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Comp-3 field Sum in SORT

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 11:52 am    Post subject: Comp-3 field Sum in SORT
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Hi All,
I have a file like


123   5000004001 C               ?      1011621000       
123   5155005001 D               ?      1011621000       
123   5000004001 C                  k? 1011621000       

basically i want the sum of the comp-3 field from pos 29-36.
How can I get the sum using sort assuming that I have both +ve and -ve value in the comp-3 field.The output suppose comes as a -ve value 1234 ,the sort should display me as -1234.

To achieve this I follow a second method.I format the input file using fileaid option so that the output file will come as a displayable numeric field and after that I can use this formatted file in the sort jcl to get the sum.The original field is
PIC S9(13)V99 COMP-3 and i am formatting it as
PIC S9(13)V99.

But in this way the last sign bit and its immediate previous bit combine together to give me a charcter bit like A,B,} etc.
I can use this in my sort jcl but the jcl output even though it shows the correct sum ,but it doesnot correctly display the sign bit.Always it is giving as +ve value.
The jcl I use is
If I am trying to use rexx to get the sum same problem happens as rexx does not identify the whole field as a numeric field if it contains a character like A,B,{ etc in the last bit.So I can not use rexx also with this formatted file to get a proper sum output with a -ve sign if the sum is actually -ve .

Please provide me the solutions to these problems.
Thanking u all in advance.
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Frank Yaeger

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 8:44 pm    Post subject:
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You're making this more complicated than it really is.

You can use PD in TOT for a COMP-3 value. You don't have to convert PD to ZD in order to use it. And the reason you're not getting a - sign is because you're using the M11 mask which produces digits without a sign. If you use M26 instead, you'll get a - sign. So your DFSORT TRAILER1 operand would be:

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