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Building SYMNAMES file, two or more records

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:08 pm
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Can you some please how can I write more than one record on my SYMNAMES files.

At the moment..

//STEP001  EXEC PGM=SORT                                             
//SORTIN   DD *                                                     
140512 120514 14132 130514 14133 14129     010010Y 140505140511140506
//SORTOUT  DD DSN=MY OUTPUT.....,                                   
//            DISP=(,CATLG),SPACE=(TRK,(1,1))                       
//SYSIN    DD *                                                     
  OPTION COPY                                                       
  INREC BUILD=(C'MYDATE,''',15,5,C'''',80:X)                         
//SYSOUT   DD SYSOUT=*                                               

Output comes out:

I would like to write two lines:

Do I need to use HEADER1 and TRAILER1?

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Bill Woodger

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:27 pm
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Depends on what you want to do.

HEADER1 and TRAILER1 support the slash operator (/), so you can create multiple lines, but with hard-coded literal values only.

OUTFIL BUILD also supports the slash operator, so you can BUILD multiple records from input and literal values.

OUTFIL REPEAT replicates input, allowing you to use input for multiple, amended, values.

You can also simply have multiple input records on SORTIN, and treat them differently depending on an identifying value with IFTHEN=(WHEN=(logical expression).

I've used JOINKEYS for generating symbols, INREC, OUTREC, OUTFIL then also ICETOOL has some operators which I've found useful for this.

All depends on the actual task. The simpler the symbol, the less code. Easiest is multiple input records, with one-to-one mapping for output.

You should also look at system symbols (as in sticky post in the first page of the DFSORT forum) and JPn symbols, which allow data to be taken from PARM values and used in SORT statements.

Symbols are a whole heap of fun, and help in many ways. There are examples here, though not as many as there could be, as people tend to want the spoon-fed answer they can just do in one copy/paste.
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