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IMS Online Transactions failing with S0C1.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:11 pm    Post subject: IMS Online Transactions failing with S0C1.
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We have got few IMS transactions failing with S0C1 abends. Though the problem has been resolved after we reloaded the IMS MPR's, we could not be able to identify the root cause. Please could some one suggest any clue on this? Below are the system log details of the abend:

   JOB-IMP1RG4  STEP-IMP1MPR                                         
   LE COND CODE=CEE3201S / EXPECTED COMP CODE=S0C1                   
     To access your abendaid report directly you                     
     can now type AAHOTKEY on the command line                       
     position your cursor under any line in the joblog               
     and press enter.                                                 
+LEAID110 LE-AID IS ISSUING U4039-8 ABEND                             
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT 528                                       
  USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 REASON CODE=00000008                     
 TIME=15.34.17  SEQ=19484  CPU=0000  ASID=011D                       
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  078D1000   AAE95892  ILC 2  INTC 0D           
   ACTIVE LOAD MODULE           ADDRESS=2AE94C38  OFFSET=00000C5A     
   DATA AT PSW  2AE9588C - 00181610  0A0D4100  00840A3C               
   AR/GR 0: A976AEDE/00000000_84000000   1: 00000000/00000000_84000FC7
         2: 00000000/00000000_00055910   3: 00000000/00000000_0000F698
         4: 00000000/00000000_000554DC   5: 00000000/00000000_2AE95C37
         6: 00000000/00000000_000584E4   7: 00000000/00000000_000585D4
          8: 00000000/00000000_AAD3C22A   9: 00000000/00000000_00000000 
          A: 00000000/00000000_00058470   B: 00000000/00000000_AAE94C38 
          C: 00000000/00000000_00045B58   D: 00000000/00000000_00058250 
          E: 00000000/00000000_AAE955F4   F: 00000002/00000010_00000008 
  END OF SYMPTOM DUMP                                                   
 DFS554A IMP1RG4  00009 IMP1MPR  PQHO640P(1) TQH6401P 0C1,0000 PSB SMB   
          2009/279 15:34:18 IMP1                                         
 S IMP1FAIL                                                             
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:28 pm    Post subject:
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This looks like an IMS system of a big bank in the Netherlands.
Looking at the region name IMP1RG4 it is IMS production, so
the IMS guys of system support could give you helpfull
Beside that its a user abend "U4039-8" so as far as i remember those codes are documented at that site.
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