MASTER the MAINFRAMES Software Pack - (Worldwide Delivery)

Master Mainframes Software Pack is the flagship product of IBMMAINFRAMES.com, used by more than 8500 IBM Mainframe Professionals all over the world. We guarantee you that this is the best available resource in the world to Refresh your mainframe skills.

It has 2500 pages & slides on the following topics:


-- History of Mainframe Computers

-- Mainframe technologies Overview

-- Mainframe COBOL Programming

-- TSO/ISPF and Tools with Live Screenshots

-- z/OS JCL


-- DB2 for z/OS v8 & v9

The Package includes:

-- Executable format for Self-Learning/Training
-- Printable PDF Format for Reference/Refresh
-- E-Delivery through our fast & secure server
-- Live installation Support

Why you need it:

-- Learn the Concepts with Examples & Flowcharts

-- Know whatever you needed to be Master

-- Know the Secrets of Efficient Programming
-- Use it as a Refresher/Reference Material

-- Get our Tips & Tricks for Real-world Programming

-- To teach Mainframe to your family & Friends

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MASTER the MAINFRAMES CD Pack (India only)

Package of 10 CDs that contains the collection of all our products like TrainerKit Pro, offline website, interview questions, study materials, e-books, tools manuals, live screenshots, articles, references, simulator, compilers, emulators etc...(Available only in India).

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Mainframe ABEND Assist Pro ver 2.0 (Free for Personal Use)

ABEND Assist Pro is based on our free ABEND Assist with Business Usage License. Its  used to find the solutions for Mainframe Error Codes and Abnormal Ends.  It supports 1. COBOL - File Status Codes 2. COBOL Extended Status Codes 3. MVS - System Abends 4. JCL - Function Returns 5. VSAM - Status Codes 6. DB2- SQL return Codes 7. CICS - Abnormal Ends 8. IMS- Status Codes 9. IDMS- Return Codes 10. REXX - Return Codes


--> Available in our CD Pack (Business Edition)

--> Download ABEND ASSIST (Personal Use)

Mainframes - Teach/Refresh Yourself (India only)

This product will teach you the Basics of mainframe programming using screenshots and flowcharts. Useful for Job seekers and students to refresh your Mainframe Skills before attending the interviews. This software contains 500 Power point slides which teaches you COBOL, JCL, CICS, DB2, IMS and Testing Methodologies.

--> Available in our CD Pack (All Editions)

IBMMF3270 Emulator - Mainframe Terminal Emulator (India only)


IBMMF3270 Ver 3.0 is the fastest mainframe Emulator in the market which can be used to connect your PC to a Mainframe Server. IBMMF3270 supports Multiple Windows, Proxy Server, SSL, Email, Screenshot, Printing, Customizable keyboard layout, keypads, toolbars, hotspots, colors, fonts etc...

It comes with a Multi-user unlimited License which can be installed in more than one Windows machines.

--> Ver 3.0 available in our Business Edition CD Pack.

Companies Corner - Flash Your Resumes (India only)


Enterprise Edition contains 2500 software companies grouped as Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi with Postal Address, Website, Phone No and EmailID. It also  contains the list of latest 200 Indian MAINFRAME companies with HR EmailID and career site. Available in our "Pro/Business Edition CD "

Offline Browser - Browse without Net Connection (India only)


Browse our entire Site (www.ibmmainframes.com) without Internet connection using this software. Feel the full power of Downloadable area, References, JCLs, Sample Programs, Size Calculator, Currency Converter, Frequently Asked Questions etc...

--> Available in all versions of our CD Pack.

Online Browser (Free Download)


Wish to browse in your terminal without IE? Visit our expert forum from this software in a single click. Ask your mainframe doubts to our experts at any moment. Feel the power of our expert forum using this standalone Application software!

ver 1.0 Available Click Here to download Free

Mainframe ScreenSaver (Free Download)

Ver 1.0 Available Click Here to download Free

Test Your Mainframe Skills - Jobseekers Paradise


In Print, Available Soon...