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Mom, you're the best computer teacher I ever had

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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 3:54 pm    Post subject: Mom, you're the best computer teacher I ever had
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Mother taught the IF ... THEN .... ELSE structure:
"If it's snowing, then put your boots on before you go to school;otherwise just wear your shoes."

Mother explained the difference between batch and transaction processing:
"We'll wash the white clothes when we get enough of them
to make a load, but we'll wash these socks out right now by hand
because you'll need them this afternoon."

Mother taught me about linked lists.
Once, for a birthday party, she laid out a treasure hunt of ten hidden clues, with each clue
telling where to find the next one, and the last one leading to the
She then gave us the first clue.

Mother understood about parity errors.
When she counted socks after doing the laundry, she expected to find an even number and groaned when only one sock of a pair emerged from the washing machine.

Later she applied the principles of redundancy engineering to this
problem by buying our socks three identical pairs at a time. This
greatly increased the odds of being able to come up with at least one
matching pair.

Mother had all of us children write our Christmas thank you notes
to Grandmother, one after another, on a single large sheet of paper
which was then mailed in a single envelope with a single stamp. This
was obviously an instance of blocking records in order to save money by
reducing the number of physical I/O operations.

Mother used flags to help her manage the housework.
Whenever she turned
on the stove, she put a potholder on top of her purse to remind herself to turn it off again before leaving the house.

Mother knew about devices which raise an interrupt signal to be
serviced when they have completed any operation. She had a whistling
tea kettle.

Mother understood about LIFO ordering. In my lunch bag she put the
dessert on the bottom, the sandwich in the middle, and the napkin on
top so that things would come out in the right order at lunchtime.

There is an old story that God knew He couldn't be physically
present everywhere at once, to show His love for His people, and so
He created mothers. That is the difference between centralized and
distributed processing. As any kid who's ever misbehaved at a neighbor's house finds out, all the mothers in the neighborhood talk to each other.
That's a local area network of distributed processors that can't be beat.

so, lets say... Mom, you're the best computer teacher I ever had.
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