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Display upon console

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:35 am
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I am trying to display messages in console.. If I display string of 200 bytes, in mainframe log the first 100 bytes will be displayed in first line and next 100 bytes will be displayed as new message in log. How we can display the whole string as single message, even if it is displayed in multi line how we can specify the continuation character

Bipin Peter
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Robert Sample

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:17 am
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First, it is a BAD IDEA to display messages to the console. There are generally tens to hundreds of messages per minute flowing to the console already, and the operators do not need you adding to the noise level.

Second, consoles are fixed size as part of the IPL process and cannot easily be changed. If your message is longer than fits on one line, then you are going to get a two-line message and your only recourse will be to shorten the message to fit on one line. You cannot specify a continuation character, either, as console definitions are set for the entire system (or sysplex).

Usually there is some way to detect long messages, such as:
N 0200000 PROD     2017172 14:42:11.76 STC13530 00000090  /HASP125 CICSP2   INTRDR     SKIPPING FOR JOB CARD FROM STC13530
S                                                         CICSP2                                                         
The initial N on each line indicates a new message, while the S means the message continued from the previous line. PROD is the LPAR name, followed by the Julian date and time of day of the message, then the JES ID (STC13530 means started task with JES number 13530; TSU16012 would be TSO user task 16012; JOB17259 would be batch job 17259) and the actual message starts in column 60.

So most likely what you want to know is already there if you know how to read the console lines. But stop writing to the console anyway.
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