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Welcome to the World No:1* Mainframe community since Year 2000
*With 100k+ Members & 300k+ Articles

We are a group of IBM alumni and current IBM mainframers who have come together to provide software support for the fellow mainframers all over the world. IBM has been the home for MVS programmers since year 2000 from the Y2K issues. A team of experienced professionals here providing a wide range of support and guidelines, where you can get advice from the experts including the original developers of IBM DFSORT, SYNCSORT, CA-7, Control-M, Abend Assist and more. We also offer unbiased advice from and to the community members on programming queries in COBOL, JCL, CICS, DB2, TSO, ISPF, REXX, IMS, IDMS, PL/I, JAVA and more.

If you are a beginner to IBM Mainframe computers, Please begin your journey here: Mainframe Basics, Who uses Mainframe? and List of Mainframe Software & Tools.

If you are a Mainframe Programmer, have a look at our: Mainframe References and start using our EXPERTS FORUM along with other 110k members.

IBM not only provides technical support for IBM Products, but also CA, Compuware, ASG, Software AG, Serena, BMC and other open source products too.

Job Opportunities
Looking for Mainframe programmers
We are looking for people with mainframe development and support experience. Details given below:

Experience: > 5yrs

Skills: Development and support of applications in COBOL, DB2, VSAM, CICS, JCL. Having knowledge on Unix is added advantage.

Shifts: Ready to work in 24X7 shifts (No excep...

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Urgent requirement for MF (Exp - 4 to 10 Yrs)

There is an urgent requirement for MF professionals for one Multi-National company for their Investment Banking client in Bangalore. If you have the below skill match then please send your updated resume to below-mentioned email ID in DOC format.

Skill Set - COBOL, JCL, DB2 VSAM, CICS (Optio...

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z/VM system programmers

We are looking for people with z/VM system programming experience. Details given below:

Experience: >5yrs
Skill: At least 1 cycle of z/VM installation, upgrade experience
Shifts: 24X7
Location: Anywhere in India

Please send your resumes to asmanyam @

Mainframe developers 3 - 6 years exp
Hi All -we are hiring Mainframe developers with 3 - 6 years exp in skills(COBOL/JCL/DB2/CICS/VSAM) preferably immediate joiners,

Kindly drop your resumes to with subject as 'MF Developer'.

Preferred Location: Chennai/Bangalore/Kolkata

Looking for mainframe developers
We are looking for people with mainframe development and support experience. Details given below:
Experience: >5yrs
Skills: Development and support of applications in COBOL, DB2, VSAM, CICS, JCL
Shifts: Ready to work in 24X7 shifts (No exceptions)
Excellent communication skills.
Location: Hyde...

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