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How to find manuals on the WEB

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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2009 5:28 am
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I have two primary IBM manual Links. I use one or the other depending on what I know and what I need to know.

The first is a JAVA script webpage. What is really nice is that the SEARCH facility searchesall the books - like a text search thru a document.

For instance: I need to know something about ISRDDN or (as what happened recently) I wanted to know about ADRDSSU. Previously, I thought that it was a third party add-on. Imagine my suprise when I discovered it was part of DFSMSdss Storage Administration.

even if my site is not running z/OS, I can find a DOCUMENT TITLE when all I know is some word (utility, catch-phrase, etc..). Once I have a Document title, I can go to the second IBM Libaray, link below and find what I want.

z/OS V1R6 Library Center

This link (below) is the original IBM Library Server and the SEARCH required that you know something about what you are looking up. A good example is someone tells you to use ISRDDN to accomplish your task. Great, what is ISRDDN? Use the link above to find the basic bookshelf type and then use the link below to find the appropriate manual for your site's OS.

If you know the subject is also a title, like CICS, REXX, COBOL, PL/1, C, just enter CICS in the SEARCH window and back comes a page with all the different type of CICS manuals (admin, BMS, macro, etc...) for every version and release for all the supported platforms (VSE, MVS, z/OS) and pick what you want.

Bookmanager Library Server Library for OS/390

I am a consultant, which means I have little or no WEB access at a customer site, and , unfortunately, I can not retain all the information about computers in my head. So, I have downloaded IBM's Softcopy Reader and about 400 manuals (some in .boo and some .pdf versions).
I have this loaded on my Laptop, which enables me to not look like an idiot when I forget the syntax of something in some language.

This link is a general what is it.
This is the download link

The softcopy reader comes in both a Windows and Linux version.
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