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What is BTS container

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 1:54 pm    Post subject: What is BTS container
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What is BTS container?
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 5:50 pm    Post subject:
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Hi ,

Got this from IBM Site

"CICS business transaction services (BTS) terms
CICS? BTS provides a new way of programming for CICS.

It is implemented as a set of new EXEC CICS commands that extend the current CICS application programming interface (API) to make it easier to model, control, and execute complex business transactions. CICS BTS helps you to implement your business transaction in CICS and allows the system to control the execution times and steps that are needed to complete it. CICS BTS assists in managing the interrelationship, commit scope, recovery and restart of the actions that make up the business transaction.

In order to fully understand how works, you need to understand how CICS BTS works.

Data-container: In BTS, a named area of storage associated with a particular process or activity for which the container is named. Containers are maintained by CICS BTS. A container is "owned" either by a process or an activity. Containers are recoverable and hardened to the BTS repository file for the process.
An activity can have any number of containers as long as they all have different names. Activity containers can be created, updated and read only by the activity that owns the container, or by its parent.

A process container is data-container associated with a process. Process containers can be read by any activity in the process, but can only be created and updated by DFHROOT or any program that ACQUIRES the process (this includes the program that defined the process).

Process: In BTS, a process is an instance of a running business transaction. A process is comprised of a collection of one or more BTS activities. A process is the largest unit that CICS BTS can work with and has a unique name by which it can be referenced and invoked. In , the process is uniquely identified by the 36 byte process name value in the message header (DFHMAH).
Activity: In BTS, and activity is a basic unit of BTS execution. Typically, it represents one of the actions of a CICS BTS business transaction. Activities implement the business logic. An activity is executed by a normal CICS transaction responding to CICS BTS events. To do this, it uses the CICS BTS API. A running activity can be identified by its unique 52 character ACTIVITYID assigned by CICS.
Activities can be hierarchically organized, in a tree structure. An activity that starts another activity is known as a parent activity. An activity that is started by another is known as a child activity.

A program that implements an activity differs from a traditional CICS application program only in its being designed to respond to BTS events.

Root activity: The activity at the top of the activity tree (it has no parent activity). The root activity normally is the control program for a business transaction that represents the start and the end of the process. It initiates and controls a set of child activities. "

Hope this helps

Sunita Rajeev
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:55 pm    Post subject:
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Simply put, you can think of BTS container as your DFHCOMMAREA in traditional CICS. BTS containers do not have restriction of size imposed on them. You can you use it only if you are using BTS processes.
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