About Us

IBM MAINFRAMES OfficeIBMMainframes.com is an independent software organization, started in Chennai by a team of IBM aluminis and ex-mainframers to create a communication medium among the worldwide mainframe programmers during the y2k issues. The team also consists of startup founders, software developers, digital marketers, server administrators, trainers and mentors.

  Our Services / Operating Divisions
  Research & Development Division
  Software & Product Design
  Websites & Server Optimization
  Analytics and Digital Marketing
  IBM Mainframe Training (Closed)
  IBM Mainframe Technical Support (Online)
  In-House Team Heads
            Research & Development - Sony Veron M.E
            Software Products Design - Manesh Antony B.E
            Websites & Server Optimization - Dr. Rajesh Ph. D
            Analytics & Digital Marketing - Manoj Macmillan B.E
            Mainframe Training Division - Jerald Sheren B.E
  Technical Support Team Heads (Online)
            DFSORT Team - Frank Yeager, Ex-IBM
            SYNCSORT Team - Alissa Margulies, Syncsort
            COBOL Team - Robert Sample, Ex-IBM
            Assembler Team - Bill O Boyle, CA
            REXX Team - Dick Scherrer, Ex-IBM
            JCL Team - Terry Heinze, USPS
            PL/I Team - Arun Raj, IBM
            Java/MQseries Team - Rohit Umarjikar, UBS
            DB2 Team - Bill Wooder, Ex-IBM
            CICS Team - Nic Clouston, Ex-IBM
            IMS Team - Marso, Compuware
            VSAM Team - Priyesh Agarwal, TCS
            TSO Team - Bill O Boyle, Ex-IBM
            IDMS Team - Peter Holland, CA
  Team Leaders (Software Design)
            Trainer Kit - Jennifer Prince
            Abend Assist - Joel Louie
            IBMMF Emulator - Frederick Tybalt
  Team Leaders (Digital Marketing)
            Server Optimization- Bruno Jemi
            SEO & Website Optimization - Kavin Mehta
            Web Analytics - Binoy Nair
            Content Marketing - John Dalton
            Paid Marketing - Kalvin Dezo
  Team Leaders (Training Section)
            COBOL - Keerthika Baskaran
            JCL - Udhayan Sankaran
            CICS - Alex Arvin Raj
            DB2 - Nagarajan Mathusoothanan
            IMS & Tools - Santhosh Nair
  What we Do?
            Software Development (Mainframe Emulators & Tools)
            Web Server Optimization (IBM, Apache, Jetty, Nginx)
            Website Optimization (CRO, WPO, WSO, UI/UX)
            Database Optimization (IBM DB2, MySQL, ORACLE)
            Web Analytics (IBM Watson, Adobe AC, Google Analytics)
            Content Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM, EDM)
            IBM Mainframe Training (Classroom, Corporate)
            Mainframe Technical Support (Co-Browsing, Online)
            IBM Mainframe Server Access/Rental
  Some of our B2B Clients (2002-2022):
            HP Enterprise Services
            Perot Systems
            Allianz Cornhill Information Services
            Oracle India
  Contact Us
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