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Retrieve multiple records with metacobol from CA Datacom

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Jose Juan J

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:36 am
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Let's say there is a table in CA DATACOM having a primary key of 2 records one numeric of 3 positions and another numeric 5 positions, now the first one may be duplicated but in combination with the second one we get an unique key, example, imagine these are keys

Fld1 Fld2
001 00001
001 00002
002 00001
002 00002
002 00005
099 00234

The number of records is not fixed there might be only 10 or 100 we don't know.

Now if I want to retrieve let's say all the records where the first field (3 numeric positions) equals to 002.. if this was DB2 I would just simply declare a cursor and fetch as many times necessary.
If it was a file I would use maybe Easytrieve and retrieve the records.

But the requirement is to use CA DATACOM and Metacobol I cannot even use SQL
What I was thinking was maybe using the command 'GETIT' from Metacobol which is supposed to do read sequential and use a perform until to read one by one until I found Field1 != 002.

Does anyone can visualize another way to do it?
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