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foggy sentence generator

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:31 am    Post subject: foggy sentence generator
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to those interested
while testing I got some realistic managerspeak sentences icon_biggrin.gif

for mvs just store it with any name ( foggy for example ) somewhere in Your SYSPROC/SYSEXEC concatenation

if Your pc/workstation has object_rexx regina_rexx bRexx installed
just follow the rules

for mac os x, and unix/linux like
just add/modify the shebang line with the proper rexx interpreter location
( take away the shebang line for mvs )

and remember....
In theory, the product assurance architecture adds explicit
performance limits to any discrete configuration mode.


#! /opt/ooRexx/bin/rexx
Parse Arg times
/* List of LEADINS, all of which mean nothing but buy time */
leadin.1  = "In particular,"
leadin.2  = "On the other hand,"
leadin.3  = "However,"
leadin.4  = "Similarly,"
leadin.5  = "As a resultant implication,"
leadin.6  = "In this regard,"
leadin.7  = "Based on integral subsystem considerations,"
leadin.8  = "For example,"
leadin.9  = "Thus,"
leadin.10 = "In respect to specific goals,"
leadin.11 = "Interestingly enough,"
leadin.12 = "Without going into the technical details,"
leadin.13 = "Of course,"
leadin.14 = "To approach true user-friendliness,"
leadin.15 = "In theory,"
leadin.16 = "It is assumed that"
leadin.17 = "Conversely,"
leadin.18 = "We can see, in retrospect,"
leadin.19 = "It is further assumed that"
leadin.20 = "Further,"
leadin.21 = "In summary,"
leadin.22 = "It should be noted that"
leadin.23 = "To further describe and annotate,"
leadin.24 = "Specifically,"
leadin.0  = 24

/* List of SUBJECT clauses chosen for no redeeming value whatsoever */
subject.1  = "a large portion of interface coordination communication"
subject.2  = "a constant flow of effective communication"
subject.3  = "the characterization of specific criteria"
subject.4  = "initiation of critical subsystem development"
subject.5  = "the fully integrated test program"
subject.6  = "the product configuration baseline"
subject.7  = "any associated supporting element"
subject.8  = "the incorporation of additional mission constraints"
subject.9  = "the independent functional principle"
subject.10 = "the interrelation of system and/or subsystem technologies"
subject.11 = "the product assurance architecture"
subject.0  = 11

/* List of VERB clauses chosen for auto-recursive obfuscation */
verb.1  = "must utilize and be functionally interwoven with"
verb.2  = "maximizes the probability of project success, yet minimizes cost and time required for"
verb.3  = "adds explicit performance limits to"
verb.4  = "necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to"
verb.5  = "requires considerable systems analysis and trade-off studies to arrive at"
verb.6  = "is further compounded when taking into account"
verb.7  = "presents extremely interesting challenges to"
verb.8  = "recognizes other systems' importance and the necessity for"
verb.9  = "affects a significant implementation of"
verb.10 = "adds overriding performance constraints to"
verb.11 = "mandates staff-meeting-level attention to"
verb.12 = "is functionally equivalent and parallel to"
verb.0  = 12

/* List of OBJECT clauses selected for profound meaninglessness */
object.1  = "the most recent level of hardware.  "
object.2  = "the anticipated fourth-generation equipment.  "
object.3  = "the subsystem compatibility testing.  "
object.4  = "the structural design, based on system engineering concepts.  "
object.5  = "the preliminary qualification limit.  "
object.6  = "the evolution of specifications over a given time period.  "
object.7  = "the philosophy of commonality and standardization.  "
object.8  = "the greater fight-worthiness concept.  "
object.9  = "any discrete configuration mode.  "
object.10 = "the management-by-contention principle.  "
object.11 = "the total system rationale.  "
object.12 = "possible bidirectional logical relationship approaches.  "
object.13 = "the postulated use of dialog management technology.  "
object.14 = "the overall negative profitability.  "
object.0  = 14

If times = '?' Then Do
    say   "foggy.rex"
    say   " FOGGY is an interactive productivity tool designed to assist"
    say   " in the composition of monthly reports, project plans, memos to"
    say   " management and so forth.  If entered without parameters,"
    say   " FOGGY generates as output a high-fog-index sentence suitable for"
    say   " befuddling even the most determined seeker-after-content.  If you"
    say   " need vast amounts of FOGGY for really serious tush-covering, enter"
    say   " the number of sentences needed as a parameter.  For example,"
    say   " entering 'FOGGY 5' outputs half a screen of heat-treated, battle-"
    say   " hard, industrial-strength slop, well suited to choking hogs and"
    say   " assurance planners. "
    say   ""
    say   " REMEMBER:"
    say   " FOGGY can be a terrible weapon -- never abuse it."

If times = '' Then times = 1

leadnum  = 0
subnum   = 0
verbnum  = 0
objnum   = 0
lastlead = leadnum
lastsub  = subnum
lastverb = verbnum
lastobj  = objnum
outstuff = ''
linesize = 64

/* And, last but not least, here's the program */
Do i = 1 To times
  Do While leadnum = lastlead
    leadnum = RANDOM(1, leadin.0)

  Do While subnum = lastsub
    subnum = RANDOM(1, subject.0)

  Do While verbnum = lastverb
    verbnum = RANDOM(1, verb.0)

  Do While objnum = lastobj
    objnum = Random(1, object.0)

  outstuff = outstuff leadin.leadnum subject.subnum verb.verbnum object.objnum

  lastlead = leadnum;
  lastsub  = subnum;
  lastverb = verbnum;
  lastobj  = objnum;

End /* do */

/* OK, now lets put that data out NICELY */
Do Until outstuff = ''
  k = Lastpos(' ',outstuff,Min(linesize,Length(outstuff)))
  Say  Strip(Left(outstuff,k))
  outstuff = Strip(Substr(outstuff,k+1),'L')

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dick scherrer

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply to: foggy sentence generator
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Heh heh heh. . .

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