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Utility to list Data Set Information

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Joined: 11 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:03 pm
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Hi there,

maybe there are better categories in this forum i.e. »CLIST & REXX« or »TSO/ISPF« to place my question.
But well, I post it here in this category:

In ISPF 3.2 (or 3.4 with line command »I«) you can check the attributes and properties of a dataset.
                             Data Set Information                     
Command ===>                                                           
Data Set Name  . . . : SYS1.PROCLIB                                   
General Data                          Current Allocation               
 Volume serial . . . : LPSYSO          Allocated cylinders : 10       
 Device type . . . . : 3390            Allocated extents . : 1         
 Organization  . . . : PO              Maximum dir. blocks : 100       
 Record format . . . : FB                                             
 Record length . . . : 80                                             
 Block size  . . . . : 27920          Current Utilization             
 1st extent cylinders: 10              Used cylinders  . . : 6         
 Secondary cylinders : 0               Used extents  . . . : 1         
                                       Used dir. blocks  . : 29       
                                       Number of members . : 178       
                                       Creation date . . . : 2004/08/13
                                       Referenced date . . : 2018/07/17
                                       Expiration date . . : ***None***

'Cause we processing a number of datasets (sequential and PDS(-E)) and member via batch jobs we'd like to analyse these information (including that ones about the directory blocks) in advance.
Does anybody of you know a tool or tso command to retrieve the information the mentioned ISPF panel provides of several datasets in a list via a batch job?

If there is no command or system utility that can be used in a jcl directly maybe there is a module that retrieves these information and can be integrated in a COBOL main module?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Joined: 30 Nov 2013
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:35 pm
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Look at the utilities on the CBT "tape." I'm pretty certain you will find something of use. By the rules of the web site I cannot insert the address of the CBT tape page here, but Google is your friend.

Mass reading of PDS directories fell by the way side with the advent of effective data security tools like RACF, Top Secret and ACF2. None of them provided a tool to permit an unauthorized program to pre test if the program can open a data set without getting an S913 ABEND.

Your idea about a tool that would integrate with Cobol is good, but how the tool would present data set information to the Cobol program presents difficulties I do not think anyone was interested in developing. I'm not aware of any such tool.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:50 pm
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IBM provided the interface routine to perform ISPF 3.2 functions via CALL. But it requires full ISPF environment to be established before any call to this interface; this is headache.
DSINFO—data set information dialog service

Another, more simple way of doing this is - REXXTOOLS by Open Software Technologies
Dataset Information Functions
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Global Moderator

Joined: 14 Mar 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:52 pm
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Should be easy enough to do this in batch ISPF using DSINFO

I might even have some code somewhere too
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Willy Jensen

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Joined: 01 Sep 2015
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:27 pm
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I would consider writing a small REXX pgm around the REXX LISTDSI function.
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Pete Wilson

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Joined: 31 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:45 pm
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Probaly a bit late now but FDREPORT, Catalog Recovery Plus, T-Rex and probably Naviquest to name a few can all provide this info in Batch
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Joined: 28 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:30 am
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IDCAMS with DCOLLECT to get D type records.

And then feed the DCOLLECT file to a MXG program or to ISMF(NaviQuest) reporter
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