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Question: REORG on LOB tablespaces

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:14 pm
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We are trying to REORG a tablespace (partition by growth) with table having two LOB columns -

Tablespace name: TSAAAC
LOB tablespace name for LOB column1: TSAAA1
LOB tablespace name for LOB column2: TSAAA2

For REORG, the default AUX parameter option is AUX=NO except for a few scenarios like "REORG TABLESPACE of a partition-by-growth base table space with one or more LOB columns, where the REORG is reorganizing the entire partition-by-growth table space" - as per DB2 v10 Utility Reference Guide.

We also have an inline imagecopy in the REORG performed with a LIST defined in LISTDEFDD with the corresponding dataset defined as a template on TAPE.

The REORG utility attempts to perform the INLINE imagecopy in parallel and fails with S513 abend while writing on the tape. (S513)

The COPY utility has the option TAPEUNITS under PARALLEL option to specify the maximum number of tape drives that the utility dynamically
allocates for the list of objects to be processed in parallel

But, how do we specify this option for an inline imagecopy which is causing the S513 abend ?

Not sure if I have explained the query in the best way, but let me know if there are any confusions ?
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Rohit Umarjikar

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:11 am
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There seems to be a ticket already , check if you get the solution.

Also I see this is a work around, try it
Write the reorg inline imagecopies to DASD and have HSM archive it.
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