CICS/TS Enhancements


1. The addition of the JCICS Java classes to access CICS services from Java application programs.

2. Support for running CICS Java program objects using the VisualAge for Java, Enterprise Edition for OS/390.

3. This includes performance enhancements that allow the Java program object to run in a pre initialized OS/390 Language Environment enclave that is reused by multiple invocations of the program.

4. Support for running CICS Java programs using the CICS Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

5. The addition of sysplex-wide ENQ and DEQ.

6. The addition of support for coupling facility data tables (CFDT).

7. Support for named counter servers.

8. Support for documents, and the EXEC CICS DOCUMENT commands.

9. The enhancement of the BMS map definition macros to build an Application Data Structure (ADS) descriptor record in the mapset.

10. The addition of the MAPPINGDEV option (by APAR) that is specified on the RECEIVE MAP and SEND MAP commands to allow you to perform mapping operations for a device that is not the principal facility

11. The addition of support for the COBOL for MVS and VM (release 1 and 2) compiler.

12. The addition of support for object-oriented COBOL.

13. The addition of support for VSAM record-level sharing.

14. The addition of support for resource definition online for transient data.



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