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File attributes like management class, data class

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:56 am    Post subject: File attributes like management class, data class
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Hi, Can someone clarify the following things?

1. What is the need of Management class and data class and what do they mean actually. ( while allocating a new dataset)
2. How do we set a password to a dataset. What is the use of "Data Set Password . . (If password protected)" in dataset utility menu
3. While allocating a new dataset, we have an option to set "Expiration date". What does it do? I tried using it. I have created a pds on 1-jan-2009 and i gave the expiration date as 2-jan-2009. But the is not deleted/migrated on 2-jan-2009.

Can someone explain these? Thanks in advance
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:13 am    Post subject:
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                      *** The DATACLAS Parameter **                           
     Note: This parameter is used by MVS only if SMS (System Managed           
           Storage) is installed and operational.                             
     The DATACLAS parameter provides the data class to be used for a           
     sequential data set, a PDS, or a VSAM data set that you are               
     creating.  The class name must be one of those pre-established by         
     the storage administrator at your site.  The data class, once             
     defined, provides attributes for the data set that were previously       
     supplied via JCL, such as DSORG, RECFM, LRECL, KEYLEN, key offset         
     SPACE values, RETPD or EXPDT, and certain VSAM SHROPTIONS.               
     The values derived from the DATACLAS can be overidden by the RETPD,       
     parameters if they are coded on the same DD statement.                   

  Description: MGMTCLAS = Management Class (JCL Keyword)                       
               a) A collection of management attributes, defined by the       
                  storage administrator, used to control the release of       
                  allocated but unused space; to control the retention,       
                  migration, and backup of data sets; to control the           
                  retention and backup of aggregate groups, and to control     
                  the retention, backup, and class transition of objects.     
               b) A policy object that users can bind to each file to         
                  specify how the server manages the file. The management     
                  class can contain a backup copy group, an archive copy       
                  group, and space management attributes. The copy groups     
                  determine how the ADSM server manages backup versions or     
                  archive copies of files. The space management attributes     
                  determine whether files are eligible for migration from     

2. I would steer clear of dataset passwords, let your security packages take care of that.

3. an expiry date just means that the dataset is not eligible to be deleted until the date has expired. Again, if it's a dasd dataset, I would refrain from using expiry dates.

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Anuj Dhawan

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:41 pm    Post subject:
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Suggest you try IBM Manuals for better understanding of these parameters. Manuals are linked via the "IBM Manuals" link on the top of this page.

By the way for DATACLAS I would like to add, DATACLAS is used primarily by storage management to classify and manage the dasd resource of the organization. This includes allocating the appropriate dasd by data/business classification, defining the migration strategy for datasets by rule to ensure space availabbility, and is often an integral part of the overall backup strategy.
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