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JCL Dynamic System Symbols

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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2023 8:53 pm
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The manual says:
The name of the job. Shown in 1-8 characters. In the special case when the job name is *MASTER*, &JOBNAME resolves to #MASTER# to avoid the error of using the asterisk as part of a data set name.
Under z/OSĀ®, it is valid to define a user ID that is all numeric. Under z/OS UNIX, this all-numeric user ID might be propagated as a job name in the case of a fork() or non-local spawn(); this can lead to allocation failures when &JOBNAME is used in substitution for a data set name.

If you specify the &JOBNAME dynamic system symbol in a START command for a started task, the resolved substitution text for &JOBNAME is the name of the job assigned to the address space that calls the symbolic substitution service, not the address space of the started task.

But when used with regular JCL submit from ISPF, the result is not the name from the JOB statement, but always as if it was set:

Any idea?
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