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VSAM File Declaration for PD fields

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 5:58 am
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I have VSAM file with following KEY (COBOL Record Layout)

 XXXX-RECORD                                                 1   10220   10220
 2 XXXX-FIXED-AREA                     GROUP          1      1    1133    1133
   3 XXXX-KEY                          GROUP          2      1      11      11
     5 XXXX-V1                         S999           3      1       2       2
     5 XXXX-V2                         S999           4      3       4       2
     5 XXXX-V3                         S9(13)         5      5      11       7

When I try to define it in EZSYTRIVE. It through the following error message.

FILE XXXX VS                                       
XXXX-RECORD                         1  10220      A
XXXX-KEY                            1     11      P
XXXX-ORG                            1      2      P
XXXX-TYPE                           3      2      P
XXXX-APPLICATION                    5      7      P

           14   XXXX-KEY                            1     11      P             
EZTC0227E >>>                                             $ must be from 1 to 10

Please help me on this
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Bill Woodger

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:22 pm
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You can't have a 21-digit packed-decimal, which is what you have defined.

Your key is made up of three separate packed-decimal fields. You'll need to define them individually, as even if you had enough digits, there would be no point in creating what would be an invalid definition.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 7:04 pm
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1 11 P
as Bill says: violates syntax.
defining 3 packed fields as one displays a total lack of understanding on your part of how data is stored in the computer.

you are lucky that 11 was the number of bytes involved,
otherwise had it been 10,
you would encounter many errors if you ever actually addressed the field
and that would have been your question.

address the 11 bytes as alpha, always
and never address multiple numeric fields as 1 numeric field.
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