job Card
                ** ASMA057E Undefined operation code - OBTAIN
                SMTP Problem while sending a mail with attachment
                Syncsort SUM FIELDS= Second field is off by one byte. ??
                How to avoid -811 error In embedded sql
                SB37 ABEND, but dataset is created successfull
                Largest Extent on a volume.
                Create header/trailer for empty file
                Redefines in cobol
                RC12 While using IDCAMS REPRO for VSAM files
                The Diff 'twix SYSDUMP & CEEDUMP
                Doubt in addressing mode.
                VSAM COUNT
                Division by zero in COBOL and TRUNC(??)
                Concatenation of fields without trailing spaces
                Multiple jobs writing to same gdg. Best practice?
                How to convert Lower case to Upper case?
                extracting gdg version from ispf 3.4 version
                SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=213
                POINTERS concepts in COBOL
                CPU reduction while using ADRDSSU back up
                Unable to get the ispf screen
                How to remove '+' sign in the SYSLOG message
                Syncsort to extract the records
                Validate Day thru Syncsort
                If you have big pgm. during compilation is abends with S0C7
                how to comment out jcl like statements
                VSAM Read error in Easytrieve
                Display in lowercase in dynamic JCL
                Delete file in one step
                How to convert REXX program into object code/ load module.
                How to overcome S413-1C abend
                Read sequential file ignoring headers
                JCL PDS having the name starting with other person's TSO id
                To Fetch System Date
                modify COBOL code to write from FB to VB file
                Rexx PGM holding a dataset
                DASD Response times
                ADRDSSU Utility to RESTORE onto SMS-Managed Volumes
                How to compile BMS
                CHAR to BIT conversion.
                REXX Swap command in Quick browse
                Inspect Low values : Comp3 variable
                REXX to print the logical screen to a dataset
                To update the CARD.
                Possible way through which we can save cost for DASD, JOBS
                Efficient datatype for condition checking
                REXX code to expand all submodules inside calling program
                SQLCODE -904 - why the tablespace is not available
                How to dipslay floating -$ in cobol?
                Syncsort - to insert a line in a file at required place
                STOP a Transaction
                RACF utilities to get the access details
                Truncating a record using JCL
                Alternate Index ended up with maxcc=12
                Sorting input records on length of characters.
                Get and delete the versions of PDS members
                If the size of redefining field greater than redefined
                Replace all GOTO statements with Perform
                Tuning SQL query
                SQL Query to sum a variable and divide by another variable.
                SYNCSORT Adding date in Sort step
                Writing record from second column of file!!!
                XDC commands for multiple outputs
                Syncsort Convert FROM Ascii
                How to set End of file in rexx
                Packed decimal format in Windows PC
                Environment Issue in COBOL Program
                searching for a record in vsam
                How to check a JOB is runnning or not in REXX
                -444 Sqlcode when calling stored procedure
                Array overflow on Internal table - Any Limit
                Dynamically changing dd name in cobol
                Need to copy data from PS file to JCL
                IEBGENER giving IEB351I I/O ERROR
                Forces of DB2 nature: SUDOKU Solver (in seconds)
                IMS DC: MFS screen refresh.
                Copy from one GDG to anotehr GDG
                DB2 utility for Insert and Update
                search for a field in a sequential file
                Happy 50th Birthday Mainframe
                Display Comp-3 variable in sysout
                SQLCODE -904
                Sub program which has to pass data back to the calling pgm
                Compare two dataset in column 1 to 71
                STARTBR after DELETE in CICS
                Need help in restoring a TAPE file to a DASD file
                Can we modify a PS file in JCL?
                setting maxcc conditionally in jcl
                SARBCH- Extract specific sysout
                TWS Scheduler End to End Variables
                Removing last 8 bytes for gdg file names
                Deleting tape dataset
                Job monitoring automation : SPACE Abend
                How to copy a latest GDG generation to another GDG base?
                Search for a string in PDS
                Calling a REXX exec from a COBOL program
                CICS screen failing with ASRA abend
                Insert a Format using Rexx Macro in Cobol Program
                reformat the text to fill lines
                Generate report with out using IF/EVALUATE
                Is Recompilation Needed?
                Calculate specific timestamp difference
                way to pass symbolic parameters from PROC to JOBSYSIN
                SQL to see if data exists in the table
                JCL to run a job at regular interval with JES2 command
                Runnin an ISREDIT MACRO
                How to run CECI LOAD PROG(ABCDEF) through Batch
                Free Cobol compiler for Windows
                SYSIBM.SYSPACKSTMT - DB2 V9 TO V10
                sorting and removing duplicates from a stem variable
                characters not getting displayed after uploading html file
                Some Queries on Assembler-
                Compare comp3 and comp filelds
                Check your Intelligence by finding the Answers
                To Check the previously ran GDG no.
                Help in Abend - File Status - 92
                SQL to know the maximum leave taker in the year of 2005
                How to convert character to decimal in cobol program.?
                index search exceeds record limit of (100000) abend
                Using REXX to find word in a job batch
                To all the Champs on this Forum
                Program failing with SQLCODE -501
                Tso Login error
                Converting PD to ZD in VB file
                Finding Table load order
                How to insert a single character for a set of lines
                Difference between a conversational and a non conversational
                How to suppress bottom PF lines in panel from a rexx program
                How to copy output of jjscan to permanent sequential dataset
                CLIST Cursor position error with Exit Code(1)
                Catalog thousand of datasets to specified UCAT
                One SYSPRINT for multiple file copy using IEBGENER?
                Need info regarding differences b/w integration testing and
                Redefining 9(Numeric) to X(Alphanumeric) and again to 9
                JCL to get the execution end time of jobs
                REXX Function to Change exponential to decimal
                i want to extract all the JESMSGs of all the jobs
                Meaning of low values and high values
                S0C4 Error due to file status 92
                Why we cant use the flat files(sequential file) in CICS
                Check for the availability of new version of a GDG
                Compressing a PDS using the line command Z
                Packed decimal, Binary to Numeric
                Calling difference between SUBPGM and PROC in PL/I
                Stack Processing in REXX
                REXX to extract all the lines between two particular words
                Calling a cobol program in C
                How to issue multiple SEND TEXT requests to terminal
                sqlcode -501 in cursor
                Problem getting package number from load module from REXX
                how to disable function keys in IMS DC
                SPlitting a file into number of files
                How to read a last record from a sequential file ?
                Cobol DB2 program in PGM= parameter
                VB File attribute mismatch
                Displaying OMVS information through REXX
                Need to know the difference between keep and pass ....
                How can i change the physical file attributes
                TSO Telnet in Batch mode
                To know whether any Particular Dataset is in use or not
                How to handle a PS file of LRECL 30,000
                COND Parameter Problem
                number of instream proc
                Displaying SAY staement on a new page
                JCL to make changes in othe JCL's
                Can i create a gdg with IEFBR14 utility
                Question related to COPY with REPLACING
                batch job rexx need to edit pds job
                Header also displayed after every 1000 records
                Change data types of a column in DB2 8.1
                Maximum no of checkpoints that can be issued by IMS
                Number of occurences of a value in the field using JCL sort.
                Joinkeys Compare for different Cobol Declaration fields
                How to define a ISPF panel with uncertain lines
                Wat will be the relevant parameters for VSAM creation.
                Problem related Looping in JCL
                Read and display current line of file
                A CSECT without an LTORG but uses literals
                Sort taking long time (more than 12 hrs) for 1.3 billion rec
                Find out the uninitialized variable in COBOL program?
                Resetting return code=8 for empty output
                Batch Pipe error in JCL
                How to differentiate batch and online programs in Natural
                Pick email Ids from a report.
                find a string in a ps file using macro w/o opening file
                Performance Impact of Collectionid.* usage
                Sort an array in COBOL
                REXX which can provide a listing of a COBOl Program.
                Check count and format
                Problem Using Syncsort
                Prog to calculate the length of the string within a variable
                roles of System programmer
                Setting Address of FD record to a Pointer in Working storage
                GNP call (revised by Bitneuker)
                Write into FILE 3 the contents from File 1 and file 2
                Compare record with record length > 4096
                Query on writing cobol program to read more input
                SORTOUT LRECL issue in JOINKEY
                Create all possible combinations of series of letters
                Field Attribute change from Application program.
                APF Error calling IEBCOPY from Rexx
                Override system date In JCL
                IBM Interview Questions
                Problem in Search
                Unload JOb details from a particular DD through batch
                Retrieve records sequentially from KSDS using Fileaid Batch
                Getting soc1 at compile time
                Compress Vsam Dataset
                Issue a checkpoint in an IMS program
                Extend PROC
                performance issue in a DB2 program
                Overcome OUTREC - SHORT RECORD Problem.
                Reformatting Error: SORTOUT HAS INCOMPATIBLE LRECL
                Multi threading calls from COBOL
                How to include the leading zeros using SYNCSORT
                How to avoid "VSAM OPEN RETURN CODE IS 168"
                Create a new GDG generation in step 1 of my jcl
                Pass value from Rexx to JCL
                IEBGENER requirements
                Impact analysis using COBOL Compiler Listing
                S106 abend - Increased the region but it is not working
                display variable in call prog when exec the called prog
                How to STOP and START the IMS region
                Listing PDS members along with size
                How to run same JOBNAME parallel
                Viewing/Editing a dataset is giving an error message
                Create DDIO file to view the soc7
                Compile a Cobol -Db2 program with older compiler version
                Can SoS(Short on Storage) be handled programatically
                Syncsort Help
                Copy Members
                Spacing out the word & adjusting space bween remaining c
                Question: How to 'break/pause/wait' a BATCH program?
                What is the size of sysout in spool
                Difference between areas set to pointers
                Captiure JES element JESJCL into a dataset
                Explcit ROLLBACK used in COBOL code.
                how to find average of time in cobol
                Find Comments in cobol by user /system
                TSO Call to Iebcopy - Does not end
                change the LRECL of all the GDG
                Handeling function error
                Can STRING into field be reference modified?
                Compare results similar to SuperCE with Syncsort
                How to display COMP variable
                Storage Abend
                how to set return code using PLIRETC in PLI/DB2 program
                Can anyone assist on CICS transaction gateway?
                Space parameter in JCL
                Deleting series of datasets if migrated
                How we can resolve the timestamp error in DB2?
                Displaying panel in rexx
                HSM Migrated DSN - How to find the MVS CATALOG DSN
                Editing a PS file in a particular field using REXX\Macros
                Multiple tape inputs with huge data - Performance optimize
                Join 2 files using sync sort
                Passing the user id to the jcl
                Setting Return code to Zero
                Evaluate and level 88
                how to get unpaired records from both the files into 1 file
                Error while deleting a file
                Problem in Writing a Record to KSDS using Cobol pgm
                How to execute CICS commands in REXX?
                Bypass the step, if the file is empty.
                How to fetch Return Code of a JCL submitted through REXX ?
                Seeing the full text of SQLERRM
                Syncsort - Removing duplicate based on condition
                Execute Rexx at TSO session end
                How to trigger a job when a new version of a GDG created?
                how to rename a component in changeman tool
                Code a variable which does not have any data
                IEBGENER - GENERATE Statement
                SQLCODE=-452 - Unloading DB2 Table using JCL for CLOB type
                Rexx program for 'COLS' line command
                List and write all the PDS name to the file in Batch
                CHangeman- To know the changes made after compilation
                Nestings, IFs and other things
                Problem with initializing an array with comp and packed data
                Recompiling Copybook after add a new field
                SDSF command
                opening copybook from program
                How to use to sort statement in SYSin cards
                Sending variables to JCL from a system command
                Need to validate CICS field with atleast 2 characters
                SQL Code -501
                need unpaired and matched records from File-1
                calling a cobol program from assembler
                ezasoket: how can I specify IP & PORT in BIND
                Adding records simultaniously
                COBOL program to delete datasets
                Another VSAM AIX - Alternate index Query
                REXX exec & display Panel
                unload the members to o/p file
                REXX to pass all pds member to a job sequentially
                How to get last 15000 records from a Flat file
                SOC7 using Address field
                Replacing IMS call stmt to DB2 exec SQL
                Selcopy -how to increase the LRECL of output file in selcopy
                MVS I/O like unix pipes
                Mearging files with resequencing
                SuperCE in sort ?
                What is job scheduling
                Validate a field for not to allow special characters
                Attached document of common commands in FILEAID
                How can i get the computer name through rexx
                Handling Multiple ISPF Panels in rexx
                Concatenating/sweeping datasets based on a wildcard
                How to roll back my work in online program.
                How to handle empty file in Jcl
                Backup of usercatalog
                Replacing leading spaces by zeroes
                COBOL Abend recovery using check-point's
                Reading input files which contains in a dataset.....
                Joining records of two files
                Calling COBOL program from REXX
                Problem with movind 99v99 to v999 field
                EX instruction in a reentrant program?
                Getting problem in xmitip
                giving the freedom to mainframe os for using the blcksize
                Cobol Sort return code of 20- Clarification needed
                SYNCSORT - Combine two records
                Need to pass return code while copying
                LMCOPY to Temporary dataset
                IMS Database merge
                Restarting a COBOL program without using the JCL
                dynamic call in PLI using fetch cause error
                Simple if statement - condition fail
                How to route the JES messages and Job output of a JCL
                Can we use SUBQUERY in the Case Statement ?
                jcl error when submitting the same job with a change
                Compress an alphanumeric character
                I want to have picture mode number for TOD format.
                Uncataloging a Tape Dataset...
                SMTP email through TDQ
                Cobol: Random Read Error in Production
                What does PIC'(10)9V9T' mean?
                Formatting Issue while using TXT2PDF for Mainframe
                In a clist, submit different jobs with different name
                Error At the time of Using PERFORM and Refrence Modification
                A Simple Assembler & DB2 program
                Assembler introductory book?
                Basic Input statement - SAS
                How to use PASSWORD parameter?
                How to copy a member from a pds concatenation list.
                Update query variable in JCL
                How to remove '/'from date field & insert zero b4 rec co
                Is there a DFSMS realtime log similar to SMF.
                Syncsort - Splitting Files based on a condition
                Getting -802 error when using MOD function in where clause
                What is 'PROGRAM MANAGER/LOAD' in strobe report
                Xpediter Error - INVALID XPEDITER SVC NUMBER (250)
                Why we will create the load module in PDS only
                Problem with creation of tape dataset
                Problem with Pk zip and variable length file
                Default DISP Parameters ?
                Using IKJEFT01 in Xpeditor.
                Fixed Decimal in PL/1
                MOve Hex values from one file to another file.
                How to get the No of users using the PDS
                SQL0310N -while calling cobol db2 stored procedure
                How to find Reorg/Runstats date
                Can we use file operations in a cobol subroutine
                used cylinders by vb files
                Deletion of Duplicate Records from table
                Whether my MOVE CORRESPONDING will work or not
                Combiningt more than one record to one
                problem with output datatset
                How to define a ZVAR to accept sentence/word in Panel
                Finding JOB Location in spool messages or history
                SET RC=4 when MEMBER NOT FOUND
                Junk data in sign field, how to fix
                CEMT commands in JCL
                RENAME error: -193
                2 files comparison , complex match criteria
                Getting Error while connecting to DB2 using through REXX
                Remote BREAK/ABEND is no longer available message in XPED
                How to swap values in 2 fields
                Error code ISRE747
                how to delete a no of datasets with same higher qualifier??
                DCB parameters for Input Tape datasets?
                Sample JCL for DB2 extract through SYNCSORT
                unable to limit number of volumes created using pgm=iebgener
                Rexx PGM holding a dataset 2
                Load an Dot Net exe file into MQ series.
                Max Record lengths for FB,VB and F record formats
                using SYNCSORT to match records from 2 infiles
                convert FB record structure with VARCHAR to VB file.
                Knowledge about TPF
                doing CEMT command without logging into a CICS region
                Extract Records From Dataset
                PL/I Decimal sign
                Cobol calling Assembler
                SOC7 Abend using PSW and Dump
                Personal Communications vb - How to Find Text
                Submit Multiple Jobs
                Find all segments in file-aid
                Insufficient memory in file aid browse..
                Reset Previous step's return code
                Can we execute more than one program in a single step ?
                Joinkeys Match/NoMatch not working
                COBOL records Write Problem
                Finding and replacing a string in a VB file
                Call a PL/1 module using Variable name
                C. NORRIS FACTS
                Conversion of Assembler to COBOL code 2
                Joining 2 Datasets
                How to achieve this using SYNCSORT?
                REXX Utilty for Record Size calculation
                DB2 to be up for PRECOMPILE?
                How to insert LOW VALUES/HIGH VALUES in a file.
                ISPF libraries
                Declaring in DCLGEN an array for variable
                Syncsort - Remove Duplicates until encountering a '('
                Syncsort - Sort performance issue
                Submit a STEP in JCL multiple times.
                IKF6006I-E Error during XPED
                Overwriting a part of string in Rexx.
                Compiler Error IGYPA3009-S in Evaluate Statement
                To create New Version of a GDG
                What's the difference beween aligned and unaligned ?
                Why start a new session improved efficiency
                Using more TWA Size in CICS
                88 level variable logic not working
                Dynamic data to Parm parameter in JCL
                How to retain the parentage for successive IMS calls?
                Common records from two input files wrtie to output file
                dfhresp(12) is coming
                Is there auto-initialization in Cobol390.
                SDSF doesn't show the status of JCLs
                monitor prod jobs and send mail if any job abends
                Updating the input file
                Copy the lines to multiple destinations at one shot
                What other oddball languages have you coded in?
                REXX command to get the total number of records in a file
                Random access on sequential file
                Compare two VB Files to get unmatched where Fields > 4080
                SYNCTOOL-JCL getting ABEND=S000 U0016
                JCL exceution flow with typical requirement
                What is the future of Mainframes?
                DB2 load utility(how to avoid duplicate records)
                Flash Copy IAM datasets
                How to take the backup of a PDS
                Continuation for the PARM parameter
                Bulk Insert to table - Abend S04E, REASON=X'00E40345'
                Tool design in Rexx
                JCL to delete unwanted dataset
                Need to change report with DOS/VSE Syncsort
                current date in jcl file name
                Sort a file with 30 Milllion records LRECL=5000
                VSAM file between online and Batch
                Want first 8 characters to be moved to the another variable
                Using ndm to tranfer file within the same region
                Convert Packed data in a file
                Simple date conversion using Syncsort
                COPH vs COPY command in a COBOL program
                Sorting KSDS in alternate index
                Record Count Message in SAS
                find 4 character string from same record.
                How to know users logged on to mainframe on a perticular day
                Search all is giving less records as compare to search
                Rexx Tool using SERCMPAR
                Status of Job in OPC application
                compare 2 files and create 3 output files
                What Women Need to Know about Men
                COMP to Char
                Security Database Name and Location
                Tablespace in UT state
                Matching 2 files using SYNCSORT
                DSNTEP2 : OUTPUT PROBLEM
                Moving of data from 9 (7) to9 (7) comp-3
                I need a good book on Rexx
                how to find the name of an ims/dc screen?
                Passing Value in DB2 Query.
                Loading an IMS database and building a Secondary index on it
                CEE0813S Insufficient storage was available
                Restoring Vsam file across system
                String concatenation with spaces inbetween
                Syncsort - To remove Non numeric data in a dataset
                Issue with characters getting replaced
                Splitting the flat file by using SORT Utility
                Error after installing TWS
                Append current time onto filename in email
                Write last record in another file using Cobol program
                Need help in Creating a Dynamic table in Assembler
                To handle the duplicate keys in SORT Utility
                Syncsort - Help for joining two files with a key field
                entry into PCT,PPT... in cics
                Changing blksize on JCL is changing a filler on output rec!!
                Listing all members with pattern *DCP* in PDS?
                moving a zero suppressed field to equivalent non-suppressed
                Replacing variable with FILLER in a Copybook
                Query regading the cobol editing charecter.
                Process to Delete USER CATALOG
                Time Computation in Cobol
                SQL MAX function to find Max employees
                Regarding 'TSO OUTPUT jobname(jobid)'
                ISREDIT insert delete step
                How to get symbolic allocation name for a physical DS name
                Syntax for merging two different files
                Could anybody decipher this dump?
                Can we trigger a JCL from Windows
                Want to remove spaces after merging two file.
                command to know the prefix
                a question about DEAD LOCK WHEN OPEN CURSOR
                Efficient File Processing - COBOL or Easytrieve
                CICS compilation error maxcc =12 n CBLNAM01
                InSync compare for low values
                SQL statements vs reading files in a DB2 Stored Procedure
                TO COPY the jesjcl part of each jobs into separate PDS
                Called program sends a map !
                Do Not Allow User to enter junk character
                Processing last 200 records
                How does a dynamic array work
                unable to unload millions of data from DB2
                DB2 sql query to fetch from two tables
                LMMLIST COMMAND returns with RC = 8
                How to execute the first five steps among 10 steps
                Identify when was the load module member modified
                To SORT a group of records under a unique Header
                What could be file status check if i read the file reversed?
                HRECALL to recall all migrated datasets
                Syncsort - icetool with a control card
                Is it good to learn IMS or ADABAS?
                Send mail from Mainframes - Query
                Need a Query to split the results
                Binary fields being corrupted in linkage
                Redefines usage
                Syncsort - Groupwise concatenate the record
                Can we code the following parameters in VSAM?
                Fetch info from DB2 table about field having junk values
                Re-running the SORT for different SYMNAMES
                Rexx to Pass Values to Multiple JCL in PDS and Submit 1by1
                Overview of assembler Language
                CLIST vs REXX & Executing SQL Query using CLIST
                Calling abend routine directly from JCL
                Shortcuts to Dataset
                remove the empty spaces
                Extracting a packed decimal data from Alphanumeric field
                Handling Cursor vertically in DC screen.
                How to find a EXCP-CNT of a data set?
                Open load in view/edit mode to read timestamp
                Dynamic Decimal validation
                Syncsor conversion from Character to Fixed Point Signed.
                List PDS and PS through rexx and reference it ??
                How to replace a string all the capital letters
                Working storage in Called module
                Count the length of the data in a group variable.
                a question on restarting steps in jcl.
                Dynamically adding Loadlib for the session !!
                Will massive file definition impact CICS performance?
                Accessing SAR thru REXX code
                Finding the JOBs using a datset
                Syncsort - sorting records of different types
                How to run two jobs with identical job name concurrently?
                COBOl program
                modity text in multiple members in a dataset
                Code (DFHMDF POS=(27,79),LENGTH=01) acceptable
                Execution of a Single step
                How to split VB Pipe delimited data so that each record ...
                How are the function keys defined
                How to expand a file with sort
                Merge column of different length to a row
                can we get back uncataloged dataset
                What is difference between this codes
                Syncsort or FileManager - Eleminating records from file..
                Syncsort for Adding days to input date
                What is AMODE and RESIDENCY MODE(RMODE)
                Issue in Jobname in jobcard
                Is it good to do the above task using SYNCSORT or COBOL
                Prevent sessions being disconnected automaticlly
                Syncsort - Searching for a value in a vb file
                Copying VB file to FB
                Convertion FB to VB to remove the spaces from the middle
                To delete s list of dataset in a PS file using JCL
                Need Options to Read a file for each record of another file
                Obtain last day of next month
                Write only matched records in file using cobol
                Read record from first record.
                Query Tuning - Help Needed
                Bind failure
                Regarding Inspect
                query regarding JCL
                Reduce execution time of a job (currently it is taking 5 min
                NUMPROC PFD vs NOPFD
                Problem in string replace in PDS members
                Finding the last edited timestamp of a PS file in REXX
                Where is the problem in the below Clist program
                Db2 Conditional Statement
                How to overwrite the allocated sort space in SAS?
                Need difference between IDMS-RECORDS MANUAL,AUTO-STATUS
                Reading HTML codes from webpages.
                I want a job to get input from user in run time.
                Meaning of 'Move high values to var1'
                Pl/1 oncode 310
                need REXX code to extract all the SQLs in COBOL pgm
                INSPECT a string for ?&? or ?/? or ?@?
                Terminate from the perform loop
                PROC PRINT in SAS
                Profile prefix for a user id
                Need to auto restart a job
                Change in Case After MOVE statement
                dynamically set buffer length
                Maximum memory that can be allocated using GETMAIN?
                Abend 0C1000 with ISPF in batch
                Sort step running long
                Reading Last Record dynamically through pure COBOL program
                What is buffer in BUFFER POOL?
                How to sort a file excluding the header .
                Difference in Speed in reading and writing from and to MQ
                Get the last working day of the month
                how to restart a particular step in job without restart parm
                Is there a way to send a alert to consol if the volume
                Screen scraping problem: Logical vs physical screen
                ASRA - Protection Exception
                Analyzing a IBM Assembler Program
                confusing of Char varying in PL/I
                Can a sysin statement be coded in a instream procedure?
                Help in REXX code
                FTP excel file to mainframe dataset
                Is it possible to use REXX to call a CLIST ?
                Omit records based on the date
                Copy PDS to PS
                Can We execute the same step more than once in mvs jcl?
                Issue with Bind Sqlcode= -206
                Error message in SYNCTOOL DATASORT
                JES2 command correction required.
                weird debugging scenario in XPEDITER
                Hrecall in REXX background
                Replacing input file automatically
                How to check whether a particular member is present in a PDS
                Writing multiple lines in a PDS member?
                CICS System - Online availability 24x7 with batch
                Undetermined Module error SC03 (Not S0C3)
                Canceling a mainframe ID for a specific IP though JCL
                Passing value via parm
                Invoking REXX from SAS
                How to edit ISPF Primary Menu
                MACRO basics
                Synsort shows on the same outfile as the joined records
                How to get the particular jobid in the spool
                CLIST or Rexx to automatically find the expiration date
                Create a new Version of a GDG
                Change field case programmatically
                Hi..DISP=OLD in VSAM file
                Automated File transfer for windows to mainframe
                Case Sensitivity in REXX
                LOGON SCRIPT
                DASD Stress Testing.
                Assembler program why does a DC H'0' result in a S0C1 abend
                convert spreadsheet value to packed decimal
                declare COBOL path in JCL
                Selecting the particular words from the record
                Last logon vs last use
                Timestamp calculation.
                How to excute and bypass the step in two jobs
                VSAM Status 46 - what else could be wrong?
                Syncsort - Report with heading having the count of records
                need code in cobol for the respective db2 group by clause
                VSAM file shows zero record length with block size 27998
                Extract Member Name from Cursor location and Open the same
                Need ISPF EDIT command to remove a line
                Table not allowing indexed DML operations
                Need to delete all records of the PS file
                Problem using BPXWDYN
                My IMS screen hangs
                Clarification on interview questions
                Counting Records and formatting the total in SAS
                s0c1 abend while executing SQL statement.
                Including a VARIABLE Qualifier in a File
                Diff between logical eof and physical eof
                Migration to Enterprise PL/1 - problem in writing to files
                How to accept only NUMERIC DATA in COBOL
                Get all those ps contents in to one ps and in the same row
                RACF validation in COBOL CICS program
                sms uncataloged datasets
                will Size of load module change,when sizeof var increses?
                How to execute 9th step after the execution of 10th step
                Moving values upto 32767 to S9(04) COMP
                BMS/GT tool
                Need to count Records and also display one field in output
                concatenate tso commands in Batch PARM
                How can i locate a particular job in the spool that i need
                Retaining Values of working Storage variables
                Read Entire GDG Base and backup
                NEW,CATLG,DELETE run for the first time and then rerun
                How to access jobs in the output queue
                How can i see table definition in QMF
                SYNCSORT output to be in multiple files
                How to setup the TCPIPSERVICE on CICS TS z/os
                Cancel program to be converted to COBOL
                Concatenated files failing in an FTP Put.
                How to update the sequential file having same records.
                Match 2 files with record lengths of 68 and 366
                EJESLNK not working for me but not in Integration.
                Dynamic JCL execution
                When i read array i get only the last stored value as right
                VSAM Status Code 92
                Record extraction using JCL Sort
                GDG merge
                Sort on part of COMP-3 fields
                Finding the Called Program if no parameters passed
                S222 error due to excessive EXCP count?
                remove dups and Order the rows
                Update Flat file by comparing Flat file with another VSAM
                INSPECT with PERFORM statement
                Compare and Replace from two Input Files
                Ispf command to shift unblocked records.
                ISPF edit macro - Spacing out a variable issue
                Is it possible to separate the omitted records alone?
                Getting VSAM error code 37
                Using column function while using JOIN
                IRX0662E error whiel reading flat filein REXX
                Sort to fetch unmatched records from file f2
                Sort card to replace text using cross reference file
                %include DD1 and %include MM1
                Can we have correlated subquery in Declare Cursor ?
                SMTP BATCH
                Grant SYSADM to user
                Is there any utility which can tell about a set of datasets
                Utility to identify the subprograms called by a program
                How to convert CSV file to vertical format
                Calling a Subprogram
                List all datasets starting with X or a OR tA7.X OR tA7.A
                NULLS in DB2 tables
                Getting SOC7 while adding num value to packed decimal field
                REXX: Need text for user it looks like someone is typing it
                REXX - SMTP Issues
                Read a Hexdecimal file and convert to decimal
                Can we run EXTRACT Job in loop
                Tape vs. DASD - speed/time/CPU utilization difference
                Update a record in VSAM file twice in a program
                How is the date populated in COMP-3 variable?
                Removing X'40' using Fileaid copy utility in JCL
                How to search for members in PDS
                SORT card to concatenate the strings and totals at every set
                SOC4 after processing 422 records using UNSTRING verb
                Find the recently deleted 25 PDS
                Is there any way to use TWO files by a single SELECT
                Listing all those GDG bases with no generations
                Junk Value in Database
                splitting of files according to condition
                Executing executable file created under AIX in OMVS
                To write a Job card using CLIST
                Wrong row numbers when uploaded a txt format file
                Can I write symbolic parameter in sortout file
                How to i declare a numeric length 20 9(18)v99??
                How DB2 Committed my transaction even my job abends?
                Unstringing into a group variable COBOL
                Problem with TSQ
                Add 1 day to an input date in a batch job
                IMS DB/DC Last Root segment Fetch
                Search particular string in a pds
                recovery of my lost PDS
                Sorting a array
                Using ISPSTART and dealing with the Log Data Set
                Generating sequence numbers in COBOL
                Issue with - Passing Return code to JCL step from Rexx
                How to get the name on currently opened dataset in REXX????
                Running a particular step of a job in a specific time
                Performance issue in cobol while MOVE
                Copy GDG file name along with generation in to PS file
                Usage of Virtual Storage by a SORT step
                Reduce length of RDW and write out - Possible ?
                Get s806 abend when invoking a clist from IKJEFT1A
                DB2 Imagecopy unload
                how to write output records without a key from input file??
                NEXT SENTENCE control flow works.
                Process selected rows in the scrollable portion
                Time for me to leave my current company
                expansion of copy-book using REXX
                The row numbers cannot be retrieved after OPEN curosr.
                Problem while running a rexx Db2 script thru JCL
                How to calculate the date prior to 13 months
                Multiple 400-byte redefine layouts & auto-selecting
                MAXRC=448 when calling a assembler program from Cobol
                How to detect the Job COND used
                Condition code question
                Eazytrieve defination for Decimal (12,0)
                Tables in Tablebase library?
                Problem with Sort on multiple fields
                SEARCH ALL problem
                How to make changes witout changing changed date/time
                Program abends If I use STOPRUN, but runs If GOBACK used
                Update & activate components of changeman package thru R
                Difference between area and sets
                How to run the first step only from the JOB
                Searching a string PDS members
                Generating and Viewing JCL
                Logic needed on Arrays
                How to map or use copybook without a fileaid?
                COBOL: incorrect read ...
                How to handle Abends while the Batch is running
                Search presence of more than one string in same PDS member
                Remove Duplicates and update the count in trailer record.
                Merge 2 files
                Exec only step 3 without changing jcl
                IF/THEN/ELSE for JCL Steplib
                To Create TAPE datasets
                How to insert Hex values from CICS online scre
                Special Sorting help required
                Mainframe sequential/VSAM file to Excel Sheet transfer
                Clarification regarding BUFNI & BUFND parameters usage
                please help me regarding binary search
                Removing selective rows using DELETE SQL
                re-write in sequential file
                Redefine Alphanumeric with USAGE COMP
                Equivalent 'CICS DELAY' function in COBOL.
                To copy a GDG
                Favorite IDOL
                COPY BOOK with FILLER
                Subselect within a Left Outer Join
                Write Timestamp into output file. - SAS
                How to Read KSDS Data Component Directly (as an ESDS)?
                Having ftp issues with vb files.
                How to check for NULL in alphanumeric field?
                Error with Link Edit during SMP/E Apply
                SYSPRINT dataset
                Moving of value from 9(10) to 9(10)
                How to determine where is error in abend code ?
                How to list the datasets in a particular region?
                COBOL IMS DC program not Refreshing in IMS Region
                SYNCSORT output values gives me some junk number
                sort/rexx job to replicate records in file
                creating alternate index with more than 32,767 pointers
                Multiple Header & Trailer - Summing up trailer
                How to find the no of rows deleted
                comparing two different length files thru JCL
                PSB for corresponding program
                How to give input to file having record length 120
                Overlay date from one input file to another input file
                Want to execute only step2 not step1 and STEP3...
                How to make the read statement to point to the first record?
                Help needed on SYNCSORT MERGE
                REXX program to retrieve the case numbers from a Module
                VSAM ERROR 92 while trying to write a record.
                Display percentage value in cobol
                INCLUDE Condition with current date.
                COBOL performance for Complex arithmetic expressions
                Split file into 8 files with header from input by syncsort
                Cant we compile a COBOL program in PS ?
                UNSTRING problem
                LRECL for sending images from mainframes.
                How to transfer data between two steps
                Reset Return Code for PROGPROC
                Tesco Interview Questions
                Can presence of a field be checked using SORT?
                can we use ORDER BY in a Sub-query ?
                Calling REXX in Clist
                Dynamically calling an Assembler program from JCL
                Syncsort - Exclude headers from sort
                permutation combination in SYNCSORT...
                Frequent -911 abends
                Hexadecimal representation of VARCHAR
                Regarding Cursor Overhead
                Declaring at Group level is better or elementary ?
                ISPF panel scrollable field indicators not behaving
                Error during DBDGEN
                JCLLIB ORDER= into a REXX stem (anyone?)
                To pass a string from a REXX routine to the ISPF 3.4 option
                Scheduling a CICS transaction like a BATCH jobs
                Editing a record in a file
                Ordering of Jobs + Control-M
                Invoke a REXX JCL inside a JCL and wait to finish
                Status code AD.
                EXCP difference in sort & idcams
                Older Versions of GDG
                Syncsort: Conditional joining of Records
                Geting some error related to Sysexec
                Loop in a program
                How to convert decimal value from ZD to PD in sort
                Problem with REPL call
                Free PDS-E space
                Is there any Games in mainframe
                VSAM write failing thru code but working by REPRO/edit mode
                Compare 2 files & matched records
                ICETOOL CONVERSION
                Input and output filenames in the SYSIN rather than DDnames
                Update trailer count through sort card
                Comma separations between columns
                Listing cobol load module details
                Experiencing SOC 7 when 1st move statement
                Need to change the Delimiter in file
                how to find an invalid hex character from a given string
                Comp-3 to hold negative Zero
                how to sequence the rows of a select?
                Is SLEEP a better option ??
                DB2 Admin Scheduler Code !!
                Simple sort pgm in cobol using jcl not working
                Tools to eliminate JCL
                Dataset upload from 3rd party
                Problem with NDM
                DMS Manuals wanted in original .boo format
                can we write records to internal reader with lrecl > 80
                Want to expand my existing PDS
                Cobol copybook query
                Problem in Setting up to Execute REXX Programs on TSO/ISPF
                parm values in IEFBR14
                *** ISPF Main task abend ***
                INSERT in DB2 Code is taking lot of CPU time
                communicating subprogram without 'USING' in PROCEDURE DIV
                Records delete from VSAM file
                To find if a GDG has any generations, RC4
                Insert into an empty table returning sql code -803
                Try to solve the puzzles if you can
                Field expansion Tool in REXX
                check return code for multiple jobs
                Comp-3 Linkage variables having garbage data ?
                bind error while getting difference of timestamp in minutes
                Positioning pointer at a specified record of a cursor result
                doubt in PERFORM VARYING...
                How to customize the panel issued by "TSO SDSF"
                Proc which is using symbolic parameter for dataset names
                Problem in reading a VB file
                Spliting files using SYNCSORT
                EXAMPLE FOR A REXX program calling a COBOL/DB2 program
                DB2 Code in Cobol giving Error
                DA- Logical File Name Importance
                PL/I code conversion from COBOL source.
                How to check if an input message IMS queue is empty
                Need to know how many numbers are there in Sysin
                complex skeleton variables in do loop?
                VSE: Converting FB Flat file to VB Flat File using SORT
                How to pass a value from REXX code to REXX panel
                Retreive a SAS file present in HFS and place in the FTP
                Replacing a column of data in a PS
                how to find a record that caused the program to abend
                LISTDS doesnot FREEs the Dataset
                start transaction not working
                System abend 80A while saving the cobol program
                How does IMS know Map->Transaction->Program->PSB
                Possible causes for getting an SQLCODE of -804
                Reading file loading DB2 tables using COBOL Pgm and JCL
                Read Compile Listing
                Fetching records from a segment
                using temporary files
                Can we route the same output to 2 different destinations
                To get GMT time in a Assembler Program
                articles about ISPF and TSO
                How can we retrive first row in a table using SQL query
                Using WAIT EVENT and POST
                Passing values from IMSDC screens to BMP jobs.
                Regarding : Move Corresponding
                Sort error WER251A
                Automation for table insert
                get -104 when rexx sub jcl to rotate a partition
                how to alter GDG limit for N no. of GDg's
                How to mask specific fields in a record?
                order of execution of jobs in a JCL
                FLMLNK SCLM
                Charatcer Handling
                Comments in a field within a table on DB2
                To delete N rows from a table
                Changing job card using rexx
                To reduce the Batch job run time
                Regarding the alphanumeric data type
                Delete Multiple PDS
                COBOL Store Proc: fetching two cursor on two GTT sametime !!
                To identify spaces in between alphabets/numbers
                BPXBATCH output
                &MAXSIZE parameter value calculation by ACS routines
                Logic for this file handling
                IMS u0271 abend while purging buffers during a checkpoint
                how to match record from 2 datasets
                Bypassing second step till 7 runs of first step
                Display COMP-3 variable in Enterprise COBOL
                Scratch and Rename members
                Help needed on GDG Base Model and Generation creation
                Performance issue in the DB2 program that doing select
                CA-7 Commands to find who cancelled the Job
                What are the different ways to run a COBOL DB2 program
                Redefine - Moves between redefining item and redefined item
                Job running time problem
                S222 abend with short on storage(SOS)
                ALBERT EINSTEIN
                User Details using USERID
                Need to read last record from the file directly using REXX
                ISPF-How to change one word in 50 members which r in one PDS
                Trying to connect DB2 through REXX
                Can Date and Time be put together in Header?&TIME vs. &a
                Question on Abend Analysis and Compiler Listing...
                How to handle duplicate records in ezytrieve..
                Use ISAM access method in COBOL
                The Letter "Z" Will Be Removed from the English Al
                How to recover from split screen when typing F2 by mistake?
                Finding the Record Length
                How to Move Binary value to a particular variable in COBOL
                TO create a PDS with JCL which would hold member GT 999.
                To identify which main pgm is calling sub program
                Interview Question at Accenture
                Random acces is faster than sequential access, Is it true
                Filename Edit from 3.4 console
                INCOMPATIBLE LRECL
                How to prepare a map without sending it to the terminal?
                Using reference modification on COMP-3 variable
                Scan datasets created by a Racf id
                Call Online from Batch
                Submit a job by rexx program which is runing in batch
                Getting return code AC on IMS call
                Automatics Receive
                NUMPROC(NOPDF) VS NUMPROC(PDF) - How does they work ?
                REPRO to insert records into a Vsam file
                how to access FILEAID from TSO 3.4
                SYNCSORT Table field accessing in JCL
                How to handle input entered on ISPF panel dynamically?
                Can SYSIN errors be rectified without submitting the JOB?
                Infinite loop Issue in perform Until
                Eliminate the duplicates in sort card
                Convert date into required formate
                How to send a flat file in a zip format using SMTP
                ABEND due to FETCH FAILED
                A checkpoint counter sets at 100,needs to reduce time of job
                How to declaer the Table size dynamically
                File with Disp=Pass - not deleted after successful execution
                How can i increase cobol array size
                Need help in developing a panel
                What is the "SORT CHA" Command
                Capture SYSPRINT
                Popup screen using CICS
                Function to include source into a rexx
                How to update milillions of records by a specified order?
                Search packed Decimal fields
                To terminate REXX
                String length Calculation
                Job step to extract from the dataset
                Capturing data from CICS screen automatically
                Lock mainframe files
                Restart step which is in IF condition
                CICS screen error messages getting truncated
                Invoking REXX thru JCL
                How to compute Average using Syncsort
                Writing the content of the file into syslog
                What does the parameter RESTART=* means?
                Is there any tool to access IMS DB,like SPUFI for DB2 ?
                Need Help regarding the CA/CI Split
                Resolving AZI4
                Expanding PROC of a JCL and modifying the fields
                String usage in cobol
                SYSDSN for VSAM not working
                Creating a sort card thru SYNCSORT
                how to restore a deleted PDS
                Syncsort: Eliminating the first occurance of dup record.
                Doubt About LRECL and BLKSIZE
                How to deal with bully at work place?
                DB2 cursor gets closed by a -911
                Combine header fields with a detail record
                Utility to copy VSAM cluster to GDG other than IDCAMS
                REXX LMDLIST fails with RC 8 after z/os1.7 upgrade
                How to use CICS paging command for multipage mesage in maps
                Having a problem with 64 bit C under z/OS
                DFSMShsm RECYCLE, DUPLEX tapes and SMS
                Two Equals One?
                I need to replace date value in a string
                SQLCODE +354 while doing a multifetch
                How to connect Remote DB2 subsystem thru REXX
                ISRSUPC uitility sysout not dispalyed in spool !
                Which loadlib will be used.
                What wll be the next version of GDG?
                Not reaching End-of-Table.
                Empty a flat file
                Extract the Dataset name in the input DDNAME to a variable
                how to check for NULL records
                Get 1st N rows of every customer
                Serial Number as a part of Resultset
                OPC/Tivoli OCL failure (line 1560)
                What is significance of new version in GDG?
                Check if header date is eq current date (MM/DD/YYYY)
                Composite symbols in PL/I preprocessor procedures
                Find who all have logged in to mainframe session
                Please suggest efficient SQL query for given requirement
                What does SS in the omit cond mean?
                CSP to COBOL conversion info needed
                Result from a query to run a member
                Need a logic, where the variable should be mapped
                S222 Abend in a very huge program
                JCL ERROR as file got migrated
                How to specify a hexa decimal key in Joinkeys?
                Partly move spaces into a Map variable
                Finding duplicates in a sorted array
                CICS cobol pgm : using a VSAM KSDS in edit mode :
                Is DSN can be verified through cobol
                Error during Tape file to Tape file Copy
                Working Storage of calling program when using EXEC CICS LINK
                How to retain data on ispf panel between different sessions?
                How can we find the word when the PROC is expanded in JCL
                SAS: How to download a SAS dataset to a SDS folder
                Concatenate only the 1,3,6 datasets from 6 datasets
                Getting DB status code as XC
                Working with Quotes
                ISLAND PUZZLE.
                A query to display same row multiple times with count
                How to exclude certain values in Cobol defined 88 level
                Query to select Null row on priority
                Manipulate date variable
                Mainframe Software Distribution
                How to count number of records in a dataset using cobol pgm
                Converting '1 ' to '0001' in CICS
                How to create a shortcut from ISPF Primary menu?
                Joinkeys to match both conditions
                Copy from USS to a GDG
                Updating all members of a PDS
                Performance Batch Process
                What happen if we don't specify Joblib and Steplib in a job
                Reading a PS file when abend occurs
                SYSIN in PROCLIB
                Reduce the number of I/O in a CICS ksds file
                Benefits of removing DISPLAY statements
                Get the system date and write in a member
                Retaining Value of a Variable in Pseudo Conversational Progr
                How to see the attributes of already existing VSAM File
                Delete Data sets with similar names
                Changing VSAM file name dynamically under CICS
                Assambly code to get the jobname ?
                JCL in loop to read till end of file
                Related to sort
                Table Declaration in COBOL - query
                Want to find out exactly where that empty file resides?
                Change Line advance from LF to CRLF
                same TRANID initiated multiple times
                Header and Footer inclusion in a data file through SORT
                File handling using cobol
                Problem while Moving Values from 2D array to WS 1D array
                Can source code be generated from Loadlib ?
                Inserting Date from input file to another file
                IEBGENER, Help
                Need help on STRING Logic.
                Query on Overrides for load program's source
                Unstring delimited by spaces and then load into table
                To find of list of active users
                Problem In IMS Segment extraction using DFSDDLT0
                Why is S806 ABEND after moving load to different PDS?
                Using ds name present in PDS
                Fetch Unique and sorted data from two Cobol tables
                how to get output of ISRSUPC in a PS file
                Date with S9(8) Clause.
                Encrypt and Decrypt data in COBOL
                SyncSort - replace comma with spaces in a file using sort
                How to copy variable defined in jcl into a flat file.
                Include the message in SAVE LIST
                How to do PF3 to exit the panel in rexx?
                Finding logical error using offset value.
                To get the odd record from two files
                Query regarding SUPERC to retrofit two cobol code
                Issuing DEQ before ENQ with same resource
                Redefines in cobol
                Copy using SORT by including the trailer
                Can we append the file using its physical name using REXX.
                Unstring of comma delimited to Numeric fields
                REXX to logoff instanly without closing multiple ISPF sessio
                how to load an array with ODO declaration
                More than one file from unix to mainframe system using C:D
                Mainframe architecture / device diagrams...
                Delete records based on TIMESTAMP from a tabel
                JES Spool downloaded in a batch job
                Bad arithmetic conversion
                JCL -- Need jcl for mass updates
                Referentail integrity in DB2
                DB2 - Unload File Formatting
                Precompilation problem
                How to solve a S4D8 abend?
                can you say VSAM as a database
                To find out no of records in production dataset
                Need to Build SAS Title based on Input Fields
                How to identify the no of GDG generation as a parameter
                How to know end of GDG version
                Replacing unwanted characters with zeros
                Process to call the control card in the program
                Override all symbolics from JCL
                Get the common values from multiple files - using Syncsort
                Need help for the sortcard using outrec and header2
                How to do a display within an assembler Transaction?
                Check whether this is numeric or Alphanumeric field
                Need to run a particular step when current month =12
                DB2 query for cursor
                Restarting from 25th step if abends at 24th step
                Typical problem in CICS TSQ
                Setting RC4 for a specific no. records Synsort/tool
                pasting data in a PS file
                Assigning value clause to comp-3 filed of a table
                BMC unload execution time reduction
                Easytrieve - Compare files - Duplicate Key
                How to scramble data from a VSAM file?
                DB2 queries from Program Load
                Getting SOC4 error due to file status code 41
                How to fetch first record only with out CURSOR
                Internal Table Over Flow
                How to add and multiply 2 fileds using SORT or ICE TOOL
                ED Facility (command eb)
                How to see Duplicate records in DB2 table?
                Need to print my dataset in a printer
                Working storage data length in a cobol program
                Remove all Duplicate Records from the input.
                -811 in db2 CASE Statement
                DBCTL return code is 12!
                Do NOT want a GDG created if the data is bad
                About logoff from system?
                Extract dataset name and write it into output file
                DB2 program going in infinite loop
                how to pass two parameters from JCL to PL1
                To Find the record number of the first occurence of a string
                Dumb Question about the "Job Vacancies" forum
                More How to read array backward( in reverse order)
                To get LRECL of a Tape file in CLIST
                Job running too long, nearly for 3 hrs.
                How to know, who cancelled my job
                Finding the space utilised and space remaining on the DASD
                VSAM Write error
                XML to COPY or COPY to XML conversion
                Coreect option is not Find/Replace utitlity in File Manager
                Restart the file from abended records not from the begening
                Insert VARCHAR into table with REXX
                ISPF Language Customization
                JCLLIB statement pointing to a LOAD lib
                How to know when DB2 instance was last Stopped/Started
                Unstring of free formed field
                rexx exec find copy book size in cobol program
                Displaying 0001333 as 13.33 in COBOL
                Sorting with different LRECL
                Syncsort - How to select records and merge with another DS
                MSGs from HSM activity logs to syslog
                MACRO error while replacing strings in some members of a PDS
                Jobs getting abended with S0C1
                B37 after allocating 7402 cylinders....
                Like parameter with GDG
                IGZ0040S An invalid separate sign was detected in program
                How to create input field of more than 1 line in panel?
                password expiry notification
                Getting Error while executing the Max salary Query
                Whats mounting and demounting in tapes
                Can we use sql in ims database
                DUPLICATE NAME EXISTS IN CATALOG problem
                Change an F sign to an C sign in PD values
                SOC 4 Abend at 516th Record
                Problem in MOVE statement
                How to compare 2 fields of 2 PS files in a PLI program
                Fetch unique rows in a query
                How to convert Numeric values to zoned decimal values
                Advise on TOD Clock usage in PL/1 or COBOL.
                Need help in Syncsort to resolve an abend
                How to copy online allocated vsam to qsam
                Splitting input file into multiple output files
                Need help in understanding EXEC CICS Load
                Getting the return code from stored procedure
                Unstring to split COBOL fields
                Compare two files and write 3 output files..
                VSAM to DB2 Migration
                SQLCODE = -804, REASON 03
                Need to Purge a DB2 Table
                Dynamic Decimal Place separation
                Character set conversion from IBM-500
                Record rejected due to invalid column spec during load
                Rewriting a variable block file in cobol
                IGHRCO00 Utility
                GDG generation creation not working.
                Using Left Outer Join in a Dynamic SQL Query
                COPY Replacing to replace a variable prefix
                Instruction in Assembler to initialise variables
                defining vsam with idcams or jcl
                SORT ABEND - VSAM ACCESS ERR 08058
                Get correct date and time when current time is over 12 hrs
                Strip out the records in a VB file with rec length 4600
                Replacement for GO TO
                Is there any possibilty to recover a deleted dataset
                Cobol copybook capacity or limitation
                sort card to get all records from two files using syncsort?
                Behaviour of COMP-3
                Difference between Floating Point & Decimal Point
                Error: DUMMY UNIT=TAPE
                How can I code this map ?
                can we move values to 0 th position of an array
                Status Code AM while DLET
                What COND statement will be used ?
                Need Rexx Program to Load in to DB2 Table
                INREC statement syntax error while executing SYNCSORT code.
                Packed Hexadecimal addition
                Find the occurrence of keywords using INSPECT
                Removing Empty Space from PS File
                SUB QUERIES - delete
                To create job which puts an 'X' at the 512 position in file
                Working of EX instruction and TM instruction
                Access Path Anomaly.
                Delete and Create a dataset
                Call statement is not executing in main pgm?
                How to Restart from particular record
                Accumulate the amounts in various fields
                Need to Find out the Load module
                How to save rejected records in SYNCSORT
                Data from table.
                How to retrieve the members in a PDS
                What's the size of s9(17)v9(2) COMP-3
                Reagrding Card Read,SYSOUT PUNCH,SYSOUT PRINT?
                Interesting facts about COBOL.
                Getting a S0c7 abend with MOVE Statement
                Table handling - increased maximum limit
                Compiler is not Recognizing the Screen Section.
                Edit macro help needed
                Sysprint information write into a flat file
                CLOSE a dataset opened in Browsed mode
                DB2 SQL Performance issue
                How to count initial spaces without using inspect?
                Coverting a variable like s9(7)v99 to 9(7)v99 using SORT
                How to identify wrong data in millions of records?
                Load Failed in new copy
                VSAM - AIX - RECORD LENGTH
                How to remove or Insert Column Number from 1-6
                How are we supposed to learn new things?
                EZACFSM1 Won't Write to INTRDR?
                DB2 date fetch error.
                Defrag command present in ADRDSSU not working
                Sort - taking duplicate records based on one key and merging
                Execute from a particular job step using COND.
                Floating point multiplication rules
                I want to concatenate 3 files and copy into out put file.
                Eliminating duplicates from files
                Eztrieve- Get substring. But Position is dynamic
                Delete uncataloged tape datasets
                Error in static compilation of COBOL program
                DSNUTILB various parameter details
                Display the time my job ran for.
                What are the Possible reasons for PHASE IN command will fail
                JCL to run Automatically in SDSF
                JES2 JEC: Use UNIX Pipes to Pass Data Between Concurrent Job
                Cobol Logic to find identical Bdates
                Advantage of MERGE over SORT
                Need output with headers & footer & in the required
                Replace field name in cobol from a file
                Run IEBPTPCH with several PDS in SYSUT1
                How can we see the status of the transaction
                DFSORT vs SYNCSORT
                File processing from PARMLIB member
                Extract records after comparing fields present in 2 diff fil
                How to communicate with PSB Through Program?
                How to separate these records ?
                What is TYPRUN = F
                Unstring in cobol
                File comparison with Evaluate
                How to process the input given from the ISPFpanel
                need help in synsort
                How to capture &SYSUID in sort
                How to Pass data types int, float to commarea from java
                What u do when you get SE37 error
                Exclude redundant records - Generic
                JCL: FTP question
                CEERAN0 random number from LE
                Moving variable length strings
                Installation policy for enqueuing on volumes
                How to populate data to DB2 tables
                General Talk: Philosophy, Anuj and Ed
                GETMAIN or CEEGTST
                convert negative number to be displayed within paranthesis
                Free the dataset
                Job is in hold even Free command is executing
                Sometimes Panel updates doesn't reflect
                Compare a file with GDG versions.
                No.of lines of code in a PDS library
                sort conditions combination
                Redefining a COMP variable
                how to pass more than 32kb data thru linkage section?
                logoff mainframe automatically
                Syncsort Header Issue.
                Need DB2 query to solve this
                Syncsort - Report from reading different rows and grouping
                How to know the length of a data set in KB
                Extract a part from a cobol program
                Error getting using OUTREC along with OUTFIL
                How to get the list of files
                Reading one database record
                Can same PSB be used by multiple programs simultaneously ?
                Reg file open error, the file is in edit mode
                What's wrong with my SYNCSORT job
                ADD sysrec's to job depending upon certain conditions
                while submitting the job first time the file does not exist.
                Some Cobol Interview Questions
                copying set of records to o/p file using sort utility.
                JCL to modify the volume
                Could program results differ after move to Package Based...
                Data movement to alphanumeric field
                Send/recevie cobol array in CICS Start/Retrieve command?
                How to eleminate duplicates.
                Possible to get log for a particular CICS Transaction ?
                Pointer usage in CICS
                Issue in creating new members in PDS
                Logic required for files matching & calculate oldest dat
                Changing sign from left to right
                Copy contents to an output file whose DSN name is dynamic
                How to read fields with comma in Comma delimitted file
                Issue with LE migration - with TRUNC option
                Deletion of data in 2500 PS in single go
                Sum and Avg for the records.
                Tools or Softwares to fasten up the games!
                Syncsort Sorting & Eliminating Old Records
                How to create a new member in a PDS through a Job
                Is there any better way to download a PDS
                Calling a cobol from easytrieve
                Query required to pull common locations
                How to prepare a analysis document
                Numeric COMP-3 into Alphanumeric
                Need code to get either SOC1 or SOC4 abend
                Sort a file excluding my header and trailer using SYNCSORT
                Passing Stem(array) to calling program
                Comparing the dates in File1 and File2
                How to submit a REXX, when Logging into Mainframe.
                SQL code 100 in an online program
                deleting the members in a pds
                Sort to extract record based on a particular date
                How to caliculate Working storage length
                Extracting records depending upon cond in another file
                Default Keylist in ISPF Panel
                Data is getting truncated while moving 9(10) to S(9) COMP
                If 4th step Bypassed what happened to 5th when cond=0,EQ
                REXX to format the date
                Evaluate verb for a condition checking
                In control-m how to make exclusive lock on a dataset
                Get program info in a program
                Creating a new dataset to run SPUFI
                Db2 table information
                Calling a PL/I module thru pointer
                1000 queries link for db2
                Finding unwanted variables
                GDG version creation date
                Search using Macro in SDSF
                Changing the first qualifier in the DSN in REPRO command - r
                Need mainframe crossword
                How can i call Rentrant prog several times using LOAD macro.
                File Naming
                Group by clause : Need to fetch all the coloumns
                Many forum members using a matrix avatar
                Recycle failes for one virtual volume and so is Audit
                When OTHER in EVALUATE
                Compare:When a string is splitted into 2 consecutive strings
                Read file in Rexx using layout.
                can you provide jcl to find latest version of gdgs.
                Need info about //MAIN DEADLINE=(0700,B,012086)
                Getting S0C7 when comparing two COMP-3 fields
                SYNCSORT: Keys match but not the rest of the record
                How to execute a line command
                Interview Questions abt impact analysis
                How to call LIBDEF using ISPLINK
                Lock the screen when xmit data
                SYSOUT = DD DD1
                Joinkeys with duplicated keys
                How to fetch the IMS Field into WSS variable
                Sort numeric values stored in character format
                matching two different files
                Not getting notification after submitting job
                Convert SAS file to aflat file
                command to update or add values to a particuler pos in Vb fi
                Conversion of Assembler to COBOL code
                GDG Generation issue
                Questions related to files in cobol
                Restart JCL stream within IF Block
                If my input file is empty, copy a dummy record
                How to get the full record length?
                Want to delete the contents of TSQ, not queue.
                Which one is Better Array Processing or File Processing
                JCL to copy dynaicall named input file to mainframe file
                Unique number generation
                Executing Cobol pgm with subprogram in other loadlib
                Data Moving by using COBOL pointer variables
                Need to understand TCB CPU and SRB CPU
                Parameter list in Assembler
                Dataset member detail extraction
                Handling WildChar '*' for MEMBER identification in PDS
                VSAM on CV/Resume
                Query to look for child tables of parent table
                Error while executing the rexx code
                Log for deleted PDS member
                Last referred date for a LOADLIBB member
                Unable to Run Rexx as a command
                Leading zeroes in Alphanumeric field
                Error opening KSDS - code 37
                Obtaining file information
                How to pass a Parameter to a JCl?
                IEFZB476 getting various 0C4 abends
                Why do we use SYSUDUMP in a jcl
                SYNCSORT - Sort based on year
                How to Concat a DB2 Field into 1 field
                VSAM Performance Tuning..
                effect of changed varchar column lengths on load-reuse
                SELECT result ordered differently in embedded SQL?
                Is the PARSE function not supported in SYNCSORT
                Build single output from multiple inputs
                how to read a Unformatted file
                VSAM Read Error 92
                how to retrieve n th row
                U4038 abend at runtime
                How to Retrieve values from VB file
                Using Occurs Clause to move data
                Fuzzy logic matching between strings
                Error in FTP using REXX
                Help regarding FILEAID to FILEMANAGER CONVERSION
                How to copy first n generations into a single file?
                Reducing CPU Time with Inspect
                How to write in thousands of file according to records?
                DFSORT of VB file
                space suppression
                COPY ACTIVE CICS MSGUSR into a PDS
                Getting CEE3608I and CEE3606I messages in SYSOUT.
                Addiing variables in linkage section
                How to read current line via a macro
                copybook compare
                Typrun = SCAN , where the syntax error messages can be seen
                How to delete a duplicate row in a flat file
                Replace a string
                How to reduce CA-Splits...!!!
                How to supply called sub-program from test loadlib
                GDG Locking after reaching maximum limit
                Are you smarter than fifth grade...?
                Utility to browse/edit VSAM files in Unix on AIX box
                Unique dataset creation
                Why it is called DB2 ?
                Move spaces to a numeric data-item
                comp-1 and comp-2 values
                Total storge size of space parameter
                Dynalloc a DSN NEW,CATLG,DELETE in PLI without asm
                Optimum method among ORDER BY / SORT
                Variable availability in Nested cobol Program
                Matching files with different length
                Compilers problem having with EVALUATE
                Expanding only root segments from length 255 to 275
                COND problem
                KSDS sharing between two systems
                Escape From Crimson's Room
                addressability to initial transaction input screen
                Who compiled the Cobol load module
                USE count of CEMT for static call
                COBOL : How to call nth digit of a field in occurs
                Possible to skip records until a char string found?
                How to exitwhen you select option from panel???
                MOVE records from input dataset to VSAM file.
                CICS program abending with ASRA
                File to DB2 table
                Variable numeric editing in Cobol
                Line number updation in editor
                Getting SQLCODE -908 When Executing Load Job
                How to Select row100 to row200 from a tabel having 1000 rows
                DB2 commit occured after abend in pgm
                Query Tuning
                sb37 while extracting data
                In DB2 how to divide a table in to exactly half
                JCL restarts
                GDG backup whenever a version is created to another GDG file
                Which is the most important Division in Cobol programming
                How to get last RRN in the RRDS file?
                How Trigger the job without CA-7
                How to Calculate the values and write in the file
                Syncsort - repeat recs
                PFKIN for insertion operation using functional keys
                how to findout missing numbers
                Are GDG has a undelying VSAM?
                Infoman database access from batch job
                Use of RTRIM negates Index Usage ?
                How to READ SMF TYPE 61 recrod
                Write a Variable Block File
                Comparing two files through Sort.
                How a MAINFRAMER's DESKTOP Looks?
                Two file match ( two Input file dupilcates)
                Write the content of all the PDS members to a PS file
                Wild card searching using TBSARG
                Sorting records with variable key length
                Find Delta Records of current and prev versions of file
                GDG generation ( was version ) using REXX
                Delete All data from IMS database
                HELP !!! Picture (PIC) Clause padding...
                Only part of the JCL present in the member
                db2 user defined function in cobol
                Need to perform Date manipulation in Trailer
                SOC1 while receiving a message from MQ
                Rewrite a variable length file
                Connect direct with time and date
                Handling sqlcode -904 during cursor fetch
                List of JCL utilities which uses username & a password
                Issue with job submited using INTRDR..
                S0C4 Abend when running a converted code
                Retreiving MAXCC of a Job through REXX
                difference Between purge and cancel
                DB2 commits with Cursor
                How to use paste special through TSO command
                cobol,jcl,db2 interview questions.
                evaluate statement with not operator
                Try this one
                SYNCSORT Question, what went wrong with my JCL
                No of datasets in the hrecall queue using REXX
                Need guidelines from CICS expert to debug storage violation
                Program Link to get TWA in CICS
                Convert non numeric fields to Numeric fields in COBOL
                Is there any way to get the Euro symbol
                Using DD name get file name
                Check whether a field is NUMERIC or ALPHABETIC
                Conditions on SORT to avoid extra space
                Executing ISPF application - Lets dive
                How to remove duplicate records?
                run the jcl step depending on the date
                GDG Base
                Syncsort - Need crtain data from liscat cmd in a PS to o/p
                How to find the current day using JCL
                Join a FB file with VSAM and the o/p reformat on VSAM
                Truncation in VB file
                Job to delete GDG's
                Execute instruction with UNPK
                How to use the IMS-BTS tool with ENDEVOR
                Calling Subprogram only once.
                Parm values are not correctly passed to the executing pgm.
                Code for called and calling modules in rexx
                Multiple Disk Usage
                comparex without sorting ?
                Find the size of the COBOL Group
                Which utility to be used
                Better performance switch OR group var in IF
                How to pass data in COBOL program from JCL in an IMS program
                Getting Sequential file attribute
                Count query to fetch count for two status
                Static call- working storage value
                Records inserted in KSDS is not in sorted order
                To get the last 4 non blank characters
                Getting error when trying to use Macros in Easytrieve.
                How to convert date from one format to other in Cobol
                Query taking lot of time
                Capturing terminal-id in Rexx possible?
                job Step to be run n number of times changing sysin card.
                Creates a dataset and then through the same rexx to edit
                YOU’RE MINE ……..cute story
                How to capture the change date of members of a PDS using ...
                Dataset Space Allocation Problem,
                IMS - check if transaction stopped from another transaction
                Two receive maps in same program
                Table handling, need to search for a string
                Query in Table Loading REXX macro
                Moving one dimensional array to two dimensional array
                Multi ROW fetch question
                Find max column value without using MAX function
                Syncsort - Count difference between each record's value
                To remove the separators from a file
                Control card updation
                Merge Data in a PS file without sorting
                Return code of Internal reader job
                Need Information about EDi
                Recall dataset in a job
                OS/VS Cobol - Reading a variable length file - regd.
                Acheive using Mainframe SAS
                can the following be achieved using SYNCSORT
                ASRA abend calling Assembler from CICS
                TASID and ZOS 2.2
                Newline in rexx
                Read Decimal Value from JCL into REXX
                COUNT in SORT jcl
                Recovering data set from migrated2
                SYSOUT is getting deleted after execution of the JOB
                What is 'MAIN' Parameter of Jcl
                REXX MACRO Error
                how to pass width of a panel dynamically..
                Want the data in a certain order for my output structure
                Issue with REDEFINE clause
                Using a variable in Receive Map
                Browse a sequential file in VM/CMS
                doubt on unix files created in zOS
                update the trailer count while eliminating duplicates
                Job should not abend for Migrated/Unavailable datasets.
                Chanfing strring using REXX pgm (TRIM issue)
                How 2 delete dup rows with single qury in DB2?
                Difference in both Tape and Disk
                Copy TSQ in flat file in TSO batch.
                Alphanumeric variable in a numeric check
                Data set not found in ET region for jcl
                how to increase the efficiency of processing
                To restart a transaction at 2 AM every Day
                What is PSEUDOCODE in this program
                JCL overriding concept
                SPLICE/ICETOOL Help
                How to eliminate TSO command message?
                RACF - anyone here has lots of experience with it?
                How can we see the comp 3 values in SPOOL
                Is writing Primary Key Out of sequence & insert Possible
                Adding field names in the extract file
                How to connect db2 with assembler
                Splitting a file into several files
                How to convert COBOL layout to EASYTRIEVE
                Dataset got deleted
                removing trailing zeros while copying from vsam to a vb file
                sort out records that before and after specfied record
                Inexplicable LMINIT service error
                can anyone give the path of IKJEFT01
                How to identify which DSN has an abended record?
                Why SYSIN data is not shown on JESJCL?
                JULIAN to MM-DD-CCYY format
                How to retrieve certain columns of a dataset
                Compare trailer count with detail record
                Multiple copy Dataset
                How to differentiate the main program and subprogram by code
                Change userid.ISPF.PROFILE to another DSN
                Re-organizing a VSAM
                Tape dataset in JCL
                syncsort outrec and numeric to comp.
                spliting files from one input using Syncsort
                Summing records using SORT
                Why moves will not cause S0C7 abend?
                Differences between Sequential File (SE) and GDG file
                Getting records alternatively from a sequential file in cobo
                Changing DSN in JCL during run time
                Running multiple queries in a PS file through JCL
                Query in GDG to delete the first 199 versions
                How to cancel jobs which recalling migrated datasets
                Why Alternate indexes are not supported for VSAM RRDS?
                How to count only if specfic field is present in flat file
                Scrambling the data
                Job hangs in input queue, screen is frozen
                comparing two files
                GDG version conflict
                How to increase the LRECL of existing member?
                Netview subtasks not started
                How to copy all GDG generations to another GDG ?
                How to refer unique dataset where last qualifier is unknown
                How to insert a field from another file?
                how to submitt jobs by using ETT.
                Multiple branching using Signal
                To copy a member from one PDS to other PDS without using JCL
                What happens when Volume is not specified in DD statement
                Use data of one step to dataset of next step
                Changing color of on-line field in IMS-DC
                Issue with copying PDS members to another PDS
                Update columns without using NULL indicators
                Percentage Calculation in SYNCSORT
                CICS Txn | same UOW | COMMIT| Solution Required?
                data validation from input file
                how to handle nullable columns ( may have null or values )
                Question regarding lower case !!!
                Fault Analyzer display question
                ISPF editor option
                Easytrieve - how to get all matching records
                Doubt in usage of a file
                You tell me...
                Can FILLER be referenced as a field in a MOVE?
                Going in Infinite loop while Running DB2 with REXX!!!!!!
                Syncsort - COMP-2 to ZD
                FILE STATUS Code check in Assembler
                Dataset deleted without my notice
                SUPC search result not matching
                need rexx code for taking table name and giving dclgen forit
                What is the benefit of using pointer?
                How to make REXX process different GDGs?
                How the programs takes the input file while executing?
                Question on JCL Restart
                Syncsort a flat file based on a 15 byte account number
                Getting -301 in Dynamic SQL
                New to DB2- Help me with this simple program
                why not possible to use array variable as operand
                Space Issue which is abending with SB37
                Moving a signed variable to numeric variable
                SYNCSORT matching logic!! - S0C7
                Is it possible to insert images in panels?
                DSECT and Establishing Addressability
                ISPF Variable Pools
                Logic to divide/concate the string/array
                JCLs for online program
                Question on SKIP=nL for Syncsort
                VSAM File getting Spaced out in JCL
                No data found when loading multiple tables
                Maximum no of records that can load in cobol internal table
                Getting Time out error in COBOL DB2 SP.
                INSPECT with REPLACING problem
                length of a field
                SORT based on field length.
                Sort taking so much CPU time
                Add number in header with Syncsort
                Pass cond parameter to proc
                Copying Load Modules
                Static array query
                Problem in unloading numeric column.
                File access in IMS Online Processing
                error in reading records from vsam file
                Reg: Outtrap command execution in batch
                How Panel having 2 scrollable areas interact with rexx
                Getting error "Machine storage exhausted"
                COND referback in nested PROCS?
                How to Improve the performance of an IMS DB code?
                Transfer Mainframe files ( PS & PDS ) across regions.
                Comparing 2 unsorted files
                how should commarea be defined in an assembler pgm?
                Problem in EDIT Dataset after EXECIO
                REXX exec to copy part of code to a file
                S07 abend while moving value to a comp-3 fields second occur
                Dynamic sysin parameter
                How to recover source code which is overwritten by load mod?
                ISREDIT Macro is not returning back to the Rexx exec
                Problem about compression in loading to new part
                Equiavlent Assembler Copybook for Cobol
                DB2 - Error in implementing pagination logic in Stored proc
                SD Clause Syntex
                Condition check in SAS
                How to search in batch *only on few members* of a PDS?
                JOB name & number using SAS
                Get 1/10 of a file
                2 Where clauses inside a query in Cobol db2 pgm ??
                Movement of alphanumeric data to numeric
                Display the hexadecimal address of a pointer in Cobol
                HRECOVER thru JCL
                Question on COPY VERB
                writing to sequential file open in i-o mode
                extract job name or day number using jcl
                Gerner Tape Dataset w/o VOLSER
                Help for a first time Rexx user
                Need help in SORT
                To find the List of input and output files
                Move unique files to another file
                Identifying Caling program name
                How to insert a record in between two records
                Readnext in Alternate index
                Submitting a JCl and Another Rexx program through a Rexx
                Reconcile two Identical tables
                Want to copy a PS file to another in JCL step
                SYNCSORT - Prefixing zeros to the records
                submitting the JCL thru internal reader.
                OOPS concept in COBOL
                Need to check non-numeric data in a file from JCL
                Problem after installing db2 9.7
                need help in removing comma's in 70 byts of field in assembl
                Output file is coming out to be empty
                Binding even though there is no DB2-SQL statement
                Calucate the salary of each employee using SEARCH
                About calling and called module
                all my abends seemed so far away.
                COBOL Filler and Redefines
                To trim spaces in a pipe delimited dataset
                Merge Jobs into a single job.
                Problem in reading VSAM file sequentially.
                DB2:: Division of an Integer Column by Interger column
                Getting SQL Error code -811 for a single row
                Only to execute STEP100
                how to file tailor control cards and maintain case
                Syncsort Seqnum + Count
                Rexx routine error - Please help.
                Search String in SDSF.
                Checking a condition using IF - Working in a wierd manner
                Dataset 'last referenced' date - retrievable through batch?
                where we need to use subscripting and where Indexing
                GU call using PL/1
                Easytrieve logic to read a file write to an external table
                How to pass parms IN EXEC statement
                How to increase the width of the ISPF comand line
                Copy a COMP data to numeric using SYNCSORT
                Performance issues with GHU call
                SYNCSORT updating the trailer record count for a VB file
                Small Letters can't be seen during batch Xped
                Can we perform NEWC of program through AutoInstall option
                STRING functionality to fetch the few columns of a record
                Problems with ISPF workstation agent and Windows 7
                New GDG with out loosing the data in previous GDG version
                Condition Clause 88: THRU Values
                rewriting a variable length record
                Copy book replace, compilation is failing
                Problem while using OCCURS in bms maps
                Rexx tool to alter the management class of datasets
                SYNCSORT - copy from 2nd byte onwards
                Syncsort question to use same sort fields for two files
                How to find the occurences of a literal.
                want some good assignments on JCL
                Move PARM value into a working storage variable
                Top Version control/Change managment products
                How to increase the space in working storage memory
                How to execute DB2 command '-DISPLAY THREAD(*)' from PL/1
                SYNCSORT runs, no record is written to the output file
                date Difference using Syncsort
                Tape files - History
                Syncsort - can we move particular records to an output file
                Information needed on SAS
                SCLM error in RDz 9.1
                How to avoid null values
                Sorting Pipe separated file using SYNCSORT
                COBOL Data Movement
                Files in Cobol
                When will we go for comp and when will we go for comp3
                How to get a future date with Syncsort
                Question on LMCOPY
                Rules for boys to score...
                Copying files with a qualifier to another qualifier
                Ineterview Questions(L&T)
                Insert a particular value in all the records
                DB2 Certification for V8.1 or V9???
                Delimit records by tab key using SAS
                How to increment Hex values
                Change in values while passing values to para
                statement "INCLUDE MEMBER= " is not picking lates
                Sending RTF mail from mainframe
                Mainframe dataset listing to an output dsn
                Getting error - COBOL INLINE ERROR DISPLAY UTILITY
                output DDname JESMSGLG job during execution...
                Need information about RACF tools
                ZAPing load module
                Bypass JCl Step based on what month it is
                How to check current setting of ISNREUSE
                Not able to Access $IAM dataset
                Generating Easytrieve layout from COBOL source
                Trim Command For Variable Lenght Record File , For PL/1.
                Checking whether a Signed numeric field is numeric/not.
                Is there any command in Cobol (Batch Program) to DELAY
                Difference bw Select 1 and Select '1'
                to read particular files where labels have been set
                Why does sysdsn act funny ?
                Random read error when file is read
                Performance impact of Unused variables in COBOL program
                Split file based on a particular field in the input file
                calrification needed about ISREDIT command.
                Why RECOVERY ON option is not default while editing datasets
                Active module not Found (DSNREXX & DSNTZANB)....
                FB to VB conversion plz help
                format the data using syncsort
                Problem in defining new cics terminals
                Program Terminates at the fourth STARTBR
                How to run sample pgm,DAY FINDER, given on the this site?
                Viewing the data in the CWA
                What this operator means in Pl1?
                Alter ALIAS to get few New Columns into both ALIAS & TA
                Convert packed to Alpha Numeric
                Need comma delimiter in Total line Easytrieve
                Way to include file tailoring output in next step of JCL
                how to execute MASSINSERT concurrently?
                Syncsort Copying Common Data
                Spanish Characters printed on the report
                JCL Error from DB2 Precompiler
                What could be the LRECL
                Redefine clause for a numeric to alphanumeric data item
                How to add description while merging using sort card
                Program giving return code 3936
                Displaying SQLCODE returned by a query in SPUFI or JCL
                huge data is getting missed out while writing on DASD
                Advantages of Archival Process
                S0C4 - Cobol Internal Table in Linkage section
                Panel 'INDXSCR' error, Panel Not Found
                Reading last 2 records from ESDS
                LOAD command
                how to find current time thru jcl
                Is it possible to access production datasets from test regio
                Counting the number of records in PS file
                CPU on SDSF logs
                Query to select second max in a series
                Table has 100 rows. I want to retrive 10th row from table.
                Error code 450 in stored procedure
                JCL to check a specific record & change the previous record
                Write the header part,detail part and the trailer part
                5 years from now in Mainframes
                Split a Dataset into multiple Members
                Like in EXEC SQL statement
                What is the difference between SQLCODES -805 and -818?
                wild-card characters in cursor
                Find out a perticular Member among 20 PDSs
                Regarding numeric to packed decimal and outrec formatting
                how to count record count of more than one file
                VSAM buffering
                Write and read the KSDS file
                How to round off till most significant byte
                Need advice on sort card
                Purging job from EXE queue
                In a distributed environment how an alias identifies a table
                FTP a txt file to Mainframe
                Can anyone explain me how to sort using PL1.
                need details on return code
                Issue in suppressing leading zeros & trailing zeros in COBOL
                How to splice with Syncsort, FILEAID or other utility
                Problems with CHNG call when switching programs
                nice day for the numerologists
                IEFBR14 - At begining or end of Job ? Which is better
                Add data to col only which is newly added through batch
                Copying records using INCLUDE
                Looking for help/info with Legacy System VSDM processing
                FTP a file to PC with hexadecimal data
                Move Spaces to Record (at 01 Level).
                Select data from first two columns of a table
                please tell me what is meant by JCL ERROR 158
                Need logic to compute.
                INITIALIZE Table - Alphanumeric & COMP-3
                Can we delete and define ps file in one step?
                How to delete a uncataloged GDG version
                Equivalent of DISPLAY in COBOL or SAY in Rexx
                Space Allocation
                How to know data is entered or not?
                Need help to understand the behavior of MOVE
                Override -904 abend
                Dynamic COBOL Code using DB2
                System Libraries???
                How to identify Load library?
                need help in easytrieve-multiple reading of sequential file
                0C4 abend - load module DFSSBSP0
                Not able to display data passed thru PARM from JCL
                Previous GDG generation getting deleted in Merge step.
                How to suppress System Messages?
                one big table or 15 small tables ?
                SYNCSORT Help
                Open and close a file in the calling program
                Need info about AFFORM01 utility
                Creating N number of datasets
                Casting unsuccessful in Endevor
                Presence of mind......too good example !!!
                Some CICS Interview Questions
                ROUNDED Problem with COMPUTE statement
                ADRDSSU Restore - How to prevent replacing while restore
                No. of Bytes that a block occupies
                Filter records using dates in different columns
                How to write 5 lines in a Varible in REXX program ?
                DFSDDLTO and SQLs
                Changing dataset from PDSE to PDS
                Syncsort: reformating records
                Regarding Update records on different conditions
                Need Info on Rolled off GDG's
                Logic fo selecting records from an input file
                Need to remove duplicate column wise
                Julian Conversion when you don't have access to COBOL functi
                how to rename by appending a parameter
                Eliminate Blank Records
                COPY TABLESPACE inquiry
                Spliting a file into different files using SORT
                Facing xml parser exception 798761
                Need help on a SQL query
                3 table left outer join query
                What is minimal coding to run a program
                Using variable length, character-delimited input files
                SOC4 with VSAM
                Steps to add Extended Addressability to VSAM datasets ?
                Information required on assembler pseudo-code
                Sorting of Aplha numeric field.
                Syncsort Problem in splicing
                JCL to Verify Empty datsets
                Regarding Lower case in Cobol.
                Significance of CATA transaction
                SORTING array which has values from database
                Display the 3rd record from the last of a sequential file
                ESDS File getting Corrupted
                VSAM File free space
                Need PDS statistics
                COBOL DB2 - CALL statement - high CPU consumption
                Displaying '(' in ISPF panels
                Expand copybook
                Remove duplicates.
                Control to return to a para after execution of another para.
                Reposition of control once EOF is reached?
                Perl books
                data got corrupt due to difference in Block size
                SAS step is always going down with SPACE issue
                REXX code to run using JCL
                using SORT to sort decimals from highest to lowest.
                SYNCSORT Comparing two files with more than 1 condition
                Incomplete Spool Print
                REXX-Undo Expanded copybooks statements in edit mode
                Will update query return sqlcode zero without updating
                Fetch the last three occurences from a VSAM file
                OCCURS CLAUSE WITH DEPENDING ON from Endeavor
                Game For U :1: River Crossing
                Input through JCL
                Can this self join be replaced with another efficient query?
                Reg: Capturing job submission output
                Need a logic to validate the data in Detail level record
                SYNTAX ERROR in OUTFIL statment in my SORT job
                CEE3501S The module DSNHADDR was not found
                Need to read the contents of a file name inside another file
                Using STORAGE Function
                number of rows while opening the cursor
                Syncsort - Total of header record.
                What happens to cursors opened two times
                De-Duplication in Mainframes
                patch the value of condition code in IBM debug tool
                To Know by how much %age dataset has been compressed
                File formatting using SYNCSORT
                START Command in CICS
                Stored procedure - problem handling multiple results
                JCL to Set Return code based on DB2 SQL query result
                To display no of bytes used by the input file
                To get the creation time of the dataset other than by SMF
                How to restart Job from abended record?
                Please suggest to convert accesspath from R to I.
                Dealing with FB and VB file in a single module
                Supervisor and I/O Macros manual?
                Query on EVALUATE
                Is to possible to change the LRECL in model gdg?
                Pass the value of LRECL from the JCL to cobol
                SYNCSORT to add the records of same file
                Browse VSAM in CICS.
                Error: ISRE310 in edit macro
                Receive data stream from web screen to COBOL Stored Procedur
                Problem with UNSTRING of CSV data
                RC=0000000C, REASON=00E30089
                Logic issue in writing JCL statements
                Syncsort extracting a string from a file
                Set high-value to FIXED BIN(31,0)
                table in ASSEMBLER with incorrect value
                Cobol option to hide some part of code
                Conditional formatting using SYNCSORT
                Add statement, what is the value of A
                COBOL: 'USER' problem
                Program logic to validate invalid fields
                delete a record from a VSAM
                Copying a member of PDS
                Some COBOL Interview Questions....
                Suggestions to improve code
                Finding source of REXX code
                Dataset information
                DB2 SELECT query to be replaced by a COBOL search for online
                List of programs or APIs called by a particular COBOL prog:
                Move A/N to numeric shows some junk value in last byte
                Reading data from PS file and send it as EMAIL body - SAS
                Can we have a USRALLOC member in PSI Mainframes.
                Migrating from COBOL-74 to COBOL/370
                How to make COBOL-DB2 Code Flexible
                How to call particular steps of JCL from other JCL
                Match substr(lit-no,1,4) with RETIR_NO
                Help needed with SELECT
                Sum the hexadecimal input and diplay the totals
                Remove the duplicates without sorting the records
                How to search using jcl
                REXX tool to extract file name from PDS
                CPU time is snowballing - possible causes?
                two Files compare - having duplicates in both files
                Interview questions i faced.
                delete rows on db table
                How to convert Packed data to Display with common utilities
                Concatinating GDS to an output file
                DB2 Load error on missing resource that I can't identify
                problem in input and output procedure in sort
                Concatenating all uploaded datasets in a day.
                Replace a character with 2 characters via sort card
                How to create GDG generation versions?
                Inserting more than one segment at a time
                Mass rename of PDS members
                Not enough virtual memory is available to continue
                How to edit datasets to change secondary and primary memory
                Reading DB2 table sequentially
                To browse the information details of Tape entry
                CCOPY verb in COBOL to copy
                COMPARE FILE-1 & FILE-2 with a specific KEY and write O/
                Scanning a Packed decimal value
                Comapre two files and create a new record.
                Happy New Year
                need help to understand an abend
                Trying to use SRCHFOR using a macro
                Stored Procedure perform code multiple times - HOW????
                Making a job abend if a dataset is not empty.
                Referencial Integrity to be enforced (Database vs logic)
                Options to be used for Greek data migration
                Comparing record counts in a file with trailer record count
                Logic to solve this issue
                i was tried to restart the IMS program using XPediter progrm
                Dynamically Output file format
                GETMAIN - Acquire storage from GDSA (above 2GB)
                Email-trigger from IMSDC screen.
                Override ISPF built-in line commands
                Displaying field names along with its value
                Read filenames mentioned in the records in Input file
                Can we access vsam file from clist?
                How to copy files using cafile master
                Modified field on the map
                Comparing file format of variable files
                how to code sql query if need to sum only first 50 rows
                Limited spool size
                SOCC abend - COMP-2 usage
                How can we abort a Job directly from COBOL ?
                Wanted to write date validation
                Matching and non-matching records using SYNCSORT
                Db2 Table Load
                rexx error
                Ineterview Questions Asked at MNC
                Hex value conversions ASCII
                CICS tuning
                SQLCODE FFFFFC66 what is this error ?
                How to pass data to a macro
                delete all records from a file
                Will VS COBOL allow >=
                Clarification on the redefine clause
                Query: Regarding need of recompilation.
                Find out which datasets are used by the system currently
                Compare Files - Please Help
                How to close all opened panels with single tso command..?
                Exclude, Select, Filter..
                Passing Overrides to PROC
                Copying VSAM to QSAM
                How to use Xpeditor
                JES2 exit required
                Panel Menu option does not execute CMD
                Error in a large file
                how can i get the name of a mainprogram from a subprogram
                Question on Redefining alphanumeric to numeric
                Report having 12 months rolling history
                SYNCTOOL Error
                input file to sort based on 3 fields
                two output dataset in same ddname
                Is it possible to query an index?
                counting the number of records in input file using some cond
                Variables with prefix ++
                ISRSUPC -renaming OUTDD output dd statements or workaround?
                ver (&ueentfdt,stddate) fails
                How to define decimal variable in Ezytrieve?
                Need Introduction on IMS CheckpointRestart Program
                Error while sending CICS pop up screen
                Can we pass any value from COBOL program to JCL
                Is it possible to BOLD report header
                How to use unstring in this scenerio
                how to find the userid's who edit a CICS screen?
                Does this take More CPU..??
                Error in DEFINE CLUSTER
                how to eliminate sort informations on spool
                The date need to be udated in Header
                How to calculate the space used by COMP variables
                EXTEND clause program got abended
                How to delete 'N' no of datasets at a time in jcl?
                Handle ROLLBACK in EXCI interface
                If a teacher makes a mistake...
                dataset read
                create a new output file from difeirent columns of input
                Take first file and check an indicator if it is Y
                what things are done for compile and promote
                Compare two files with multiple filelds
                Index not being accessed ... why?
                How to see the records that are being deleted
                Hashing in PL/I
                Rebind issue
                Recall File Names in PS File
                Check User Authorization to a Plan?
                EOV abend
                Regarding to find whether lower case or higher case is prese
                NEAT command counterpart in REXX
                Match and update the key
                Count rows of all the tables.
                Compare two file and matched records will store into another
                Need help in resolving S806 abend
                Logic for to get old date,when multiple rows returned?
                Issue in comparing files using EASYTRIEVE
                Is it possible to redefine the comp variable
                XPEDITER Interview questions
                Convert CLIST to REXX
                Getting -922 with protection exception in cobol/db2 module.
                how to search n mem in n PDS
                Comparing 2 files
                Syncsort - File Compare with SPLICE Comand
                How to write the name of the member of a PDS to PS
                MUtility To Mail Multiple People !
                Unsupported Technologies in Mainframes
                Types of JCLs
                Efficient Match and Merge COBOL programs
                Fetching unique records
                How to solve this requirement using SYNCSORT...
                To calculate size occupied by a job
                How to write REXX which call DB2 COBOL program
                Error while opening in PDS
                Need help in tuning a DB2 query
                JES2 EXIT 6 QUESTION
                Is it possible to change the creator or modifier ID of a PDS
                Syncsort - To add apostrophes
                Job Didn't fail when CBLQDA is ON
                Syncsort Splice 0C7 Problem
                File creation date into the program date field
                how to change recordlength latest gdg version or datasets
                In JCL jobstep,can concateneted datasets exists on diff. typ
                translation table in cobol (?)
                Display the values of two input file in reverse order
                How to run a single proc n times in a jcl?
                Any function or untility in REXX to count the time ?
                Reading a COBOL program line by line
                column addition to a table - existing plan/package state?
                SAS approximation.
                Simple Method to get Storage group free space %
                DD DUMMY & CPU TIME
                More moving a packed decimal to numeric in EZT
                Way to start a transaction after the sign on complete
                How to setup DB2 development environment?
                Space required for 100 records of 80 length FB
                Omegamon Search option
                How to browse the JCL in View&Deliver using REXX
                Mainframe disconnects often, when idle for 5 mts
                Error in fetching the details from PANEL
                Database comparison of two similar kind of databases
                Mamixum number of occurrence of an array
                ISPF macro - Extracting symbolic variable and its value
                How to find out Equalent dataset in proc for a file in prgm
                Need help on join keys of syncsort
                Redefines clause
                Retrieve the name of the calling program
                Help needed in Syncsort
                Start a new transaction instead of doing an XCTL
                Order to search CLIST if using ALTLIB ACTIVATE APP DSN() ?
                SQLCODE -330 with DB2 V9
                Execute same step n times with variable dsn
                Is anybody know how to catch the batch job start time and en
                Interesting Numeric Move resulted in a S0C7
                Deleting duplicates
                information on two variables used in jcl card
                Table statistics information required from system catalog
                problem in setting end-of-cursor-yes
                how to get the dataset name
                Query required
                Information on import utility
                Issue with the EPLI compiler
                Going back to file begining
                Sending message in batch without RACF ID.
                Reduce the run time in SORT
                How to get data into a VSAM file from an IMS-DC program.
                SAS dateset option - WHERE clause usage with BETWEEN
                SYNCSORT E15 exit routine- tapping the ommitted records
                Sending Email from Mainframe
                move a record from one line to other line
                Facing SQLCODE -927 issue
                Finding DIFFERENCE between two variables
                Grant or revoke access to a cobol/db2 program manually
                JCL to delete component in a package
                How to shift the line numbers to the right of program code
                RACF profile access
                Is there any possibilty to submit a job with out any prompt
                Moving partial values from one variable to another
                IEHPROGM return code 16
                help me resolve the problem with handling a file with AIX
                Next Focus cursor pointing attribute in MFS??
                Extract records with date greater than some date
                how to alter a vsam using its ddname as entryname
                checking 3rd qualifier of a dataset
                How to pass DCB parameters from an input DSN to output DSN
                Packing string in cobol
                Is it possible to FTP the COBOL program load modules to PC?
                How to delete duplicate records from a table using sql query
                Last Reference Date - non backed-up/non migrated dataset
                Logic to read a table using cursor
                VSAM file indexing query
                How to search a GDG in given PDS
                How to find the online pgms are using in our system or not?
                How to call other REXX pgm from the main REXX
                CICS Questions
                Remove Job name from printing
                JCL going in loop
                To get alphabet count in variable
                DSID (Dataset ID) Value
                Only Last Record getting displayed in panel
                How to store Values in coumpound varible used in CLIST?
                Compare two tables and populate Action type(I,U,D,N)
                Index problem in SQL Query
                Need suggestion in sort
                Panel Counter
                Search for a member in the PDS( Partioned Data Set)
                Issue with -911
                Problem in loading a program
                Max size of a LDS dataset
                What are your favorite TSO/ISPF Performance No-Nos
                convert the NUMERICALS using INSPECT
                implememt EIBCALEN in PLI with CICS
                How to use AIX in ESDS to faster the processing
                want to remove last 8 lines from the o/p file
                Savings by Deleting Unused datasets
                eliminating a character from records
                Where should I establish Parentage
                Calling macro via rexx in batch mode.
                resubmit and restart
                Find and Replace
                DB2 function which will generate a unique no. everytimes
                Executing program which have different plans
                Multiple Datasets not getting created in RunTime
                Join and Count
                ISRLEMX Limitations
                Field specific case sensitivity in CICS Map
                Need to get all the records of all the occurances
                Move from comp-3 to comp
                How to recover an old copy of a member in a PDS
                How to define creation date for GDG generations
                D37 when running unload
                Mass copy of a pds
                Macro called when save in edit
                Reading a value from a panel
                Explain me about rollback and commit
                Job abending on Holidays- How to Resolve.
                Convert fixed format record to comma separated format
                PGM=$A usage io JCLs
                Get the data from Flat file to QMF
                Cancel the Rexx Macro
                creating a list of invalid values from a DB2 table
                Records need to be put back to Original
                Linkage Section for Three programs
                Solution for the COBOL program
                Performance issue in fetching Data
                Is it possible to REDEFINE a FILLER
                CICS - The value is getting Reset.
                How to differentiate PS & PDS files in COBOL programming
                Group variable
                is it possible to copy information from SYSOUT?
                DB2 Upgrade V8 to V10 & PL/I Upgrade from V1.1 to V4.2
                Whether the particular file inside a PS is existing or not
                Locating the source code.
                Want replace all the lines with space insted of *.
                Job to Merge the contents of a member in 2 PDS
                split the file based on count
                How to find root(√) value using HLASM instructions
                Convert current date to last month's
                Copy gdgs to put blank records in the outfile
                Coding Synatx check in COBOL
                Check the condition of two different steps
                How to resolve the data overlapping due to occur clause
                PS file storage capacity
                Retrieve employees who are working in more than 1 department
                LE conversion routine IGZCONVX - Cobol
                problem with MVCL
                To assign initial value of hyphen to a variable
                Program got failed with AETA abend
                The HARD DISK you've been waiting for
                SQL Query for select and multi[le fetch
                Scheduling of jobs without using any schedulers
                Issue in Alloating a file in REXX
                TSO QSA command help
                Invalid line of X'00' in the output file
                Can we run UPDATE through batch job.
                Creating header record to a fiile
                Search all, value from the table is shown as blank
                How to do impact analysis using 3.14 option of ISPF
                Compare 2 rocords within a same file
                Maximum number of digits for a field
                Copy a particular location from a PS to another PS
                General talk: I don't know why...
                Layout from the titles
                Cobol 4 migrating to 5.1
                How to get a generation number from a gdg in JCl
                Execute a routine only once
                Locking a PDS created by myself
                Why i use TSO REXX give me different result ?
                Speechless ..Timeless
                How to start two steps simantaneously in a single JCL
                Length error in LINK
                PARM parameters passing through PS in Compile JCL?
                how to add 1 month(not 30 days) to existing date variable.
                Need to code a Rexx PGM
                copy file records basing on condition
                Calling PLI program from Java
                How to load nullify integer field for 0?
                How to find the number of files used in a program?
                splitting the Full_Name into First_Name & Second_Name
                Difference of COMMIT in main program and in subprogram
                COUNT is not working
                Mainframe interview question
                Search for hard coded DB2 timestamp in cobol source
                Retreive the ISPF session as it was before logoff
                Need Help with where Clause
                Mainframe Interview Questions
                Display message through Panel
                Syncsort - Formatting data in input file
                Inserting records with semicolon
                How to Recall the set of sequential files
                To check for Packed field value
                Control should come out once the IF statement is satisfied
                Need help on ICETOOL
                Closing an unopened cursor
                Submit the job for every Month end with Time Trigger?
                How to match two files having duplicates
                duplicated when unload ts from full image copy ds
                Any way to overcome -101 error
                What happens when we move comp-1 value to comp-3
                Not able to read HEX data in File
                How to concatenate two fileds with AND in middle
                Query regarding a table declaration
                Null Indicator handling
                can i specify my tape to be mounted in a particular drive
                how to DYNAMICALLY write sort cond to o/p file using cobol
                Problem in deleting multiple rows from a table
                Does Job on HOLD occupy an initiator?
                Retrieve the first record in the duplicates
                To update the rows in 2 tables
                Redefine 9(2) comp
                How may files a single cobol program read?
                Totalize a table's line thru sql
                Wildcard logic in COBOL
                comparision of two files on a particular field
                SYNCTOOL problem: S0C7 in the CTL3CNTL step
                Help needed for query optimization.
                Clubbing of SORT steps in ICETOOL
                RESOLVING SYMDEFS
                Separate the results of SRCHFOR Option for different String
                Frequently one of the job ABENDS ---Modification is required
                FTP a program executable into a PDS
                How to Redefines a Varible to Edited Class
                Getting error as "No format found" while opening a
                regarding job in production
                MEMOAPIX - Searching for a Reference Manual
                EXIT or RETURN
                Set index 1 to index 2 variable
                Arrangement of UNLOADED DATA
                help in SORT
                How to call a cobol-db2 program from a cobol-db2 program
                How to use COMP-5 variable in SORTCARD - SYNCSORT
                ISAM to DB2 Conversion
                Expanding vsam file which is in table(occurs 15 times)
                What is Quality
                Reading HEX variable in Fixed Dec Variable
                Sort issue with Synctool
                Query on Splitting up a file
                Need to convert this to Gregorian Date
                How to handle system abend codes occured for EXECIO in rexx
                reg non cobol db2 compilation
                Dataset lenght chaged for unknown reason.....HELP!!!!!
                SHIFT instructions
                How to find the latest record
                CA7 setup a hourly job
                Passing Value Through Parm Parameter
                any known easter eggs in mainframe?
                Need to replace a record in a flat file on a condition......
                how to use GROUP BY clause on VARCHAR variable?
                identifying error in sort card
                Syncsort Replacing Hex value in Variable block
                Get the size of all tables in a Database
                Can we create a map beyond 1920 size?
                sign in the high-order nibble of the low-order byte
                Table partitioning
                sequential search without closing and reopening of a file
                Information About SAMUTIL
                changes made to program called using static call
                Removing Spaces with SORT
                Want to unpack an 01 A S9(3) comp-3
                Match from 1st file and write the 2nd file
                Need 30% of the sorted record from the input file
                CA11 Documentation / Help
                Load data from production DB2 table to test table
                Looking for the best way to do this...
                Call non-CICS programs from CICS environment
                In UNSTRING the delimiter "~" is not recogniz
                Declaring numeric variable to handle more than 31 digits
                Set a return code if input dataset has 2 hdrs and 2 Trls
                Interesting Z/OS & COBOL Quirk
                Error in Total Report
                how to get the occurance of a field using sort or icetool
                Repro'ing a dataset
                control not being returned to Perform statement
                Panel not found error
                Concatenating multiple files....
                Given READNEXT COMMAND But error
                numbering the output rows sequentially
                Why DYL280 takes more CPU time than COBOL codes
                Question about dataset sequence number on a tape volume
                view the DSN thru browse mode in SDSF
                SAS Requirement - remove the trailing ‘{‘ from a variabl
                Opening and Closing of files in invoked cobol programs?
                Question about GDG
                Using REXX to fetch DB2 rows , but can not fetch all
                How to print out only array member with value ?
                Fetch infinite loop
                Syncsort - SPLICE only certain info.
                Select Variable=string Rexx does not work
                COBOL for System Programming
                Executing specific steps in JCL
                update record in sentence case
                Declaratives in procedure division
                Change to spaces
                Displaying the value set by the EXIT instruction
                Finding the source program using Object Program
                CICS interview Question
                How to reduce the response time, improve the performance
                selecting records from 20 to 30 in a table
                Specific authorization for a REXX program
                Error on positioned delete of multiple fetch
                Handling Multiple Files in Easytrieve
                Get particular entries with a string to output
                ommiting records using sort
                Creating a duplicate table like existing
                Is "PERFORM "para-name" possible?
                Find Duplicate Row
                Getting the filename while reading
                How to remove the Special character from the variable?
                Matching records from both the input files
                sort on particular order
                Deleting a multiple VSAM files with different HLQs
                Concatenation Between columns of Two Tables
                problem on perform statement
                Problem facing with data in Pseudo Conversation.
                Unstring the message
                How to restore last version in endevor ?
                extracting qalifier from dataset into output file
                How to find updated Records from a table
                To determine the numeric data of a column
                Difference between Trigger jobs and Successor jobs in CA7
                How to skin a cat
                Need help on SQL CODE -501
                STRING - To space out a word if coming at the end of variabl
                TCPIP Job tuning
                Use of flat files IMS DB/DC environment
                How to take backups of many datasets at once?
                Problem with FINDREP on RRDS
                SSAs getting
                How to dyanamically select a PDS file using the last qlfr?
                Compare two strucures which are of 22000 chars size
                Db2 query. Unexpected result. Need Explanation.
                What is this cost for each Job submission
                DSN of the IBM loadlib which houses the SVC modules
                Need Help on variable Trimming
                dynamic handling of record length in a COBOL program
                how to skip steps in a job
                How to check repeated chars.
                which execution will be fast
                How to locate IRXEXCOM load module?
                sending a mail from ispf?
                SORT in different sequence
                Issuing ISREDIT MACRO cmd to a member from another REXX pgm
                PKZIP Error: Insufficient Virtual Storage
                Initialization Query
                Control Report Generation
                Comparing timestamp in Synscort
                Not Able to find the bug.
                step completion time and how to purge a job from another JOB
                Need clarification of VSAM FCT and DFHCSD relation
                Glitch in Select query.....
                Error in sample program
                VSAM file to be used by more than 1000 jobs in a day
                To get ABSTIME using Date(MMDDYY) and Time (HHMMSS)
                Need COBOL logic for creating diff. question paper patterns
                Reformating the OUTPUT file
                I can not compile my program PL1 V3.R7.M0
                why we shouldn't use occur clause in 01 group level item ?
                Getting job details that ran in a particular time frame.
                JCL to get submitted once dataset has data - DEV region
                Limit Parameter in GDG
                Given a Value, Search which variable has the value -
                inter record processing
                Printing Number of Records
                Procesing Several files at the Same time?
                Change sign of a field
                Easytrieve - how to assign null value
                COBOL Compilation from other location
                S0C7 abend
                Example code for Monthly/Weekly Job
                IBM interview questions
                Error in COND statement in JCL
                Write to sequence of files
                How to sum 9(5).99 and write it to a file like 9(5).99
                VSAM - Length Errror in CICS
                Insert strings thru' ISPF commands
                how to call the function ??
                How to retrieve odd rows of a table
                Issue with COMP-3 computation calc
                Delete the Record fetched from a cursor.
                If tran id is deleted what is the impact on the system?
                Need to copy based on keys
                Making Reference Phrase field " TYPE(RP)" non-edit
                Different ways to submit the jcl?
                What will the below move statement yield
                RDW - Clarification Required
                Is there a way to keep the second Job in a jcl WAIT for few.
                There are some things that money can't buy
                Best IMS DB Unload Utility
                Unload : Resulting in wrong layout
                Logic to get the next alphabet
                Doubt in receiving map
                LRECL and Record count of file
                Problem in removing non-numeric characters.
                Grant access to tables
                file manipulation using cobol
                fetch 1st and 3rd record in a file
                Is END-IF is mandetory in IF statment?
                how to process the stepthat we want leaving all the other.
                Filler to fill entire line with a character
                Does moving a value of S9(9) COMP-4 to 9(04) works fine?
                compare two files and compute values for matched records..
                Problem in UNSTRING....
                DS8100 Storage Server
                Utility to get the Space used by a file
                How we can reduce the CPU runtime for a job?
                how to Remove a map from CICS TABLES
                Replacement of a substring in a string
                PD not working
                Multi Row Insert & Get Diagnostics
                how to code for GDG in Rexx
                Facing problems in Fetching the field
                junk values in input field.causes s0c7
                what is STRING ASSEMBLER language?
                Result after the EXAMINE statement is executed
                Maximum memory that can be allocated using CEEGTST
                To execute query held in a stem var
                How can I compare two jobs in terms of efficiency?
                Only source programs are able to promote in Changeman?
                File processing
                Rexx to send an email without SMTP Server
                How to truncate leading zeros in EZEETRIEVE
                Problem in debugging in Xpeditor
                SYSOUT details in a PDS
                PROC to JCL mapping
                How to see the Details of the CUT Performed
                Why/when we go for an assembler program?
                Replica of LPARs
                Problem when Overlaping two MAPS
                Question on existing Syncsort topic
                Delete Archived Dataset
                regarding the use of insert in SQL query
                Moving a occurs array of 30 chars to occurs array of 20
                Explain abt Load utility
                How to write Rexx program to size and line count
                Updating Two Tables in same query
                Shift 4 digit code from 339th position of VB file to 23rd.
                Triggering a job based on a DB2 table entry
                Table Update
                DD Name identification
                See corresponding Endevor library
                High CPU consumption Job using IAM files as input
                Executing only one step in a Job
                How to execute only 4th step in a job out of 5 steps?
                Switch And Flag.
                CICS to Server?
                Searching in Job Spool for
                SQL for Multi Index DB2 Table
                Unable to create new dataset using IEFBR14 UTLITY
                write records based on the input file
                jCl Query
                FTP - JCL failed while passing FTP commands in dataset
                How can output of SYSOUT moved to some other dataset?
                Copy from alphanumeric to Comp-3
                using host varible with pipe character
                Number of tables in a given database
                On 07 August 2009
                How to declare a workfile in working storage section
                Multiple Packages - Confusion
                Using UR in the code
                Need help in tuning Compute Statement - performance
                COBOL Version 6.1
                Sort based on condition and write into 2 files
                Query regarding numeric data variable
                ISPF : Tip Of The Day
                Regarding packages, Collection & Plan
                Use the same file name in STEP for copying records from File
                Copy all the GDG version to some backup file
                Need sample code for GDG
                get spaces in output dataset
                how to validate whether a field has alphanumeric valueornot?
                Working storage with index - comparison?
                Help on arranging the records based on KEY value horizontaly
                Sort to insert an indicator when the key changes.
                Syncsort - Checking records for a difference of 1
                Reg Count of the records in a file using sort
                Issue with SYMBOLS
                Multiple Positioning
                Select all the rows from tables starting with a string
                SQL query not working in Cobol program.
                To find out size allocated to a sequential dataset
                Problem while reading packed decimal
                Can we have a PDS within a PDS
                Date calculations
                How to get Programs list for a file used
                Multiple 01 level in working storage
                No of Variables in Calling and Called Programs
                retrieval of data using alternate key fails
                Help me to solve this logic.
                Logic problem
                Having problen while using string
                Regardin Isolation Levels
                Comparing concatenated digits against a column
                Help with SOC4 on DSNHLI/DSNELI
                Suppressing the INVALIS CHARS in a string
                How to achive this requirement...
                sorting two different positional fields of a VB with OUTREC
                Query in declaring signed variable in Easytrieve Macro
                Several errors during building alternate index for KSDS file
                Is there any command in TSO to find a particular userid
                Set a condition code in Eztrieve
                Getting soc4 on internal table in cobol
                extract Top Level Domain of the email-id
                Find which mainframe I am working on
                Trace mouse movement
                Regarding Condition codes
                CSC Interview Questions
                Is it possible to use with Syncsort
                how to know which datasets are occupying more or max space
                SQL to find Avg Salary Difference for all employees
                Passing values to parms of a proc, which is called by parm
                How to Change the Relative Record number for user wish?
                IBM0472S ONCODE=290 The INVALIDOP
                How to Create Mutliple GDG versions in One step
                User catalog are KSDS ??
                Where will the control go after displaying the screen?
                How to break Column to Multiple Rows based on certain cond
                Condition in GROUP
                Deleting records from one table with multiple conditions
                How to delete members starting with P from PDS.
                How to search a member in PDS
                SYNCSORT- Record should be picked by a condition
                Condition to be included in Spilt1r
                Header to differentiate each copied file
                Different result in different versions of DB2
                INVOKE WEBSERVICE error
                Separate numeric data from alphanumeric data
                How to delete number of similar PDSs
                Matching two files with different LRECL
                Get system time in micro second or clock uint.
                Moving a big alphanumeric field into a small char field.
                COBOL Interview Ques: About PERFORM loops
                How to ALLOC a GDG DS for WRITE access within COBOL
                Create number of output files depending on
                Splitting file into 5
                Whether SAP can be run in Mainframe now?
                Applying DB2 V 10.1 PTF.
                How to check if the file is already processed in provios job
                hot to get details when "EXEC CICS HANDLE ABEND" is used
                include records not found in second of the compared files
                TO create PDS - members
                Cobol GUI (like Editor)
                creating a report for a job after completion
                how to match the file using the constants
                How do we define a composite key in ims db
                Calling CLIST through job and REXX
                SQL Query help
                Syncsort Move based upon the condition
                Sort base upon differnt position
                Loading data to table gives wrong for smallint type column.
                Redefines And Move statement
                can Isolation UR allows the application to read the rows ..?
                How to move COMP-3 var to Alphanum variable?
                Need to select Rows having one coloumn with duplicate entry.
                what will be length of formatted variable?
                How should write the JCL Steps?
                Replacing Start Transid with LINK
                How to trigger a job after the availability of dataset ?
                Deafult Step exection priority in the JOB
                Defining picture clause for a var having more than 31 digits
                Selecting count and value from a table
                Syncsort Step taking more time ..want to tune
                Easytrieve provides how many levels of I/O
                How to add % towards the end of my field value
                symbolic parm - allocate dsn
                Doubt regarding DESCRIBE TABLE
                How to add character to the value
                SQL question - Count or not to Count - Efficiency
                Can we use if conditions in Display statement
                Alphanumeric to Numeric move on UNIX
                FETCH key numbers which makes the error amount
                Is following code ok?
                Need help to develop sort card or easytrive:
                Using selective generations of GDG
                Sporadic 0C1/AEKA abend in CICS
                Free FILE not working for specific users
                Modify the value of a extensionvariable in an ISPF-Table
                Split the file based on a field which is a packed field.
                Consolidating and summing file contents
                Give me the abends which the interviewer will ask
                COND parameter vs IF THEN ELSE
                Updating Cursor row withour using FOR UPDATE
                Query about how data passed in CICS/COBOL
                Match two files using multiple keys and write only 2nd file
                Search for a member in PDS
                To select a value if the date field in a group is not NULL
                Validating TSO node id in Job
                Purge CICS transaction after a time limit
                Need to save the not included records in a file
                SQL query to run through list of values in table
                Send parameter for macro STIMERM from Cobol program
                To Check the Data in a File that is in use??
                Need to separate a string
                File Variable
                Regaring Time parameter in job card and step
                Need a help how to replace a string in REXX based on cnditio
                Sort first 3 records from each Section of the input file
                To display USAGE IS INDEX item
                Matching off amounts in different files using cobol program
                read then Write from a perticular keyword to end of a file
                Check if any Detail records and extract count from Trailer
                coloured / formatted screen captures with any 3270 emulation
                converting hexadecimal into decimal
                Ranking of Values Present in Different Columns
                Multiple parameters
                I want to run step4 10 times
                Regarding move of X(2) varaible to X(200)
                SYNCSORT Count from the input file
                It's a DATA SET...or is it?
                Keeping some characters and removing rest
                Search utility(3.14) using JCl and Cobol
                Help in creating files dynamically
                Need help how to pass the ESP variables in SYSIN CARD FILE
                Using UNLOAD instead of SELECT with predicates
                READQ TS returning inconsistent address pointer
                Batch Compare libraries
                Need to search in 3 files and write output - Syncsort v1.2.3
                IMS Database backup info
                Select Querry to display no of records
                How to close a file in eztrieve ?
                Appears to be tough day with s0c7 in easytrieve
                Rexx to Grab ISMF Information.
                getting todays date in Eazytrieve
                Retrieving Rows with same field having different values !
                Regarding Redefines clause
                Using depending on clause
                Compare each GDG Generations to other GDG generations
                Logging on to CA7(or any scheduler) from REXX possible?
                Need solution for this Infinite loop?
                Find out the last day and next day of a month
                Comparex utility to Syncsort conversion
                Regarding static and dynamic call.
                Need help in estimating space of unload file
                virtual table file name is not valid in search.
                problem in java on upgrading websphere message broker
                Zeller's congruence - How does it get 4
                File comparsion - Records are in different Layout
                What will parm-data1 contain in linkage section
                Regrading Redefine Clause: what will be the output
                Automating the JCL
                Easytrieve plus matching logic
                Unique row.
                SYNCTOOL RELEASE 1.5.3
                SYNCTOOL: No abend but data format is not correct
                Strings with double quotes having problem when used with DLM
                Need to compare COMP and CHAR variables
                EZT - Generating report having value as '0'
                Need BALR 12,0 for addressbility ?
                Extract Data till prev hour
                How system know which REXX to excute?
                Can we combine the rows with same key into one row?
                Finding the member in CA Librarian (Multiple pds search)
                Include records based on the Date
                VSAM BUFFER SPACE?
                SYNCSORT keep MIN/MAX record
                How to save expanded jcl's into one library
                Splitting files along with record counts
                Easytrieve - Check count & loop problem
                Merge 2 records
                Cannot change DATACLAS on DFSMSdss restore
                Do While loop is not working in EZT
                CICS Web Services configuration question
                Creating 3 files
                Selective SYNCSORT where count more than two
                Passsing A Parameter From A COBOL Program To My JCL
                how to copy file based on contents of first record
                Connecting to CA7 thru REXX
                Need help for a query
                Why develop for mainframe?
                Cobol call from Ezt - Variable length limitation
                Zipping a mainframe dataset using OSHELL Commands and FTP it
                Can sending 5 MB data between cobol programs cause issue
                SAS Work space - B37 abend
                Reduce CPU Times for Join Sort
                SQL Query optimization.
                Need help on handling carriage control
                Problem while search a string using Endevor
                Query : LOCATOR
                Redefine SYS1.PROCLIB
                Unable to delete dataset - VSAM dataset without cluster
                Replace function
                How to use control statement to sort in Reporting Facility?
                Error when using CBLCNVRT
                COBOL -DB2 SQL code to have GROUP BY for CASE statement
                Released Init 0
                Please help me with this DB2 sql query..
                Historical/statistical details for members in a PDS?
                REXX to view the PGM or PROC
                Asking you what you do for SMF SCRT reporting techniques
                Why should we concerned about AMODE?
                Ezytrieve output redirecting
                Need help on SQL Dynamic WHERE Clause
                Fetch first first row in inner join!
                DSLIST Command is not working
                how to get Job information from IOF using Rexx
                Compare yesterday's date to the one on file
                procedure copybook in easytrieve
                What is value of display after redefining...
                How to generate a new unique Input file with a reference fil
                EZT prog to print duplicate records in an output file
                REXX cdoe to purge a JOB from spool after successful Run.
                Endevor Filtering
                Need to create an Ouput file when there is Data and No Data
                Processing table in eastrieve
                scheduling new job in ca-7
                how to use SETVAR in JCL?
                Utility for search operation
                VBS to VB in COBOL and JCL
                Adding comments in Synsort
                UNSTRING a big string
                Tivoli job scheduler issue
                Getting the foll error while using CBLCNVRT
                How to use update lock in a query?
                SAR to Email
                TSO and the STAX Assembler Macro
                CICS availability solution
                Getting Mutiple input from Panels
                Make a Job Executable through another job
                Silly question maybe - REPLACE member from member list panel
                Pipe Delimited File to xpand
                Need all records with high key
                PS file data should be passed as symbolic paramter to PROC
                Query to compare 2 values of 1 column based on where clause
                Havin' too much fun. . .
                How to place name of the file where the data was extract
                Modify the shareoptions of VSAM in Define Parameters
                Convert CLIST to REXX
                finding anydata between positions of file using sort
                ESP Symbolic Variables not being resolved in submitted job
                Need info on EIBCPOSN value in IBM FA tool
                Duplicate PARM on OUTFIL
                Why easytrieve scores over Syncsort
                Add 5 days to a date
                C1G0256E problem in Endevor
                VSAM Spacce allocated and used --> REXX
                Matching 2 files with Eztreive
                Issue while using the Summary keyword
                Comparing two sequential files
                How to print EZT to not sysprint?
                SQL IN predicate using COBOL table
                Need an opinion on the approach that we have planned to opt.
                Help needed to create Eztrieve v11.5 Compile JCL
                query to fetch record which has only 1 row with other cond
                add sequence number for duplicate records
                Verify WITH UR present inside program in each select query
                Add 2 decimal fields - using EZT
                Zerodivide raised when divisor is 0.01
                Global User Exits in InterTest
                cycle control and catalog control datasets
                How to control the elapsed time for a stc
                Replacing the data in a dataset using another dataset
                Submit JOB from Easytrieve
                Eastrieve merging 2 files, only produces "1st hit"
                How to replace the below query?
                Problem in Easytrieve report generation
                reg query on DYNALLOC feature
                How to see all the jobs of a particular userid in SYSVIEW
                CKTI not started in CICS 5.4
                Force a Return Code and print error message
                DB2 Query runs very long
                ISPF Edit Macro for modifying JCL
                CA7 set up to make sure job always runs before midnight
                What these declaration means in EASYTRIVE program
                Relational operator compare date range with today
                SQL CODE 206
                How to find if segment is read in any program.
                To find the maximum number of records
                Need to allocate SDSNLOAD for DSNREXX NDM RUN TASK
                How to dynamically decide which one to terse and not?
                Help with IF THEN and GROUP
                Export columns from DB2 table with pipe delimiter
                XCOM the huge PS
                Why DB2 is supporting only LDS and not any other
                Rexx on amod 24
                What is a table space in db2 for z/os?
                Convert VB file to FB plus special formatting
                Copy physical Tape files to a Mainframe file
                New Parameter should be added to the existing parm thru REXX
                Query regarding STOP REGION XX ABDUMP command
                position, start pos, length of columns using variable values
                ADDMONS function
                Access file which has DSNTYPE=LIBRARY
                Pack to Unpack conversion for sending files to Windows
                Blksize question
                How to process gdg in rexx program when i/p given with vers?
                Looping in JCL
                Summing records conditional statements.
                I have never tried this before and need some help...
                I need help with analysis of a COBOL object module.
                Add a step counter in a stack ?
                SYNCSORT in Z/VSE
                Dynamically split large DSN list into different PDS-E member
                Data Sets are files. Please stop stressing they are not.
                ISPF search - capturing result
                ISPF Edit Macro with profile commands - how to run in batch
                Unable to allocate Message Library in Rexx
                Training on numeric fields data formats
                Having problem passing a variable to ACM1 CR+ step
                How to stop a runaway CICS trans with DB2
                Warning in dataset message
                Rename dasd
                IEFUSI - SMFLIMXX - How to determine SYSRESVABOVE
                Issue while fetching a column(Nullable) in DB2 SQL.
                Recovery Routine/Abend exit to release ENQs during abends
                how to show the class of an ims transaction via rexx
                Need information on creating dynamic Input in REXX
                Extracting a list of ALL DSN's on an LPAR
                ICETOOL Sorting and Discarding DUPS
                Dynamically read input files using BPXWDYN
                Is there drawbacks in using DB2 rowset cursors
                Submit Print Job For PDS Member With Line Command
                Copy a dataset without authorization
                One-One matching using SORT
                JCL to invoke Python in z/OS
                trying to set return code in PROC
                Dynamically adding CLIST Library to existing TSO Lirbaries
                Using REXX to access SDSF; What am I doing wrong?
                Fetch the Dataset names from inside members of PDS
                ISPF skeleton that has IF/THEN/DO statement
                IEBCOPY - Not replace a existing PDS member and set MAXCC 4
                Select based on a range from a differnet file
                How to split a file in 2 with hierarchy
                trigger enter key automatically call cics from batch
                need assistance on a sort
                VSAM I/O - Extended Addressability - code changes Read more
                Execute Partially Edited Rexx Exec from Edit Panel
                Navigation program in CICS
                Populating Date and Sequence numer in Syncsort
                ISPF Panel commands DDLIST /LISTBOX
                Reformat for VB file
                Multiple rows within Cursor when Count(*) > 1
                Copying Db2 BSDS and logs to another machine via shared disk
                Copying data from prev record using SORT
                Calling Rexx program from Cobol
                Job is loading load modules several times
                Issue with CR+ catalog backup job.
                How to find orphaned MCDS D records.
                Copy list of files from PS to another PS with different LREC
                How to replace a string dynamically in Rexx
                How to determine is PDS member is being edited
                Is there a way to restrict user login based on host name?
                Copying large number of datasets to members
                Calculate with timestamp
                Unable to retrieve Datasets Names using LMDLIST
                DB2 SQL query to read and update data from a file
                Reading subsequent rows in a query.
                Alter User LOGON Script Parameters
                Findrep - an identifier to mark the actual replacements
                tso copy in the foreground
                Formdef and pagedef
                Check if it is certain hour, then proceed.
                FTP datasets to server
                How to search multiple members of a PDS in another PDS
                SAY backslash within ISPF
                DB2: Need helping below DB2 query
                INCLUDE COND with WHEN=GROUP
                To pull the file with Date and Time using FTP

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