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Guidelines to Moderators, Global Moderators & Admins

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The Big Chief

Joined: 09 Sep 2001
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2002 9:47 am    Post subject: Guidelines to Moderators, Global Moderators & Admins
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Dear friends,

Welcome to IBMMAINFRAMES.com support forums!

We know, the forum Moderators are like the crossing guards of the message board. Here we provided some guidelines for them.

Authority of the Moderator

Edit messages and titles
Delete topics or messages
Move topics or messages
Merge / split messages
Mark the topics as [Solved], [Moved], [Closed], [FAQ] [Article] etc...
Lock and unlock the topic
Prevent other Users to reply except the poster
Warn or Ban a user
Post a new topic
Post replies
Attach files and images
Be notified via email of each new message or topics
Send or reply private messages

Authority of the Global Moderator

Can Moderate all the available forums

Authority of the Site Admin

Authorize user Registrations and select moderators

Responsibilities of the Moderator

Generally, moderators have a threefold responsibility: to ensure that members are following the Forum Rules, to assist new members, and to foster lively discussion. A good moderator ensures that his/her forum is inviting, active, and an asset to the community as a whole. Of course, the purpose of the community will determine how strong the presence of the moderator should be.

Moderator Etiquette

The moderators should always be familiar with the specific rules and regulations of their board, but these are some general guidelines for good moderation.

When to edit a message

Contains profanity
Contains off-topic content
Violates the board rules in some other way (contains advertising/other forum links/copyrighted materials etc.)

When to delete a topic or message

Unacceptable behavior (as determined by the tone of the community; e.g., profanity)
Completely off-topic and useless discussion
No part of the topic/message is salvageable by editing
Illegal/defamatory statements
Violating any trademarks and copyrights

In general, it is preferable to edit a message rather than delete it entirely.

When to move a topic

Posted in wrong forum: Move the topic to the relevant Forum.
Off-topic discussion: If the Topic is useful in someway move it to the 'OFF TOPIC' forum, else delete it.
Repeated Post: Simply move the topic to 'FAQ' forum.

It's preferable to MOVE a topic to relevant forum rather than delete it.

When to close a topic

Discussion is heading off-topic, but does not merit deletion
The initial message and replies contain valuable information, but further discussion is not desired

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to close a topic or delete it. In general, deference should be given to the members participating, and it?s better to close a topic than to delete it.

When to Warn a user

Moderators have the complete rights to WARN a user, if the user is violating any of the Forum Rules.

Even if you are the Moderator of a single Forum, You have the rights to Post in any available Forum. And you have full rights to give suggestions to other moderators/admin through Private messages.

Also read our Forum rules here:

Becoming a moderator

Usually we will promote a user as the Moderator based on his/her activities. If you would like to become a moderator of a particular Forum send a Private Message to the Site Administrator.

Thank you friends for your valuable time to help others.

The Founder of IBMMAINFRAMES.com.
Perfection Thru Performance
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Active User

Joined: 07 Aug 2006
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Location: kerala,india

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 6:28 pm    Post subject:
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all the best for ibmmainframes.com. This is one of the best forum with less spam posts and strict validations. Thanks for all moderators and admins
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Joined: 05 Oct 2005
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Location: Vizag / US

PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:19 pm    Post subject: Re: Guidelines to Moderators, Global Moderators & Admin
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Thanks for the update
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