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Dont go upstairs

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 5:35 pm    Post subject: Dont go upstairs
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This story took place some time back and revolved
around a young lad
named Sam. Sam at that time was working as a
programmer, in a small IT
company located in Singapore. During one particular
working day, the
whole of Sam's company was requested to work OT in
order to meet a
deadline due tomorrow.

By the time everything was done, it was already past 1
am and Sam was
the last person left in the office. He was left
wondering whether there
were still any bus services at this hour. He decided
to try his luck and
quickly tidied up the office, locked up and rushed
towards the bus stop.
The bus stop was situated by a small narrow road with
dense forestation
surrounding the area. Sam waited for about 20 minutes
and was about to
make his way to the main road to catch a cab when a
double deck bus
appeared from nowhere.

He hesitantly waved it down, boarded the bus and the
only person he saw
on the same bus was a frail ghastly looking old woman.
The old woman was
dressed in white attire. Sam felt uneasy upon seeing
her and was about
to go up to the upper deck when a voice ranged out in
Cantonese, "Young
man, don't go upstairs. upstairs dangerous." It was
the old woman.

Her comment sent a chill through Sam's bones and he
figured that the
upper deck might be "dirty".He decided to heed the old
woman's advice
and grab a seat at the lower deck even though he felt
uncomfortable by
her presence.

It was an agonizing 20 minutes journey before Sam
reached his bus stop.
He quickly alighted and turned to steal a quick glance
at the old woman,
who stared right back at him by the window. Without
further ado, Sam
hastened his pace and was fortunate to reach home

The next day, Sam was requested to work OT and ended
up being the last
person left in the office again. It was already past
midnight and Sam
was contemplating whether to take a cab home but
decided against it in
the end as money was tight. So he made his way to the
bus stop again and
after about 20 minutes, the same double deck bus
appeared. Sam boarded
the bus and saw the same old woman again. He decided
to go to the upper
deck again when the old woman called out to him,
"Young man, don't go
Upstairs dangerous." Even though, he heard it before,
he still felt a
certain fear inside him. To be on the safe side, he
reluctantly took a
seat at the lower deck again and reached home with no

The third day, Sam was asked to do OT again. By now he
was feeling
readed and worried as he didn't want to repeat the
same process again.
But he obliged nevertheless since it's his livelihood.
He was, you
guessed it, the last person left in the office again.
He made the same
journey to the bus stop, occasionally checking his
back as he walked.
The double deck bus arrived, he boarded it and saw the
same old woman
again. As he proceeded to go upstairs, the old woman
warned him again,
"Young man, don't go upstairs.
Upstairs dangerous." Sam was fed up with the old woman
by now and
decided to go upstairs even though he was feeling a
bit scared. He saw
no one else when he reached the upper deck and slowly
made his way to
the back of the bus and sat down. Sam's heart began
pounding away as he
waited anxiously for something to happen. After 20
minutes, with nothing
happening, Sam went downstairs to confront the old
woman and asked her
why she kept saying it's dangerous upstairs. The old
woman turned,
stared at him and replied,
"Young man, don't go to upstairs. Upstairs is
dangerous. Upstairs got no bus
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