Enhanced SQL - More functions, better diagnostics, tighter DB2 UDB family compatibility, pushing DB2's SQL beyond its current boundaries.

Schema evolution - Alter your table and go - no need to drop and redefine. Less system downtime, and more data availability.

64-bit virtual storage - Simplifying main storage, increasing system availability and scalability.

Longer names for tables & columns, Longer SQL statements - Enhancing DB2 family application portability and increasing database functionality.

Enhanced Java™ and Unicode Support - Improving application support, and reengineering for international business.

Enhanced Utilities - Full utility support for the extensive changes in DB2 for z/OS, plus greater DB2 family compatibility.


Innovative Manageability

Configuration Advisor

Health Center

Memory Visualizer

Advisors to deliver expert advice on indexes

Simplified management of large scale partitioned databases

Information Integration Foundation

Support for both consumer and provider of Web services

Store, compose, validate, decompose, and manipulate XML data

DB2 and Informix™ Dynamic Server federation and replication

e-business Foundation

Connection Concentrator for more user scalability

Dynamic configuration

In-place online reorg

Online load

Online storage management

Null and default compression

Replication enhancements

New client architecture

Business Intelligence

Multidimensional data clustering

Real-time and bulk scoring of data

Application Development Productivity

Development Center

WebSphere integration

Microsoft integration


Business intelligence

Content management

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management

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