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How to define TCTUA / USERAREALEN for TERMINALs at logon

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Alan Playford

New User

Joined: 22 Aug 2012
Posts: 43
Location: UK

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:30 pm
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Main objective here :-
A colleague wishes to use a default TCTUA/USERAREALEN of 40 bytes or maybe more for each CICS session, instead of the current default of 0 bytes. This is for some specific multiple parallel sessions testing.

We have minimal resources defined, and are using AUTOINSTALL for the Terminal entries. These terminal entries are thus generated from the last 4 non-blank characters of the LU name assigned, which are taken from a pool of 100 LU's defined for CICS and/or TSO use in VTAM and TN3270 as A05TCPxx. Hence CICS terminals are generated as CPxx.

What is the best way to do this, and has anybody achieved such a change in the past?

It appears we could define a new LOGMODE in a modified VTAM ISTINCLM program (as detailed in the CICS Customisation Guide), but that seems a bit of overkill here? It also needs the USS logon screen to possibly accept an addition LOGMODE(xxx) parameter when specifying "L cicsappl".

It appears that TERMTYPE or even SESSION resources can specify a USERAREALEN associated, but then the problem is how to associate a TERMTYPE with a TERMINAL, as CEDA/CEDB/CEDC doesn't allow TERMTYPE or SESSION definition.

Any advice or experiences here gratefully received!
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Bill O'Boyle

CICS Moderator

Joined: 14 Jan 2008
Posts: 2504
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:41 pm
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Normally, for explicitly defined Terminals, the TCTUA/USERAREA length can be specified via CEDA, whose access is probably limited.

However, many shops use Terminal Autoinstall, where a template is used to define and create all of the shop standard terminals.

You should speak with your CICS SYSPROG and/or Tech Support group regarding your request.

They can also explain the definition of a TERMTYPE and where it can be found and its usage in the overall Terminal definition.

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Alan Playford

New User

Joined: 22 Aug 2012
Posts: 43
Location: UK

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:51 pm
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Thanks Bill!
Trouble is ... I AM the tech support (we are a small shop! icon_biggrin.gif )
And my CICS knowledge and experience isn't as in-depth as I need here, very similar I feel to the Communications Server VTAM and TCPIP and TN3270 side.

I understand the TERMTYPE possibilities, but - with Terminal Autoinstall being used - there seems to be no way that CEDA can be used to define a TERMTYPE, let alone associate TERMINALS (which is as I say being used with Auto-install, not specific TERMINAL resource definitions) can tie-up with these TERMTYPE entries?

Looking at the CICS 4.2 Customization Appendix A, it discusses a lot of areas associated with it, but surely it can't be that difficult, can it?

In addition, the default USS doesn't allow additional parameters (get "P2 PARAMETER EXTRANEOUS" message). For instance, you can enter "L CICSA" but not "L CICSA LOGMODE(xxx)".
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Peter cobolskolan

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Joined: 06 Feb 2012
Posts: 104
Location: Sweden

PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:59 am
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Is there a problem using the full format LOGON APPLID(applname) LOGMODE(logmodename) ?
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