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Details reg record level locking

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:28 pm    Post subject: Details reg record level locking
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I am in need of details for DB2 record level locking while updating a record. Can anyone please guide me in the process of how the query should be framed.

Thanks in Advance.
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William Thompson

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 6:12 pm    Post subject:
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Row locks or page locks? The question of whether to use row or page locks depends on your data and your applications. If you are experiencing contention on data pages of a table space now defined with LOCKSIZE PAGE, consider LOCKSIZE ROW. But consider also the trade-offs.
The resource required to acquire, maintain, and release a row lock is about the same as that required for a page lock. If your data has 10 rows per page, a table space scan or an index scan can require nearly 10 times as much resource for row locks as for page locks. But locking only a row at a time, rather than a page, might reduce the chance of contention with some other process by 90%, especially if access is random. (Row locking is not recommended for sequential processing.)
In many cases, DB2 can avoid acquiring a lock when reading data that is known to be committed. Thus, if only 2 of 10 rows on a page contain uncommitted data, DB2 must lock the entire page when using page locks, but might ask for locks on only the 2 rows when using row locks. Then, the resource required for row locks would be only twice as much, not 10 times as much, as that required for page locks.
On the other hand, if two applications update the same rows of a page, and not in the same sequence, then row locking might even increase contention. With page locks, the second application to access the page must wait for the first to finish and might time out. With row locks, the two applications can access the same page simultaneously, and might deadlock while trying to access the same set of rows.
In short, no single answer fits all cases.
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