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A message for salaried employee !!!

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Joined: 16 Mar 2009
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Location: Bangalore

PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:15 am    Post subject: A message for salaried employee !!!
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A small story for all salaried Employee(For Fun)..:

A shopkeeper watching over his shop is really surprised when a dog coming inside the shop, he shoos him away. But later, the dog is back inside again. So he goes over to the dog and notices that it has a note in his mouth. He takes the note and it reads “Can I have 12 soaps and shampoo bottle, please. The money is with the dog.” The shopkeeper looks inside the dog’s mouth and to his surprise there is a 100 rupees note in his mouth. So he takes the money and puts the soap, shampoo and change in a bag, and then places it in the dog’s mouth.

The shopkeeper is so impressed, and since it is the closing time, he decides to follow the dog. The dog is walking down the street, when it comes to the zebra crossing; he waits till the signal turns green. He walks across the road till the bus stop. He waits on the stop and looks up the timetable for the bus. The shopkeeper is totally out of his mind as the dog gets into the bus and sits on the a vacant seat. The shopkeeper follows the dog. The dog waits for the conductor to come into his sheet. He gives the change to the conductor and shows him the neck belt to keep the ticket. The shopkeeper is almost fainting at this sight and so are the other people in the bus.

The dog then moves to the front exit of the door and waits for the bus to arrive, looking outside. As soon as the stop is in his sight he wags his tail to inform the driver to stop. Then not even waiting for the bus stop to arrive the dog jumps out and runs to the house nearby. It opens an big iron gate and rushes towards the door, he changes his mind and walks towards the garden. The dog walks up to the window and beats his head several times on the window. It then walk backs to the door and waits.

The shopkeeper maintaining his senses walks up to the door and watched a big guy open the door.

The guy starts beating, kicking and abusing the dog. The shopkeeper is surprised and runs to stop the guy. The shopkeeper questions the guy “what is the heaven are you doing.? The dog is genius he could be famous in life.” The guy responds “you call this clever? This is the 3rd time in this week that the dog has forgotten the door keys.”

The moral of the story::

icon_neutral.gif You may continue to exceed onlookers expectations.... but will always fall short of the bosses expectation.
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Joined: 29 Nov 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:51 am    Post subject:
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Good One icon_biggrin.gif
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