Communicating Conditions Services


 CEEDCOD      Decomposes an existing condition token.  

 CEENCOD      Dynamically constructs a condition token.


Condition Handling Services


CEE3CIB           Given a condition token passed to a user-written condition handler

CEE3GRN          Get Name of currently running routine when a Condition raised.

CEE3GRO          Returns the offset of the most current Language                

CEE3SPM          Query and Modify Language Environment Hardware Condition     

CEE3SRP           Set Resume Point within user application code  

CEEGQDT          Retrieve data token from the  Instance-Specific Information (ISI)  

CEEHDLR          Register a User      

CEEHDLU          Unregister a User   

CEEITOK           Return Initial Condition Token          

CEEMRCE          Resume User Routine

CEEMRCR          Move Resume cursor to the call return Cursor 

CEESGL             Signals a condition to the Language Environment condition manager.


Date and Time Services   


CEECBLDY       Convert Date into a COBOL Lilian date format.   

CEEDATE         Convert Lilian Date to Character Format such as "1992/07/25."     

CEEDATM         Convert Seconds to Ch Timestamp of seconds since14 October 1582  

CEEDAYS         Convert Date to  into a Lilian format. of days  since 14 October 1582.   

CEEDYWK        Calculate Day of Week from Lilian as a number between 1 and 7.   

CEEGMT           Get Current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as  a Lilian date  

CEEGMTO         Difference bw the local system time and Greenwich Mean  Time.  

CEEISEC           Converts year into the number of seconds since 14 October 1582.  

CEELOCT          Local Returns the current local time in three formats:                                                                           

                                Lilian date (the number of days since 14 October 1582)         

                                Lilian timestamp (the number of      

                                 seconds since 00:00:00 14 October 1582)                                

                                Gregorian character string (in the form YYYYMMDDHHMISS999)     

CEEQCEN         Queries the century within which LE assumes 2-digit year.  

CEESCEN          Sets the century where LE assumes 2-digit year values lie.  

CEESECI           Converts a number representing the number of seconds since 00:00:00 14 October 1582

                             to seven separate binary integers         

                             representing year, month, day, hour,     

                             minute, second, and millisecond. Use     

                             CEESECI instead of CEEDATM when the      

                             output is needed in numeric format rather

                             than character format.   

CEESECS        Converts a string representing a    timestamp into a number representing the 

                             number of seconds since 00:00:00 14       

                             October 1582. This service makes it      

                             easier to do time arithmetic, such as    

                             calculating the elapsed time between two timestamps.    

 CEEUTC        Get Coordinated  Universal Time    


Dynamic Storage Services      


CEECRHP       Create New  Additional Heap    

CEECZST       Reallocate (Change Size of) Storage     

CEEDSHP       Discard Heap.   

CEEFRST        Free Heap Storage   

CEEGTST        Get Heap Storage  


General Services   


CEE3DMP        Generates a dump of the run-time environment of LE & LL.  

CEETDLI         Invoke IMS          

CEE3RPH         Set Report          

CEE3USR         Set or Query User  Area  

CEEGPID         Retrieve the LE Version and Platform ID      

CEERAN0         Calculate Uniform pseudo-random numbers between 0 and 1                                   

CEETEST          Invoke Debug Tool   


 Initialization/Termination Services                


CEE3ABD         Terminate Enclave to with an Abend                

CEE3GRC         Get the Enclave Return Code                  

CEE3PRM         Query Parameter String                     

CEE3SRC          Set the Enclave return code.     


Locale Callable Services     


CEEFMON           Converts numeric values to monetary strings.       

CEEFTDS            Converts time and date specifications  into a character string.     

CEELCNV            Query Locale  Numeric Conventions          

CEEQDTC           Query Locale Date and Time Conventions         

CEEQRYL           Query Active  Locale Environment           

CEESCOL           Compares two character strings based on the collating.  

CEESETL            Set Locale Operating Environment        

CEESTXF            Transforms character into its collation weight and  returns the length.           


Mathematical Services                                                                                                                         

                     x is a data type variable.        

 CEESxABS                    Absolute value    

CEESxACS                     Arccosine     

 CEESxASN                    Arcsine      

 CEESxATH                    Hyperbolic arctangent    

 CEESxATN                    Arctangent          

 CEESxAT2                    Arctangent x/y      

 CEESxCJG                    Conjugate of complex    

 CEESxCOS                   Cosine       

CEESxCSH                    Hyperbolic cosine       

CEESxCTN                    Cotangent      

CEESxDIM                    Positive difference          

CEESxDVD                    Floating complex divide        

CEESxERF                     Error function      

CEESxEXP                     Exponential (base e)      

CEESxGMA                   Gamma function   

CEESxIMG                    Imaginary part of complex     

CEESxINT                     Truncation         

CEESxLGM                    Log gamma function      

CEESxLG1                      Logarithm base 10       

CEESxLG2                      Logarithm base 2            

CEESxLOG                     Logarithm base e      

CEESxMLT                     Floating complex multiply      

CEESxMOD                    Modular arithmetic    

CEESxNIN                      Nearest integer     

CEESxNWN                    Nearest whole number     

CEESxSGN                     Transfer of sign   

CEESxSIN                      Sine     

CEESxSNH                     Hyperbolic sine     

CEESxSQT                     Square root       

CEESxTAN                     Tangent        

CEESxTNH                     Hyperbolic tangent       

CEESxXPx                      Exponentiation  


Message Handling Services    


CEECMI           Store and Load loads Message Insert Data          

CEEMGET         Get a Message        

CEEMOUT        Dispatch a Message                      

CEEMSG          Get, Format, and  Dispatch a Message        


National Language Support Services        


CEE3CTY         Set Default Country   

CEE3LNG         Set National Language 

CEE3MCS         Obtain Default Currency Symbol 

CEE3MDS         Obtain Default Decimal Separator 

CEE3MTS         Obtain Default Thousands Separator 

CEEFMDA         Obtain Default Date Format for a specified country.                                 


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