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ISPF Edit/View HILITE to HTML macros/execs

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:57 pm    Post subject: ISPF Edit/View HILITE to HTML macros/execs
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Around 18 months ago I made a post to a number of Usenet newsgroups and some mainframe-related mailing lists about the availability of a set of REXX edit macros/execs that can be used to convert PL/I, REXX, assembler, JCL, COBOL and, limited to what I needed, SuperC output) into a format that is for all intents and purposes the same as when the member is looked at in ISPF's Edit or View using HI RESET + HI PAREN - there are a few small differences, mainly because I corrected parsing JCL in-stream data, no-operand assembler opcodes/directives and removed the SuperC HILITE bug where the last two columns are displayed in green. icon_smile.gif

The set of (currently) nine macros consists of:

EHIASM   - convert assembler to Edit HILITE'd HTML
EHIHELP  - general help 'screen'
EHIJCL   - convert JCL to Edit HILITE'd HTML
EHINONE  - convert any text to Edit HTML (no HILITE)
EHIPLI   - convert PL/I to Edit HILITE'd HTML (upgraded to Enterprise PL/I V3.7 keywords)
EHIREXX  - convert REXX to Edit HILITE'd HTML
EHISUPC  - convert SuperC to Edit HILITE'd HTML (still limited to what I require...)
EHISUPP  - general support (produce ISPF popup panel to set options and generate the actual HTML)

BTW, besides working as edit macro under ISPF (and as a TSO command) on z/OS, they also work on Regina (tested) and possibly also on ooREXX (untested).

They are available on the cbttape.org site, but sadly the versions in that zipped XMIT file no longer work in FireFox 3 (and the fancy output never worked on IE6). The original developer of the Javascript that is responsible for the fancy ISPF like screen has given me an update and it works again in Firefox. (Still not in IE6!). If I can manage to get my code back onto the system at my new workplace, I'll produce an update in the next few days, but if you desperately needed it yesterday, drop me a line, email x2c(88899389A3857C97998995964B9585A3) (EBCDIC!), put '[HILITE]' somewhere in the subject. DO NOT SEND EMAIL IN HTML FORMAT!

Indicate if you want the code as nine(+1) text files or as a PDS in zipped XMIT format and make sure that any return message with '[HILITE]' in the subject isn't stopped (or worse, returned to me) by your (corporate) spam filters.
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