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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:56 am
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Near the end of this topic some one calling himself CICSWOLF improperly posted this-
Hi Gentlemen,
I have the task to convert modules from AMODE 24 to AMODE 31,
after a couple intents, decided to separate DCB module from CICS module in order the second run in AMODE 31,
the code I take as example has 3 statements to set vector table as:
DC A(SYSPRT) Vector to standard sysprint DCB
DC A(SYSIN) Vector to standard sysin DCB
DC A(0)
tried to assembly and got errors in those, decided to
include macro CVT instead and assemble ok,
can still this module to be called by the CICS Module?
I will appreciate your Feedback.

Sorry, CICSWOLF. There ain't no such thing. No doubt you are thinking about something like STDOUT and STDIN in the *NIX world.

This is probably a "requirement" from some PHB type. Most of the time it's entirely unnecessary make work. Frequently this task can be accomplished by by adding a csectnm AMODE 31 statement after the CSECT statement, sometimes with no other changes. Moreover, programs intended to run in the CICS environment are not supposed to use I/O directly addressed to DCB data areas. If you want real assistance here you need to tell us more or address a more detailed query in the CICS area of this forum.
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