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Unable to debug START TRANSID CICS program using expeditor

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:03 pm
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If Pgm A is the code which executes START command to initiate task B. Now after executing this command,
Pgm A wont wait for control to get back from task B
and Pgm A continue its execution parallel to the execution of task B.

According to me once the task B is started it has no link with Pgm A. Pgm A should not wait for task B to end.

I have setup the breakpoint in both program Pgm A and Pgm B. The expeditor is not trapping the Pgm B after execution of START TRANSID command.
I confirmed that Pgm B is started after cheking CEMT I PROG(Pgm B) usecount and it is incemended by one. also if i give CEDX transid the progrm B is trapped. but i can see only execution of CICS statement.

I want to debug the program B using EXPEDITOR.

Could any body help me how to trap pgm b in expeditor.
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