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Dynamic Input fields in Panel

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Joined: 26 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:30 pm
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Hi Team,

I was trying the dynamic variable in a panel.

Panel Definition:

@DYNVAR                                                      @ 

In REXX code I want three input fields as follows :

DYNVAR = '" "SEGMENT FLD2 :*Z       "OP:"*Z"VALUE:"*Z               ""'

But in the screen the characters in used in the panel got displayed as such and I didnt get any input fields.
Output :

" "SEGMENT FLD2 :*Z       "OP:"*Z"VALUE:"*Z               ""           

Please advise.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:04 pm
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PLease explain exactly what it is that you want to do - in detail
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Joined: 26 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:42 pm
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I want multiple lines of the above values like
SEGMENT FLD1 : ......... OP: ..... Value : .....................
SEGMENT FLD2 : ......... OP: ..... Value : .....................
SEGMENT FLD3 : ......... OP: ..... Value : .....................
SEGMENT FLD4 : ......... OP: ..... Value : .....................

The no. of rows I want can be known at run time only.

So expecting suggestions on why the dynamic var value is not shown as expected eventhough i assigned it.
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Joined: 26 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:12 pm
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Have seen this excellent tutorial by David which solved my problem. May be useful to somebody else :

Use [URL] BBCode for Links
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:52 pm
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The problem is that you have not read the manuals

I think that for the case of dynamic areas, that it is possible to read the manuals and still not understand how to use them effectively.

You need to read about 'shadow variables'. The dynamic area can be specified by two variables. The first variable is the text to be shown (see dyntext in example). The second variable has the attributes for the text (see dynshad in example). The tricky part is that the first variable can also have attribute characters. Actually, it is all kind of tricky.

Below is my example. When you modify the top section of the panel and press Enter, the dynamic area will change. I like this example because the input area is in turquoise but when you type into it, the color changes to yellow in a similar fashion to how the ISPF editor works.

the panel:

 @ TYPE(INPUT) HILITE(USCORE) COLOR(TURQ)                             
 ` AREA(DYNAMIC) EXTEND(ON) SCROLL(ON)                               
 $ TYPE(DATAIN)   HILITE(&IHILITE) COLOR(YELLOW)                     
 ~ TYPE(CHAR)     HILITE(&IHILITE) COLOR(&ICOLOR)                     
 ¬ TYPE(DATAOUT)  HILITE(&PHILITE) COLOR(&PCOLOR)                     
 # TYPE(DATAOUT)                   COLOR(&PCOLOR)                     
 + TYPE(TEXT)     COLOR(GREEN)                                       
 ! TYPE(TEXT)     COLOR(BLUE)                                         
 } TYPE(OUTPUT)   COLOR(TURQ) CAPS(OFF)                               
)BODY EXPAND(//)                                                     
/ /Dynamic Variable Example      / /                                 
 +Command ===>_ZCMD                                                  +
 +Field prompt  . ._PTEXT                                   +         
 +Description . . ._PDESC             +                               
 +Prompt color. . .@pcolor  +(red,white,green,blue,turq,yellow,pink) 
 +Prompt hilite . .@philite +(uscore,reverse,blink,'blank')           
 +Input color . . .@icolor  +(red,white,green,blue,turq,yellow,pink) 
 +Input hilite. . .@ihilite +(uscore,reverse,blink,'blank')           
 +Input length. . .@ilength +(numeric)                               
*- Dynamic Area -----------------------------------------------------*
`DYNTEXT,DYNSHAD                                                               `
*- Previous value of dynamic area input field: ----------------------*
|}OLDVAR                                                            !|

The rexx program:
/* rexx */                                                             
/* attribute characters from panel definition:                       */
/* ¬ TYPE(DATAOUT) HILITE(&a) COLOR(&b)         - input field prompt */
/* ~ TYPE(CHAR)    HILITE(&c) COLOR(&d)         - turquoise input    */
/* $ TYPE(DATAIN)  HILITE(&c) COLOR(YELLOW)     - overtype input     */
pcolor  = "green"                                                       
philite = " "                                                           
icolor  = "turq"                                                       
ihilite = "uscore"                                                     
ptext   = "Please enter your DSN"                                       
pdesc   = "(fully qualified)"                                           
dots    = ". . ."                                                       
ilength = 10                                                           
olength = ilength                                                       
oldvar  = copies(' ',olength)                                           
Address ISPEXEC                                                         
rc = 0                                                                 
Do While rc = 0                                                         
  /* fill in the dynamic area                                        */
  ptext   = strip(ptext,"T")           /* strip trailing blanks      */
  /* '¬' indicates the start of output text                          */
  /* '$' indicates the start of the input field                      */
  dyntext = "¬" ptext dots"$"          /* build prompt area          */
  plen    = Length(dyntext)            /* save Length of prompt      */
  dyntext =        dyntext   || left(oldvar,olength) || '¬' ||pdesc||'#'
  dynshad = copies(' ',plen) || copies('~',olength)                     
  "DISPLAY PANEL(DYNAMIC9)"                                             
  /* get the data that is in the input field                         */
  oldvar  = substr(dyntext,plen+1)     /* ingore prompt field        */
  oldvar  = substr(oldvar,1,olength)   /* save last dyn area input   */
  olength = ilength                                                     
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