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Exclude selected* members while File aid copy

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:35 pm
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# I need to exclude selected* PDS members while copying in file-aid batch.
# The exclusion is based on particular strings presence inside the source PDS member.
#Member should be copied only when the mentioned string is NOT present in the source PDS member.

JCL :-

$$DD01 COPYMEM IF=(1,0,C'&PLIB')
This will copy PDS member if my string '&PLIB' is present. i need reverse as in copy when this string is not present. Such option is not available when we search whole line i.e EQ or NE in --> IF=(1,0,C'STR')

I tried using USER function however it only drops the line from the member and copy it. I need to drop member it self. Same is case with DROP.

Please suggest.
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