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Issuing IMS-Commands from a program written in COBOL

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:31 pm
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Hi all,

as a test, I wrote a REXX that issues commands to IMS in Type2-synthax. In this REXX I use the SPOC API.
Is there any similar API which I could use in a COBOL program?

Thank you in adcance.

Kind Regards,
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Robert Sample

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:21 pm
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The IMS System Administration web site implies it can be done (emphasis added by me):
A single point of control (SPOC) program in CSL

A single point of control (SPOC) is a program that allows you to manage operations of all IMS™ systems within an IMSplex instead of using a master terminal. With a SPOC, you can issue commands to all members of an IMSplex at once.

A SPOC communicates with a single OM. Through SCI, OM then communicates with all of the other IMS control regions in the IMSplex.

A SPOC is optional in an IMSplex. The existing command interfaces for the WTOR, MTO, and E-MCS console are supported only for type-1 commands. If you want to use type-2 commands, you must use a SPOC. You can use a SPOC instead of the z/OS® master console, IMS master terminal, or user terminal for most command processing.

Types of SPOCs:

On a 3270 TSO terminal, a TSO SPOC is a system management application with an ISPF panel interface. You can start the TSO SPOC using the IMS Application Menu. The TSO SPOC also displays the OM audit trail, which has a log of messages issued by IMS and commands issued by operators.
On a workstation, the SPOC is an IMS system-management application—the IBM® Management Console for IMS and DB2® for z/OS (Management Console). The Management Console is an IMS system management application with a graphical user interface (GUI).
The Batch SPOC utility uses OM services to submit IMS operator commands to an IMSplex. The utility accepts any commands that are supported by the OM API. The Batch SPOC utility is invoked by using standard JCL statements.
The REXX SPOC API allows automation programs to use SPOC functions. You can use the REXX SPOC API to automate commands.
Vendor- or user-written SPOC: A program that uses or accesses the OM API to perform SPOC functions.
Research the IMS OM API - that should tell you what you need.
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