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USS Shell script:Convert hex to binary save as jpg

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 2:00 am
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I am trying Unix scripts in zos for the first time. Here is a jist of what I am trying:
1. I have a file with multiple records which has the serialized image data in Hex format. It has two fields in the format:
field1(image filename);field2(image data in hex)
for e.g "img1.jpg;FF45D..................
2. The existing java program currently
reads each record from input file,
convert data in field2 to bytes (HextoBinary),
writes it out to a file with filename as in field1 giving out the image files.
3. My requirement is to replace this java program with a shell script and execute it with BPXBATCH in JCL. (due to shop restrictions, not allowed to run the java program using BPXBATCH in JCL). Hence trying to jolt my own shell script to recreate the image files from the Hex dump like the java program.

I tried a simple script myself and was able to get the output files in Hex format.


awk -F";" '{print $2 > $1}' TestInpfile.TXT

My questions are
1. Is it good to use the standard awk?
2. I tried to convert the string from hex to bin with the command
 'obase=16; ibase=2; $2 | bc'
but not able to pass this output to the awk command above.

If someone has experience in handling image files in USS through shell scripts, please guide me. I am stuck writing this unix shell script.
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