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File browse in Filemaster using macro

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:22 pm
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Hi All,
Iam trying to browse VSAM files by building a 3.4 command as shown below.


Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
Command - Enter "/" to select action                  Message           Volume
F1       PRODCICS.P00VS.REINS.TRF001.DIGEST                             *VSAM*
         PRODCICS.P00VS.REINS.TRF001.DIGEST.DATA                        SMS140
         PRODCICS.P00VS.REINS.TRF001.DIGEST.INDEX                       SMS140
***************************** End of Data Set list ****************************

which takes me to the browse screen


--------------------  CA File Master Plus -- Browse Dataset -------------------
COMMAND ===>                                                                   
Specify Dataset to Browse:                                                     
  Dataset name   ===> 'A.EU01306.G3078V00'                                     
  Member name    ===>                                                         
  Volume         ===>                  If dataset not cataloged               
Record Layout for Formatted Displays:                                         
  Layout dataset ===> 'PRODPLS.COMMON.COPYLIB'                                 
  Layout member  ===> TRC900VL                                                 
Selection Criteria below  or  Selection Criteria Member ===>                   
Display mode  ===> M ( C Character S Single-rec Format M Multi-rec Format )   
Browse  mode  ===> V ( V View B Browse )                                       

But I wish to overwrite the dataset name, Layout dataset and Layout member. As you see above I wish to browse PRODCICS.P00VS.REINS.TRF001.DIGEST but 'A.EU01306.G3078V00' gets displayed.

This value is stored in my PROFILE dataset is as below.


*** ISPF transaction log ***

TSO     - Command  -  - EX 'SYSACS.REXX(CAWAFM)'                       
                        /*P0090*/               CDBIEXEC CDBIMSG0 CDBIPNL0
                        /*P0090*/               CDBISKL0 CDBITBL0 CDBILOAD
TSO     - Command  -  - CAWALCHK                                       
TSO     - Command  -  - CAWAOOPT                                       
TSO     - Command  -  - %CAWAXBRW                                       
TSO     - Command  -  - CAWAVSIN                                       
                        LAYOUT(TRC900VL) VIEW CAWARSTG(00000000)       

The load module for browse screen is CAWAXBRW but not sure how to call CAWAEDIT, CAWAEDTD and CAWAVSIN.

Any help is very much appreciated. Also let me know if any more info needed ?
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:27 pm
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what about looking at the filemaster <installation> and <customization> manuals
to see how it integrates with ISPF ?
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